15 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do

15 weird things covert narcissists do

15 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do

A narcissist believes that they are superior, more unique, and more desirable than others. They are more likely to be diagnosed with severe mental illness (NPD), a temperament disorder characterized by extravagant thoughts, an inflated sense of importance, feelings of alienation, and a craving to be praised by everyone. These egocentric characteristics usually mask deep-seated worries and fears.

Narcissists will appear pleasant at first, and then they will almost certainly trap you in a pattern of narcissistic seduction that drives you to doubt yourself over time. To persuade you to pursue a connection, they employ subtle narcissistic strategies like emotional blackmail and psychological abuse. They generally say a bunch of egotistical remarks as a result of this.

Here are the 15 most weird things a narcissist does.

Deception is a skill that covert narcissists excel at. They will speak any language and acquire whatever they desire from you without thinking about how it may affect you. They’ll use techniques like emotional blackmail, exaggeration, and misrepresenting to help you be happy. Maybe you’re the person who is incorrect in an altercation.

They always take the lead and stroll across from you.

Most narcissistic people are susceptible to being completely themselves; they are perhaps the most valuable human beings on the planet. Humans are seen as extensions of themselves, who exist to fulfill their goals and requirements. Many more of their actions will make their friend feel insignificant in the connection, and one of the bizarre ways they accomplish this is by walking across from their considerable other in the company.

To abandon them, the narcissist will pick back up and stride exceedingly rapidly. The person would have to go on a frenzied hunt for their spouse while keeping an eye on them from the darkness.

Even their faults are blamed on you.

Since they are convinced that they have always been correct, anything and everything that bad happens to a narcissist is the responsibility of others. For example, if you and a friend are both delayed at a cinema since they arrived at the venue later than expected, you will be accused of choosing an inappropriate specific time to view the film. They didn’t confess to their imperfections, let alone their mistakes.

If they’re lying, they’ll accuse everyone else of lying as well. If they are vicious, they will accuse others of being cruel as well. They would criticize others for robbing and defrauding, whether they were robbing or deceiving themselves. They seldom know how to act, and it’s almost always the fault of another.

Act as if they know all.

Narcissists usually act as if they understand everything. They prefer to be in charge and acting as if they know everything gives you an advantage in negotiations. They profit from causing you to think lower, and they’ll never pass up an incentive to make you look stupid.

Whenever a narcissist discovers your anxieties and shortcomings, they will utilize them to try to manipulate you. For example, they may criticize you for someone and make you happy to the point where you will follow their lines beyond question on the next occasion.

They’re enthralled by conspiracy theories.

According to a survey performed by researchers at the Department of English, narcissists are more prone to being obsessed with conspiracy beliefs.

According to a previous study, believing in conspiracy hypotheses is related to lower consciousness, which would be a typical narcissistic attribute. According to scientists, their fondness for conspiracy believers stems from their link to the offenders’ destructive deeds.

According to the study, students who had ego-extravagant or sensitive narcissism performed better in conspiratorial thought. Children who have been considered better at displaying bombastic or susceptible narcissism by their friends and family were also considered better at displaying fascist sympathizer ideation.

Do Thing that Takes you out of rest

It was one of those behaviors that narcissists do when you irritate them. Perhaps they only appear to start conflicts late in the evening, just when you go to bed.

They rush in as an unimportant problem that appears to be nothing, although they are anxious to thrash this out at this moment if you sound tranquil and comfortable.

Another strange thing egomaniacs do is disrupt your enjoyment and periods of relaxation. They would do everything they could to keep you from something as basic as sleeping. A narcissist could pick an argument since you are attempting to nap, even when you’ve had a difficult day or are sick. Somebody may resort to harsh measures to rouse you from your slumber.

Dictators Are Passionate About

Ownership and influence are obsessions for narcissists. Selfish people, per Anxiety.Org, have an excessively strong sense of ego. As a result, they occasionally look up to something and imitate historical figures who have ruled other countries.

They typically have little regret for idolizing leaders like Hitler, who have already have murdered or seriously injured many people. Even when the narcissist somehow doesn’t agree with most of the tough leadership’s extraordinary measures, they will almost certainly try and justify such dictatorial behavior. In other words, they’ll find a way to point the finger at the patient. The sufferer really should have done anything to deserve a war of aggression, as per a prototypical narcissistic in this circumstance.

It’s Always Going to Be Your Trouble.

Since a narcissist seldom makes a mistake. You must accept the fact that you’d be held responsible for just about everything. Even if you’re in the right lane at the moment, you may well be accused of their automobile accident, whether you’re a so-called buddy or spouse.

 They will chastise you for forgetting to warn people to take umbrellas because it’s pouring today. A narcissistic sociopath gets away with it by making you feel lousy and ruining your ego. It’s standard procedure to say hurtful things to you in the dark or to dismiss you.

