10 Best Trading Platforms For Beginners In August- September 2022

10 Best Trading Platforms For Beginners In August- September 2022

10 Best Trading Platforms For Beginners In August- September 2022

Trading used to be the exclusive domain of experienced professionals. Still, it’s now open to anyone wanting to get involved.

However, that doesn’t mean you can jump in head first and expect to make millions overnight. It still takes skill and experience to succeed as a trader.

Fortunately, many platforms are designed specifically with new traders in mind. Here are the ten best trading platforms for beginners in August- September 2022.

1) CopyTrader

CopyTrader is one of our favorites because it’s straightforward and works with nearly every asset class. CopyTrader is the best trading platform for beginners from August- September 2022.

You select an account, an investment amount, and copy other traders. All you have to do is watch your balance grow.

It’s free, but premium packages are available if you want more help with your investing strategy. The service boasts over 30 million users and hosts about $4 billion in assets.


  • CopyTrader is one of a kind platform that you can use to copy other traders on your account by using its social functions. 
  • Some platforms offer something similar, but none of them has a price tag as low as CopyTrader’s, which makes it a perfect option for beginner traders with little capital.
  • You must register on their website and fund your account through multiple means (bank wire, card, Paypal, and more).
  • There is no minimum deposit required.

2) MQL5

The charting and technical analysis features of MQL5 are excellent. It is the best trading platform for beginners from August- September 2022.

It’s free, allows you to use expert advisors (EAs), and has many customizable settings. It’s based on Metatrader 4, which is used by forex and other professional traders, so there’s a definite business element to it as well.

If you’re new to forex or want an easy way to get started, MQL5 should be your first stop. 


  • MQL5 is one of the top trading platforms used by traders and developers. 
  • There are many advanced features available on MQL5 that help to develop expert advisors and indicators.
  • Moreover, there are no charges while using it; you can use all advanced features without paying fees. On top of that, your data is safe with them.
  • Unlike most providers of similar services, they don’t share data with other users or third parties such as brokers and exchanges unless the user permits.
  • Also, register your copy of MQL5  and deposit $1000 within 90 days after registration (this can be either an initial deposit or deposits during these 90 days). You can get free additional services for up to 2 years.

3) ZuluTrade platform 

ZuluTrade is a different kind of broker from many angles. ZuluTrade is now one of the best trading platforms for beginners in August- September 2022.

Firstly, it doesn’t have any dealing charges. So if you are a stock trader, there’s no need to pay any fees to trade on ZuluTrade, unlike other online brokers, which usually charge a minimum dealing fee.

Secondly, ZuluTrade is based on community and social interaction. That means that traders can interact with one another through comments and likes, effectively giving you an extra level of social trading and helping traders make new contacts that could be beneficial down the line.


  • At ZuluTrade, we believe our community comes first. Core values are constantly reflected in everything. Customer service makes us stand out among all binary options sites.
  • Place great emphasis on building a family atmosphere within our community by offering multiple education tools for newbies and experienced traders alike.  
  • The website features three training modules that provide traders with quality information and strategies regarding investing, making it an invaluable resource they can refer to anytime they have questions or need help deciding which broker fits their needs best.
  • ZuluTrade has chosen to remain free, which means you will never pay fees when opening trades or withdrawing your profits.

4) AvaTrade

Avatrade is a leading CFD and Spread Betting broker platform. With over 40 years of experience and 24-hour support. It is the best trading platform for beginners from August- September 2022.

You can trade products such as indices, shares, Forex pairs, Commodities, or Cryptocurrencies. Avatrade gives you access to global markets with no fees on deposits or withdrawals.

They also have one of the best customer service teams in place, which you can contact through live chat or phone if you have any issues with your account


  • Avatrade is a well-known broker that has been functioning since 2008. This company specializes in forex and CFD markets.
  • The main advantages of AvaTrade are numerous positive reviews by traders and low transaction fees that don’t exceed 0.4%.
  • Another advantage of Avatrade is the perfect support for clients in German and English.
  • You can easily open an account with them anytime using your mobile phone or tablet device and begin trading instantly utilizing the web platform.
  • There are no requirements to provide passport information or other documents if you open an account with less than $1 000.

5) Crypto.com Trading platform 

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange by experienced traders, easy to use by first-timers. Crypto.com is also one of the best trading platforms for beginners from August- September 2022.

Since it is targeted toward experienced users and supports a wide variety of coins, they may seem complicated at first glance. But advanced tools such as TradingView help with portfolio management on exchanges that support it.

If you’re willing to learn how to use these tools, plenty of helpful information is available to help you make your choice easier.

Customer service was responsive, and my funds remained safe even when their wallets were temporarily hacked.


  • Ideal crypto to crypto exchange trades with many exchanges like (BTC, BCH, ETH, etc.)
  • High volume Robust security features.


If you’re looking to trade FX, your options are plentiful, but some stand out. One of those standout providers is FXCM.

While plenty of other brokerage firms offer similar services, FXCM has some things that could make it your go-to provider.

First, they have a wealth of educational resources that could be useful if you’re new to forex trading.

Second, they have a wide range of products and account types, so you can find something that fits your needs.

