10 Physical Symptoms Of Missing Someone You Love

10 Physical Symptoms Of Missing Someone You Love

10 Physical Symptoms Of Missing Someone You Love

When you miss someone, you know them when you see their face and hear their voice. And even use their name in a different context. However, you may not know the reason why you feel this way. Perhaps you are drifting away from the connection you once had. 

Whatever the reason, you may experience these ten physical symptoms of missing someone you love. Listed below are some of the most common them. If you’ve noticed any of these behaviors, it’s time to find out if you’re missing them.

The feelings associated with missing your significant other may lead to limerence or broken heart syndrome. When you’re away from them for too long, your body’s natural response is to feel physically sick. 

Although you may be unable to pinpoint why you’re feeling this way, you should try to talk to your loved one to understand the cause of your feelings and move forward. In severe cases, therapy may help you process your feelings and heal.

There may be times when you cannot see your loved one as much as you would like to. It is a natural part of grieving, but it can also indicate a more serious problem. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, see a healthcare professional.

10 Physical Symptoms Of Missing Someone You Love

10 Physical Symptoms of Missing Someone You Love

There are some signs from the universe you can follow. It could be as simple as seeing a white feather. And it could be as complicated as experiencing a sudden influx of energy. These are just signs from the universe that someone is missing you. Whatever the case, you should pay attention to these signals.

You need to make sure you’re not suffering from depression or other issues causing your suffering. If you can’t cope with the pain, you might need counseling or medication. You should also make sure you don’t use drugs or alcohol to escape your feelings.

Feel Sick 

There are several distinct phases in which you miss one another, and the most obvious is attraction. It is possible to feel an uneasy sensation within your stomach. When you miss someone, your body will feel lazy and sick. You do not feel the energy to do anything. 

Trouble in sleeping

When you miss someone, you will not sleep because constant thinking is aware in your brain. And when you miss someone, the cortisol hormone increase in your body. Due to that, you will not be able to sleep.

Changes in voice and hunger 

Your voice will change when you miss someone badly. Due to a continuous bad mood, you will not eat entirely anymore. You will lose your appetite.

Dark circle 

Due to continuous thinking, a dark circle will appear around your eyes. They will become darker and darker day by day. You can even suffer from depression.

Phone call

If someone misses you, you can receive a phone call from them. This won’t be a coincidence. When someone thinks about you, they are open to receive your energy. It may take the form of a phone call or a spontaneous meeting. For example, if your ex misses you deeply, they may send you a book or coffee mug with a favorite quote.

In addition to texts, they may also mention you in conversation, especially if you’re not in contact with them. They can talk about you with others. For instance, they will talk about it if they plan to see you soon. They will ask you where to go and what to eat. In addition, They will probably get excited about seeing you again.

Feel the need to connect with them

Sometimes, missing someone is so intense that you suddenly feel the need to connect with them. You may even meet them at the most unlikely places, such as at work or on a plane. It’s not just your mind playing tricks on you. You’re also susceptible to receiving energy from them when they miss you. It may be as simple as being reminded of them or thinking about them.

Mood Swings 

Mood swings are another psychic sign that someone is missing you. Several things can trigger mood swings. However, the fact remains that they are an external sign of missing a loved one. You might even feel that you can’t sleep well at night. 

You will accidentally meet with them.

When you miss someone, you will experience different things, including psychic and physical. For example, if you keep thinking about someone, you will bump into them and meet them. Sometimes these signs are not immediate, but they will be there when you least expect them. And if you do happen to meet them in person, they may even show you a slew of signs that they are missing you.

Recurring thought 

Another sign that someone is missing you is recurring thoughts. These thoughts may come to you in a dream, a phone call, or a text message. They could also be random social media messages that remind you of that person. It’s a clear sign that your loved one is thinking of you, even if they’re not actively reaching you. 

Social media 

Another good way to tell if someone misses you is to see if they are active on social media. If you have a mutual friend who follows the person, try to find out how they are. Perhaps they haven’t contacted you in a while, but they regularly message their friend. If you find this behavior too invasive, ask a friend to liaison.

Final Word

Continuously missing someone is not a good experience. It can have bad effects on your body. Many negative physical symptoms appear when you miss someone. Above, we have told you about ten physical symptoms of missing someone you love.