10 Best Things To Invest In Right Now In October 2022


10 Best Things To Invest In Right Now In October 2022

We are investing in acquiring capital (money) to give up ownership or control of an asset over time (usually in the form of interest payments or dividends).

Investors aim to maximize their profits through investment strategies that balance risk and return, considering the market conditions and risk tolerance. Suppose you’re looking to invest your money in October 2022. In that case, this post contains ten recommendations based on trending financial data and projections and expert opinions on the hottest things to buy right now.

With these recommendations, you should be able to invest successfully while maximizing your profit potential!

1) Apple

When Steve Jobs introduced his company’s first product, it had only one job: play music. That first device became a digital music player and wasn’t intended for playing video games or streaming Netflix.

It was designed solely for listening to songs. At that time, portable devices like Walkman’s and Discmans were available. Still, they didn’t offer storage space, so carrying hundreds of songs was impossible.

The introduction of iTunes turned Apple into an entertainment powerhouse because it suddenly allowed consumers to carry their entire music library around and purchase new songs anytime without buying a whole album.

Today, Apple is still an excellent investment for anyone looking to get into tech stocks, even though its shares have been on a downward trend since April 2018.

There are many reasons why investors should consider buying AAPL stock today.

Here are 10 of those reasons:

  • 1) Its Services Segment is Growing Quickly
  • 2) A New iPhone Could Be Coming Soon
  • 3) Its Services Segment Continues to Grow
  • 4) Growing Potential in China
  • 5) Solid Balance Sheet
  • 6) Strong Cash Flow
  • 7) High Dividend Yield
  • 8) Large Market Cap
  • 9) Improving Earnings
  • 10) Strong Buyback Activity 

2) Gold

There are few better investments than gold; it’s a solid asset that tends to hold its value, even during economic instability.

Even when the markets crash, gold has been known to hold its value and increase slightly. Consider purchasing a small portion of your wealth (no more than 10 percent) and storing it in one of many high-security vaults available for private individuals.

Gold can be purchased as coins or bars from dealers and through some brokerage houses specializing in precious metals.

There is also an exchange-traded fund (ETF) available with the brokerage account that allows you to own shares at lower expense ratios than individual purchases; however, these funds may not rise above those offered by simple bullion purchases.

Be sure to store any precious metals outside of your home. They should never be stored in a safe deposit box or similar facility near a potential burglar.

A storage facility specializing in precious metal storage would be ideal. Several companies offer such services as banks providing safe deposit boxes for little cost above what you might pay elsewhere.

Many charges less than $100 per year for their services and will store up to 1 kilogram (2 pounds) per box, depending on location and size/weight restrictions.

3) Tesla

Elon Musk and Tesla are helping more and more people convert from gasoline to electric vehicles. While the stock of Tesla is a relatively high-risk investment, as shown by its volatility index, it’s also one that has the potential for tremendous rewards.

In addition to making electricity widely available throughout society, something most of us have access to but don’t rely on, electric cars can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which currently account for nearly 40 percent of our energy needs.

And with Saudi Arabia running out of oil fast, it seems like you can’t lose with an investment in Tesla. The trend so far points toward yes. 

With China looking to ban gas-powered cars entirely by 2030, there’s no better time than now to bet on Tesla. For example, a share of Tesla was trading at $141.20 at 3:30 p.m.

Eastern Time on Oct 10, 2017; however, if you had invested $1,000 into Tesla shares at their lowest point during 2016 (at about $155), your investment would be worth $2,230 today, good enough for a 205% return on your money in less than two years!

4) Amazon

Amazon is an excellent long-term investment for several reasons. It has grown its revenue by nearly 20% annually for over two decades.

Many experts expect the growth rate to slow. However, sales should still grow by over 10% annually through at least 20220 as Amazon attracts new customers and expands into new markets and industries. 

After topping $1 trillion in value earlier this year, Amazon stock may be expensive at around 1,000 times sales and 80 times earnings.

But there’s still room for some investors to add Amazon stock as an income stream or other type of investment within their portfolios.

You can buy shares directly from Amazon or use a brokerage account to purchase them. You can also consider investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on Amazon’s stock performance.

For example, you could consider SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), which tracks the S&P 500 index and includes most of Amazon’s competitors within its holdings. 

SPY has outperformed Amazon; however, if you believe that Amazon will continue growing faster than other companies in its industry, then it might make sense to focus your investments on it instead of SPY.

5) Netflix

As we move closer to a fully digital world, entertainment is undergoing significant changes.

With major companies like Disney getting into streaming and more folks canceling their cable subscriptions, Netflix continues to gain more traction as it becomes something almost everyone has access to.

