5 best furniture layouts for rectangular living room with fireplace

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5 best furniture layouts for rectangular living room with fireplace

Choosing the suitable layouts for your rectangular living room can be very tricky. Moreover, making a home is not an easy task. After the house, it is not easy to select a suitable layout for the living room. So, what is the layout of your living room? How should you decide? Should you hire a professional team for this task? This article will cover the 5 best furniture layouts for your rectangular living room with a fireplace.

Best layout ideas for your rectangular living room

Choosing the proper layout for your rectangular living room can be tricky. Moreover, people have no idea about what furniture layout they should select. There are many good furniture layouts, and we will discuss the 5 best designs for your rectangular living room. Moreover, a living room must be flexible. It should fulfill all your needs, from hosting friends to watching your TV show with family. Therefore, the living rooms layouts play a crucial role in your home. A living room with a perfect design drops a positive image on the visitors and the residents. Therefore, you should never ignore the furniture layout for your living room. Before we start, here are some tips that may help you

  • Make the living room layout serve best the vital function of the space. For instance, bring the furniture closer if you like intimate conversations.
  • Furniture space plays a vital role in living room layouts. Never compromise on spacing, and try to set up the furniture so that you can easily maneuver around without bumping.
  • Don’t ignore the size and architecture of the space. Every living room carries a set of features and limitations. Consider each to create the home of your desire.

5 best furniture layouts for your living rooms

1. Small living room layout 

small living rooms furniture layouts require extra attention and severe treatment. Moreover, by planning effectively, you can save floor space and make the room look more airy and spacious than it is. Here are some ideas you must try

  • Remove large furniture. Remember when you have limited space—every inch matters. Therefore, you should make smart decisions and choose smaller furniture pieces. Moreover, remove the large furniture which occupies more space, such as an L-shape sofa, and try replacing it with a comfortable straight sofa to free more room. However, you can also consider an armchair having a footstool instead of a lounge seat.
  •  Consider Vertical space. Using vertical spaces is one of the best living room layout ideas. Moreover, adding bookshelves will provide more storage. Also, try using wall sconces instead of floor lamps.


2. Rectangular living room layout 

A rectangular living room is a dream for every designer. Because they offer multiple varieties of living room layouts, moreover having ample space, you should try experimenting with your living room design. Have a look at some rectangular living room layout ideas below

  • Go for conversational arrangements. You must take advantage of the ample space if you have a rectangular living room. For example, put your main sofa in front of the fireplace or TV unit first. Moreover, you can use more giant couches and sectional sofas for a relaxed look. More seating means you can have many guests.
  • Add small seating nooks. Architectural features such as windows and doorways can be a challenge. Therefore, a rectangle-shaped living room furniture arrangement is always a good idea. Designing an intimate nook on one side of the room, for instance, is a great way to optimize the space. Sometimes, contemporizing a living room furniture arrangement with the window is tricky. Moreover, you can consider armchairs, a chaise lounge, a floor lamp, or an accent table to lift the space.


3. Layouts for long living rooms

Making a layout for long living rooms could be very confusing and challenging. However, some ideas that may work for you in this regard include

  • Use of floating furniture pieces. Usually, people put sofas against the wall in long living rooms, which is incorrect. Because it makes a space more diminutive and narrow than it is, try to pull furniture away from your walls to make your living room look spacious. The floating sofas make the living room more spacious and are best for the large living room layout. Moreover, this helps in directing the flow of traffic across the room.
  • Split up the seating areas. A cramped living room layout requires extra planning to save space. Therefore, you must try splitting your living room into sections to divide the space. For example, you can put a seating area on one side of the living room and a coffee table having a pair of armchairs on the other end. 
  • You can have the extra space on one side of the room for a bookshelf or even a dining table.


4. Layout ideas for a large living room

Design challenges can come in all sizes and shapes. Therefore small interiors are not the only problem. Moreover, even large living rooms can be terrifying sometimes. But grab the opportunity, and you will get a stunning interior. Let’s review some of the best decoration ideas:

Be generous with spacing. It would be best if you thought when dealing with large spaces. Moreover, placing the furniture too close will make a narrow image of unused dead space. So, don’t bring the table too close. Using floating seating is best for large living room arrangements.

  • Moreover, you can also make zones in the living room. For example, place a sideboard table behind the couch by dividing two seating areas. It will fill all areas logically. Moreover, you can use partitions for various things.
  •  Use large furniture. It would be best to choose more oversized sofas when dealing with a large living room. Moreover, a small sofa will vanish in the big living room. Therefore, you must select a large, cozy sectional sofa to fulfill the space properly. For example, you can use a focal piece in a large living room to get a cool look.


5. Arrangements with fireplace

Choosing between television and fireplace is always challenging when creating a living room layout for a family house. However, some ideas may work for you

  • Making a focal point. You can have a wow factor by creating a focal point in your living room. Moreover, it immediately brightens your whole interior. Consider adding a dark background color to your fireplace and artwork surrounding the wall for balance.
  • Neutral seating. Try setting up neutral seating to make the living room look fantastic.


There are many layouts for rectangular living rooms with a fireplace. However, it would be best to choose small conversational arrangements and try adding small seating nooks. Also, you should consult with a professional team to get the results of your desire. I hope this article will help you know the 5 best furniture layouts for rectangular living rooms with a fireplace.