10 Signs that your House is Marked How to catch someone Sneaking Around Your House

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10 Signs That Your House is Marked How to Catch someone Sneaking Around Your House 

Suppose you are suspicious that someone is sneaking around your house, then there is no need to worry. There are several ways to catch someone spying around your house. Many homeowners are asking about different signs, which are helpful. Your house is your safe place. It is essential to either increase security measures or contact the police. Moreover, make sure that you lock all doors and windows of your home. Afterward, install a camera to notice their activity. 

What Are The Telltale Signs Of Houses Being Marked?

If you are worried about home security, it is important to take precautions to keep your home safe. If you see someone walking around your house, do not face it. Instead, call the police and have them handle the situation. By following these precautions, you can deter robbers and keep your home safe. Moreover, if somebody is sneaking around your house, you can find these through the following signs:

Interaction with strange faces around

People who live in the same community, region, or town should know each other well. Strangers pretending to run down the street or walk up and down the block should raise the red flag, the house’s cladding.

A new sweeper in the street

If you find any new worker, frequent visitor, or a new cleaning person could be your wake-up call. The robbers could bribe those who have access to the house to find out what’s inside, and some could persuade the crew to pretend to be flight attendants. When a new face appears, it is better to call the company and ask who the person is and why they are there. They could be scammers if they don’t know who you’re talking to. It is just one of the tricks the thief won’t tell you.

Someone stranger is visiting your door frequently

Of course, some religious groups and vendors ring the doorbell with naive intent, but some criminals pretend to look into their homes. It’s best to play safely without opening the door. Ideally, you should install a camera and audio system to see who is outside the door and have a conversation without opening the door. If not, shout out that you’re not interested.

Strangers take pictures of your house and leave 

Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphone cameras, people can take pictures anytime, anywhere, creating new types of problems. Vote for your neighbor with one click. Whether you’re a jogger, a pedestrian, a paper boatman, or a handyman, you deliberately take a picture outside your home or neighborhood or take a few pictures zigzag back and forth. Report any suspicious activity to your homeowner’s association, local police, or district, or record unusual behavior.

Broken vase in your garden

You can see they trampled over plants and broken branches in your garden. It symbolizes that someone has entered your house, picked up something, and ran away. You can check footprints on your lawn that belong to none of your house members. You can also check handprints on your windows door or shoe prints for convenience. 

Houses Being Marked

Damaged home security system  

Old rusty alarm boxes, CCTV camera self-installation, and broken security lights indicate that you are not serious about home security. Therefore your home is an easy target. A seasoned thief can quickly determine which home security systems are just outdated décor and making the noise when inspected.

Moving vehicles

Criminals benefit from the fact that their neighbors do not know each other very well. They park their vehicles on an empty driveway while homeowners are on vacation. Then they loaded them and flew away.

The bulb is missing or broken 

Robbers like to work in the dark when you’re not at home, so your neighbors won’t notice when they try to break in. You can also damage the bulb or unscrew it. So keep an eye on this phenomenon.

New traffic around the house 

If you often start seeing certain cars parked near a house that you know don’t belong to your neighbors or visitors, it could be a sign that someone is monitoring your house. Use security cameras to track your vehicle and check for patterns when you go out. The same goes for walking around the house. If you find strangers walking near or past your house frequently, you may find a weakness around the house.

Asking for the toilet 

Many new homeowners can fall into the tricks of strangers asking to use the toilet but strive to go with some valuable items for their purposes. Moreover, some morning running can be a constant excuse for a cup of water or use of the toilet to summarize the property. 

Is there any way to protect yourself from burglars?

If any of the signs mentioned earlier will appear, I will block all the openings by using security grills. I will suggest you use security alarms and security cameras for checking purposes. You can keep security equipment like guns and emergency exit switches to inform the police immediately. 

Things to do if you think your house is being targeted 

Most of the factors lead to an increase in becoming a target. The location of your home, accessibility to significant streets, and proximity to neighbors are all factors that might increase or decrease your chances of becoming a target. Burglars look for homes with trees and bushes blocking houses from the road. ‘

Tips to keep your family safe :

  1. Secure the door 
  2. Reinforce sliding glass door 
  3. Lock the windows
  4. Set up a security system 
  5. Do not forget the Garage 
  6. Lockdown your wifi network 


f you find any of the signs mentioned earlier, it is essential to take precautionary measures and catch the intruder. The best tactics to do this are to set up your camera. You can do it quickly and cheaply with a few simple tools. If you find someone creeping around your house, don’t panic. Try to stay calm and understand why they are coming. Next, take steps to secure a home and identify intruders. By following these precautions, you can protect your home from thieves.