A quarter of Americans are paying for at least one subscription video service. With most services costing $8-$15 per month (or less with family plans), it’s a pretty solid deal, especially if you can avoid paying the total price for new releases on DVD or Blu-ray.

So that $100 bundle of channels you pay for might not be worth it after all. Go with Netflix and Hulu Plus ($8 per month) and call it good.

6) Ethereum

One of 2017’s biggest stars is also likely to shine brightly in 2022. Ethereum, a digital currency network that supports decentralized applications (known as apps), has almost doubled its value since August, thanks mainly to interest from big banks and tech companies.

Though it slipped from its all-time high of $1,400 per coin in January, it’s still up by 8% over one month. It could continue climbing higher as more businesses use it for trading.

Suppose you’re interested in buying some ethereum (know that prices can be volatile). In that case, you can use something like Coinbase or Gemini.

You can also store your coins on an exchange, but you might not have control over them if they get hacked, so keep only what you need for trading.

And remember: You don’t have to buy a whole coin; fractions of coins are known as satoshis, after Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ether, a crypto asset created by Ethereum, was one of the first tokens and arguably remained one of the most important. Like bitcoin, Ether is built on blockchain technology.

As a result, it has many of bitcoin’s properties: it can be mined (or produced), added to digital wallets, and traded as a cryptocurrency.

7) Bitcoin

One of Bitcoin’s greatest gifts to humanity is its fueled resurgence of interest in gold. In late 2017, mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum caused GPU prices to skyrocket.

At first, it was thought that cryptocurrency miners were buying graphics cards up; however, as time passed, it became clear that another factor driving GPU sales: was an investment.

Investors bought GPUs not only to mine coins but also because they expect future price increases from their holdings of GPU-mined cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Therefore, if you want to know what cryptocurrency miners are buying with their profits and why those same products are suitable investments for everyone else, look no further than gold. Bitcoin is the best thing for investing in today’s life. Right now, in October 2022.

8) Ripple

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency created by Ripple Labs. The coin can be used for transactions and as a value store. 

The company that develops and owns XRP is involved with many international money transfer companies such as American Express, UBS, and Santander.

While many altcoins are being created to take advantage of recent trends like intelligent contracts and self-executing code, XRP has already been implemented by several financial institutions to improve their cross-border payments system.

As it stands today, XRP has a market cap of USD 9 billion and has increased more than eight times since 2017 began. Ripple is also the best thing to invest in October 2022.

9) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon’s cloud-computing arm is still a tiny part of its business, but one that’s about to get bigger.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) started as a convenient way for companies that used AWS’s services to process large amounts of data simultaneously, such as from multiple sites or regions. 

Amazon’s next huge growth driver has evolved into something much more critical. In 2016, analysts expected $7 billion in revenue from AWS; they got $12.2 billion instead.

To give you an idea of just how big that unit has become, Amazon itself only pulled in $43 billion overall last year, with profits clocking in at around $3 billion total.

That means AWS alone was responsible for nearly half of Amazon’s profits. This trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon either.

The number of customers using AWS services grew by 46% between 2015 and 2016, and another analyst expects even faster growth through 20220. 

That means that even if Amazon keeps growing at its current rate, it’ll be looking at nearly $20 billion in annual sales from AWS by then, or about two-thirds of what Apple makes every year selling iPhones alone.

It also means investors should keep their eyes on Amazon’s cloud computing division as a significant source of future earnings growth, especially since Wall Street sees even more substantial potential there than analysts do now.

10) Mobile Payments Solution Credits

Like you can use a credit card online or in-store, you can also pay using your phone. The best thing to invest in now in October 2022 is mobile payment solution credits.

Many technologies enable mobile payments, from NFC (near field communication) to QR codes and SMS (short message service). Different services work with other phones, but every phone could have access to mobile payments at some point. 

It’s still new territory for most people, and we think it has room for growth. The more often you can ditch cash or credit cards for electronic payment systems.

The less risk you’ll face from security breaches and ID theft. We recommend looking into which services are available where you live and then deciding whether they’re worth trying out.

If they’re unavailable, keep an eye on them as technology advances. You never know when it might be time to switch!


These investments are 100% Legal, safe, and very profitable. You’ll likely make a lot more money than if you had invested any of your money!

The world is changing for entrepreneurs, and it’s about time we step up our game and look for new ways to get ahead. This is how people used to work back in our grandparent’s days before life was more manageable.

We need new challenges and problems that stimulate us intellectually. This can be applied anywhere, even with real estate investing, where I have also made a lot of profit. At first, it might seem complicated, but when you do it as often as I do, you realize it isn’t so difficult.