Their Bad Qualities Are Being Projected

Since narcissists enjoy blaming others for just about everything, they will usually transfer their worst qualities onto you. When your narcissist is a drinker, for example, you could well be chastised for taking one glass at a function. Is your narcissistic mate unfaithful to you? What’s more, guess how much? Every encounter you have had with the opposing sex will be interpreted as evidence of your dishonesty.

A casual hello to somebody else could result in unwarranted flirting charges. Did you wash the entire apartment and forget to take up your narcissist companion’s sock that was left on the ground? You’ll now be condemned for being untidy. 

came in the form of dual Standards

Narcissists are notorious for their lack of oversight. To put it another way, they are frequently frauds. You can deceive a narcissist. However, you didn’t understand “hi” to someone of the other gender without being scrutinized.

Another odd thing egomaniacs do now is shout angrily for extended periods about even the smallest subjects… but everything you speak against them should be sensationalized.

Although if you talk calmly, the mere that you dispute with them provides them because of all the motivation they have to accuse you of creating a fight. This condescending attitude permits them to maintain power over you. They will inevitably quiet you by attempting to make you believe that things are trivial and unworthy of your attention.

Minor Things are Exaggerated

Not only should narcissists have quite a large sense of individuality, but they may also create a monster out of a strawman argument whenever it relates to a challenge that a fit person wouldn’t even have. A narcissist I know enjoys telling people to leave his apartment because they politely disagreed with him before. It gives him the impression that he is in complete control.

A previous acquaintance was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown over a minor scrape (not damage) on her automobile. Our evening out came to an abrupt end after she stopped speaking to anyone else over the next few hours because of this minor scratch.

Over these minor issues, narcissistic people frequently turn to loud, schadenfreude-inducing  language. As if somebody flicked the switch, you would go from enjoying a good A major political disagreement with that kind of an individual to becoming told they despise you due to a major political disagreement.

Make a Soliloquy Out of a Conversation

Narcissists have trouble empathizing with others. Anticipate them to be unconcerned about your horrible day… or maybe something positive that happens to you. Every endeavor to converse with a narcissist typically devolves into a one-sided monologue that they control.


Whenever you tell someone about something good that has transpired to you, that’s also especially true. Rest certain, they’ll try and bring forward something rather interesting about their lives. They’re going to have an “ornament.” For example, if you notice someone you recently completed your second 5K, they will inform you approximately how many marathoners they’ve completed.

It shows sincerity for everyone.

This type of statement is usually associated with the romantic or fetishization stages. The narcissist would make their lover feel like the most extraordinary and exceptional human being on the planet. They genuinely want the other to believe it, so they’ll ask what they’re doing to prove it, however much they care for their spouse.

This is a highly successful deception technique with important emotional ramifications. They’re effectively expressing that they’ll go to any length for their partner, even if it involves journeying to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Obliquely, they respond to questions.

Instead of responding with a yes or no, a narcissist will divert since this invalidates the inquiry. Providing a simple yes or no response shows that the person who is inquiring has already been recognized and appreciated as another, regardless of if they disagree with that woman’s perspective.

You are trying to address the subject and demean the people who inquired about it by delivering an ambiguous response. Narcissists want to solve their own problems rather than those of others, and that is why they redefine the topic to accommodate their purposes.

Discussions are dominated by them.

Narcissists, although you will understand, have an overinflated ego. One method through which this emerges is through commanding discussions, which psychiatrists have dubbed “communicative narcissism.”

However, with a communicative narcissist, a discussion would not be a 2 different tracks. You won’t get free to pronounce anything because they’ll stop anything you speak and make it to them to maintain the spotlight on themselves.

They’ll intervene and explain to you the last little thing going about their business before you’ve started the first line of yours. Try to brag about your fantastic ski vacation; they had a superior one a decade ago.

They disappear, only to reappear.

A narcissist feeds off of your unhappiness and uses mind tricks to get cheap pleasure. For example, they may go without notice, cutting off all conversations with you immediately, making you sad and distraught. They will be back to themselves after just a few weeks, pretending as if nothing had occurred.

Anyone can be perplexed by what narcissists do. They have a knack for influencing and managing their prey. If you come across anyone who exhibits the majority of such narcissistic traits, avoid them because their bad character can harm your emotional wellbeing.


Passive-aggressiveness is a type of emotional assault used to demonstrate scorn, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness by narcissists, who are noted for their subtle aggressive attitudes. Not only should narcissists have quite a large sense of individuality, but they may also create a monster out of a strawman argument whenever it relates to a challenge that a fit person wouldn’t even have. A narcissist I know enjoys telling people to leave his apartment because they politely disagreed with him before. It gives him the impression that he is in complete control.

 Ordinary, well-intentioned people are treating others with inquiry, compassion, and trustworthiness in socialization, conversation, or dispute. Interaction, on the other hand, is viewed as a lose-lose situation by a narcissist. Individuals try to control, intimidate, lie, belittle, humiliate, and injure people to win.