26 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

26 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

26 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

There’s something about the universe that says when you’re feeling down. There’s someone who cares. When you’re worried, your mind tends to drift towards the people who love and support you. 

26 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

 It can’t always be a physical interaction. Still, this list will help lift your spirits and remind you that there are people who care about what’s happening in your life.”

The following are 26 signs from our universe which can help confirm that someone is thinking of us. Hopefully, it can also serve as a reminder to think good things!

1. Birds

Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling down, there’s a bevy of birds chirping in the trees? I have a friend who believes they are cheering her up because she feeds them outside of her house every day. Of course, it could be a coincidence, or it could just be the universe sending little messages to cheer up your day.

2. Phone calls

This is one of the best ways to know someone has thought about you. Usually, the people that call are the people who care, and they specifically call to make sure everything is okay.

3. Dreams

Dreams can come true, and this example might work here. If you are dreaming about someone constantly, it is one of the major signs that someone is thinking about you. 

They may be able to pin down the specific time it was and even make out the rest of the dream, but by the time they wake up, none of it makes sense. But in that brief moment between dreaming and waking, between dreaming and remembering, someone was thinking about them.

4. Window views

Have you ever noticed that there’s a beautiful view outside when you’re feeling down? Maybe everything is drizzling or clouded over, but there are still some amazing views to admire. The universe has something beautiful to look at when you’re down in the dumps.

5. Good news around you

When people are around you, and there’s lots of good news, it’s likely because someone is thinking about you and wishing you happiness in your life. It may be a grand gesture that brings you good news, or just a random meeting with someone who tells you something positive, either way, they were thinking of you!

6. A vibe that you can’t resist

You’re reading a book and a sentence seems to jump out at you. It’s something that you’ve read before, but it seems like it was meant to be there at that moment because it’s what you needed to read.

7. Feeling Empty 

You have an urge to send a text, but when you look at your phone, the message has already been sent – or else there is someone on the other end of your messages who knows exactly what you need when you need it.

8. Fake Scenarios

You find yourself humming a song you used to sing long ago with someone who is no longer in your life.

9. Dreaming about someone

You wake up from a dream and the whole night was about someone close to you, or it was about the challenges they’re facing and how you can help them through them. 

When you least expect it, there’s a sign that tells you that everything will be okay, like when there’s an awkward silence at a party. Someone says something funny or poignant out of nowhere.

10. Positive Energy

There’s the ability to “feel” someone when you’re around them, and it makes you feel good just knowing that they are there. So it is kind of a positive energy emission that makes you feel You get a little lost, and your intuition leads you in the right direction. 

You just think about how we’d all be lost without being able to find our way back home. But, the universe is a funny place, and it likes to play tricks on us. Sometimes in the form of coincidence or even something as small as finding a penny on the ground.

11. Postcards

Postcards and packages may not be the most exciting, but if you get either one — open it with the intent to know that someone has cared enough to write.

12. Flowers

I’ve always loved flowers, but I know a lot of people who don’t care for them as much as I do. And these people will get cards from me with pictures of them saying, “thank you for my flowers.” Of course, this also works well when they are sent anonymously!

13. Mirrors and Glasses

I’ve gotten postcards or cards with nothing written on them but a mirror and glasses on the front? Those usually aren’t universal messages. But a sign that someone is thinking about you. 

Not an obvious sign as compared to others but it can be considered one.  

14. The Stars

I don’t know if some people are so afraid of doing anything to trouble the universe that they won’t even look up at the sky and say, “Hey, the universe is thinking about me.” That’s why the stars make such a beautiful message!

15. Flowers in a vase or basket

Sometimes this doesn’t have to be with a card attached — it can just be flowers that are lovingly displayed on a table in your house. It could be an anonymous act, but you know someone cares enough to bring you a little comfort when you see them.

16. The Telephone

You are probably getting a lot of calls that you don’t expect if someone has been thinking about you. And if you are having a bad day, it might make your day better just to know someone is thinking about you enough to call!

17. Mirrors in Public Places

It is not sure, but mirrors make for great messages. It is helpful, especially on days where you just feel lonely or like no one could be thinking about you. When this happens, go look at a mirror and give yourself a hug or a peck on the cheek! 

18. You get a message

You’re thinking about someone and then they message you. It feels like they just appeared at the right time to tell you what you needed to hear, or have been gone for so long that their presence is a welcome surprise.

19. A ‘coincidence’ occurs

The word coincidence doesn’t exist in the universe’s dictionary. Sometimes two things happening at once is just a perfect sign that someone is missing you and it’s just a clear sign from the universe. 

When things happen one after another, there is something you need to know or feel more strongly about than one aspect of your life alone.

20. A familiar song comes on the radio

The universe loves to play with us, especially when feeling down or lonely. So it will pick out a specific song that fits your mood, and this gives you the impression someone has been listening to you in thought. It’s a great way of letting you know that they’re there for you and supporting you along your path whenever they can.

21. Your mind wanders off while thinking about your life

Your thoughts are constantly juggling between what was, what is and what will be in an instant without any intervention from yourself whatsoever. While this occurs, the universe will seem to suddenly throw something in your path or change what you’re thinking about. This helps to bring you closer to that person who is constantly on your mind and helps to remind you of them in a different way.

22. A song pops into your head. Then your phone rings with that song playing on the other end

You’ll be thinking about someone, even though it might not be clear why at first, and suddenly a song will pop into your head seemingly from nowhere to remind you of them at just the right time. This is a good way of letting you know that someone is thinking about you, but it’s also a sign of love.

23. You get an email from an old friend sharing how well they’re doing

Someone in your life who used to be there for you will suddenly pop up again and let you know that they’re thinking of you somehow or another. 

You’ll get a message or even just hear from someone that they’re doing great and living their best life, and this gives you the impression that the universe has delivered them to your side at just the right time.

24. Someone you think about is troubled or on a mission

You’re thinking about someone, and suddenly something happens in their life that you wouldn’t expect. They might be struggling with what to do, or it could be that they somehow find themselves in a situation where they need your support. The universe loves to “trick” you into thinking there’s more to this situation than there is, as long as it makes you feel better knowing they’re okay.

25. You see a reflection of someone’s face

When you think about someone, the universe will want to hook you in and ensure you don’t forget about them. This can take any form, whether they suddenly appear in your room when you’re alone or as a simple echo. 

The best way to get this “sign” is to think about that person and then look into your bathroom mirror, which is a commonplace for someone to appear.

26. You think about someone and then look outside

You’re thinking about someone, wandering around for a minute, then suddenly looking out the window because there’s no other reason for it. It’s like someone is so focused on your mind that they can influence what you do without you even realizing it. 


There are plenty of signs that will tell you if someone is missing you or not. Some are obvious signs, and some are just hypothetical signs that are not so sure that they predict what and who is thinking about you. 

If you cross-check a few signs, you might get to know who exactly or out of few people are thinking about you. It is better to check up on them or just contact them directly.