Third, their excellent customer service is available 24/7 via live chat or phone. Finally, their spreads are competitive with most others on our list.

All told, FXCM offers one of the best all-around experiences for beginner traders who want to start with forex trading.

That’s why we’ve given them our top spot as one of our ten best platforms for beginners in August–September 2022.


  • FXCM is a retail Forex broker that provides online Forex trading services to retail traders.
  • With years of experience in the industry, it has gained a broad client base by offering one of the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions on offer.
  • Regarding its WebTrader, FXCM offers an array of features to ensure an enjoyable trading experience and promote fast trades execution and the best prices.
  • From novice to expert, FXCM has just about everyone covered with its intuitive platform designed from the ground up with speed and simplicity.

7) FxPro

FxPro is a veteran online forex platform that caters to active traders. It is also an option of the best trading platform for beginners in August- September 2022.

FxPro offers highly competitive spreads, one of the most attractive packages of commission-free currency pairs, a powerful charting package, and good customer service.

The broker has more than ten years of experience in the foreign exchange market. A mobile app is also available on both Android and iOS devices.

Foreign exchange market traders can take advantage of FxPro’s demo account with virtual funds and real money practice accounts, where accounts are funded by e-money.


  • FxPro provides a wide range of flexible and competitive investment products, services, and solutions.
  • Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting your trading career, we offer everything you need to trade on the Forex market successfully. 
  • Whether it’s analysis tools, research papers, or one-on-one assistance, their expert team is always available to help you develop your trading skills.
  • Choosing FxPro means that you can fully concentrate on what matters: your trading strategy and financial goals.
  • They will take care of everything else! To be successful in forex trading, only two things are needed: a sound theory about how markets work; plus patience.

8) Banc de Binary

Banc de Binary is a highly reputable and regulated international binary options platform that offers traders a range of assets to trade with. It is the best trading platform for beginners from August- September 2022.

As one of the first and foremost names in binary options, Banc de Binary offers one of the widest selections of assets to trade with, as well as some unique bonus offerings and risk management tools. 

What’s more, it also offers its clients 24/7 customer support service to help ensure that your trades go smoothly every time you place them. 


  • Banc de Binary is a brokerage firm based in Cyprus, one of the easiest countries to set up an offshore account.
  • It has meager fees and liquidity for all major asset classes. Banc de Binary also boasts some of the best trade execution available and excellent software.
  • With these features at its disposal, Banc de Binary offers two primary types of accounts: standard and mini.
  • The standard account allows you to begin investing with as little as $100 while giving you access to virtually every instrument through automatic execution. 
  • For those who want more control over their trades, a mini account requires only $1 to open. Still, it gives you access to advanced order types and other customizable settings.
  • In addition, clients can choose from three different time frames for their charts: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 60 minutes.
  • This flexibility makes it easy to develop your style without changing platforms when markets are slow or moving quickly.

9) MarketsWorld

It has a broad range of investment options and low fees. It offers complete control of one’s assets and its fully functional website. MarketsWorld is also the best trading option for August-September 2022.

Regarding usability, MarketsWorld is one of the more popular platforms among investors. Its interface is straightforward to navigate, even if you have little experience in trading. 

Traders can use leverage up to 5:1 on their trades, allowing them to execute larger transactions without significant capital.

It also means that you can earn greater profits with a riskier strategy, so make sure you understand how leverage works before making any trades or investment decisions.


  • Micro-Trading: This feature allows you to operate with small quantities of capital, so if you start your journey as a trader with 100$ of money on your account, you can buy one share and not more than that.
  • It is a micro-trading solution that enables traders to reduce their risks and increase their profits significantly.
  • If a trader makes 10% profit when he sells one share, he will make 200% profit when he sells two shares and 400% for four claims.
  • Of course, these are theoretical calculations, but they show how important these features are on which MarketsWorld’s platform is based.

10) CMC Markets

As one of its core strengths, CMC Markets offers an abundance of educational content to help you learn as much as possible about Forex and CFDs before your first trade.

The training is split into three different levels based on how much experience you have. It is also a good option for trading in August-September 2022.

For example, if you’re starting Forex and CFDs, sign up for a demo account and follow some simple tutorials that teach newbies about market terminology.

From there, dive into more detailed material that teaches concepts like placing trades using technical analysis or making trades using fundamental analysis. 


  • CMC Markets is a leading global provider of Online Trading, CFD Trading, Spread Betting, and Foreign Exchange.
  • Join over 3 million active clients and benefit from our competitive spreads, guaranteed stops (close stop loss), and commission-free trading to 76 countries. 
  • CMC Markets’ unique margin funding provides you with 24/5 access to capital, allowing you to use leverage on global financial markets.
  • They also offer Free Live Market Data, including 15-minute delayed prices for Trade Ideas, StockTwits & Technical Analysis by Strategists, and live streaming data feed on their market data pages. Start trading today!


To use a professional, trustworthy and efficient platform is very important to enter into binary options.

In my opinion, all platforms mentioned above are a good choice. Still, you should choose a suitable one according to your habits and needs. Choose one unified platform and start to trade binary options online!