10 Best Living Room Center Table Decoration Ideas

10 Best Living Room Center Table Decoration Ideas

10 Best Living Room Center Table Decoration Ideas

Have trouble coming up with a center table decorating idea? Don’t worry. We have you covered. 

We’ve found the ten best living room center table decoration ideas that are sure to impress your guests and make it easier on you. This list has got it all from plants to a pop of color.

10 Best decoration ideas for room center table

Floor Planter  

The perfect place to put your centerpiece or something simple like flowers. A floor planter is an easy way to add some greenery and nature into the mix! Check out this DIY project if you’re not in the mood for any major construction.

 Wood Slice 

Depending on the size of your living room, you can go big or go home with a slice of wood. This practice is called Shou sugi ban, and it is a Japanese method that involves burning the surface of the wood. 

This makes it possible to protect the wood from rot and insects making this an easy DIY project. You need to find some suitable wood planks and put them on display!


A great way to bring in some color! You can find bottles for cheap during sales, so this idea should be within reach even if you’re on a budget. It’s also a great way to add some texture and color to your entry table.

 Fire Pit  

A fire pit can bring your outdoor living space into another dimension. This is especially useful if you have a large space that needs somewhere to turn. This DIY project can add some excitement and wow your guests.

 Table Runner 

A table runner is the easiest way to add some color and pattern! They’re not too expensive and fairly easy to make. You can find plenty of patterns online that you can use as your guide.

 Throw Pillows 

Nothing says living room like comfy throw pillows. It’s also a great way to add a pop of color into your space without being too overwhelming.

 Square Tray 

A square tray can be used for anything from candles to flowers or even as a candleholder! So if you’re looking for something simple, this project is for you.

Wallpaper Flower Pot 

Nothing says spring like a wallflower. Although they’re a bit pricey, it’s easy to make your own with this DIY project. We also recommend using some succulents so that you can use the pot year-round!

Creating these cute little flowers out of paper is a fun and simple way to add some color to your home. 

You can use many different types of paper with different patterns to create an amazing display. You’ll be the hit of the party when you bring these in for your guests!


A plaid rug is far from boring and fits great in any living room. It’s a great way to add some texture to your space and makes a focal point. There is also an unlimited amount of patterns that you can choose from.

It’s also a great way to add some texture to your space. If you don’t like putting it on your floor, you can always suspend it from the walls.

Wool Rug 

If you’re a fan of natural fibers and want to bring in a bit of a vintage feel, then this wool rug is the way to go! It’s a great accent piece that brings in some warmth and truly makes an impact. 

 It works with almost every style, so this rug will still work to create a warm and cozy living room even if your home is more modern.

How to choose the best living room décor 

Many people experience this problem, which can be challenging to overcome. One way to make the center of your living room an element of relaxation is by choosing and using décor that appears peaceful. 

You can achieve this effect by choosing the right pieces depending on your desired ambiance for the day or mood.

There are many different types of décor in today’s world, each with its own purpose and function. But before you buy a new piece, it’s crucial that you know what will work best for your space.

Below you’ll find some information to help you choose the best living room center décor:

Identify your needs and wants

Take some time to evaluate what it is that you need and what you would like to have. For example, you may want a large vase with big flowers, or maybe a simple tray of candles on the table to get exactly what you need. 

It’s important for you to be able to identify your needs. For example, suppose you’re looking for something more functional than ornamental. In that case, this article might not be useful to you if it’s mostly about how to choose the best décor for the center of your living room that will add aesthetic value.

Consider your time and budget

Before you buy anything, you have to consider your budget. If there is something you like, but it’s outside of your price range, then you might want to consider something similar that is not as expensive. 

This will help you stay within the confines of what your price range was set to be. You can also look into other methods such as financing or “rent-to-own” options if the item you want is above what your budget allows. 

The second thing to consider is how much time you feel like spending researching the items that might be right for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Choose the right style, color, and material

The third thing to consider is design. You will certainly want to visualize what your center will look like when you have made all of your choices. Keep this in mind as you choose the different pieces of décor that might be a good choice for your living room. 

The kind of décor and the quality should meet your needs and wants and be in harmony with the other things that you already have going on or are planning on having in your living room.

There are many different things to consider when choosing items for your living room décor. However, if you take your time and consider the most important things to you and your lifestyle, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

Choose the right color scheme

After you have decided on the elements for your living room décor, you will next want to make a color scheme. It can be an artistic piece, but it can also be practical and still come across as decorative. 

You can choose different shades of the same color or even complementary colors in order to create a nice contrast within your living room décor. This will give certain pieces of décor more impact than they might normally have. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing colors if you don’t know what works best for the space you have available.

Choose the right style

Just as with the color choice, it is important to choose something that is appropriate for your living room décor. You might want to choose something simple and trendy or something that mimics or creates an image or feeling of ancient times. It can also be important to find a style of décor that suits your personality so that you don’t wind up with items you don’t really like or want.

Living room décor can have a direct influence on how much time it will take you to organize and make decisions on the items in your living room because there are so many pieces out there, and they all seem to look so similar.

If you take your time and consider the most important things to you and your lifestyle, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

Choose the right material

Suppose one of the things that’s important for you is durability. In that case, it can be helpful to choose something made from a tougher material than something else.

Consider what is available to you

You have to consider what resources are available to you and where you can find your items. For example, if you want a large, ornate vase full of flowers, then that might not be very practical. You need to consider certain factors such as the size of the room, or if you’re using a specific area for storage as well.

Think about quantity

Are there enough items in your living room that require décor? If not, then you should consider adding more things like plants, candles, and other types of accessories that will help liven up the space. 

You might want to consider if you have a large family or pets. In order for the living room to be enjoyable, it should accommodate your needs and not hinder them.

Consider what is already in the room

Consider what things are already in the room that adds value to your home. For example, suppose there are items such as an ornate vase with beautiful flowers. In that case, that might be very nice on its own, but if it’s just sitting in the corner of the room because there aren’t enough decorations like other items and accessories to put it up on display.

The living room is usually the first room that people see when they walk into your home. Because of this, it’s important to create an inviting environment. You want them to be comfortable while they are in your living room. 

The more that you can make someone comfortable and at ease, the more likely they will be to come over more often, hang out with you and enjoy time spent with you and your family.

Consider materials

Some materials are good for certain types of décor, depending on what you’re looking to purchase. For example, suppose you have children or pets. In that case, it might not be a good idea to display anything fragile or expensive because these can easily be knocked over accidentally. 

Consider what your needs are and how your décor will affect the environment. Of course, you want to give your guests a welcoming environment, but you also want them to respect your things and not knock them over by accident. 


So you’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking for different living room décor ideas. As a result, you have a large variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. 

I believe that it all comes down to finding your style and having the colors in your home reflect that. For example, if you love modern, sleek designs with clean lines, then I would recommend going with white, cream, and or gray colors in your living room.

If you enjoy elegant, sophisticated designs then think about going with tones of browns and yellows in your home decorating. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more traditional look, then I would recommend going with darker colors, such as brown and black. 

For example, the color of your living room rug should make up the top part of your color scheme. Make sure that it isn’t too dark, though as this will make it difficult to see when you have white furniture in the room. This is why I prefer to go with cream over black if I have to choose between them.

Another most important element to consider is what furniture you purchase to match your décor. For example, make sure that any chairs you buy are either modern or traditional style, so they will match whatever colors are already in your home decorating scheme.