5 Reasons Why Students Should Give Up Fast Food

5 Reasons Why Students Should Give Up Fast Food

5 Reasons Why Students Should Give Up Fast Food

The most common problem with fast food and students is that it is consumed more often than necessary, thus posing a problem because it becomes the only source of nutrition. While fast food is not extremely harmful per se, it doesn’t provide the correct balance of vitamins and various ingredients that a school learner requires. It is tasty, does not cost a fortune, and one does not have to cook anything by simply warming it up, yet there are several risks at play. The most common of them is the direct link to weight gain because fast food is usually high in calories and implements fat and taste enhancers as a way to replace fiber (as one of the examples). If you add the usual products that are filled with sodium (the drinks), you instantly get the basic idea and understand why it leads to rapid weight gain and anxiety.

The Weight Gain Problem

The excessive use of fats and calories due to the highly processed carbs a person intakes during at least one meal poses the main trouble. While most foods will help you gain weight, fast food is unhealthy and will not add to your muscles and strength but will only make you feel exhausted as your body will spend all of its strength on processing purposes. If you feel lost and cannot allocate more time to shopping or cooking, you may consider Grab My Essay as a solution. You only have to talk to an expert and get assistance with completing your school tasks faster and correctly. When you are feeling stressed and have more time, it’s also possible to spend more time outside and visit the shops and markets as you consider healthy alternatives!

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

Not many students know about the dangers of food enhancers that are always included in popular fast foods. If it has sodium and chemical elements that are overly processed, the chances are high that such food will increase your blood pressure. Since most college students will not even notice the issue at first, the presence of additional stress on the cardiovascular system shows its negative effect as time passes. For example, heart problems start appearing when you walk up or down the stairs or need to engage in physical activity. High blood pressure affects your blood circulation and the vessels in a negative way, so it’s a serious issue that one must consider. Speaking of cholesterol, fast food is often fried in oil that is used more than once, which is why the LDL levels always increase

Energy Draining Issue

Also known as the insulin reaction, it’s why fast foods or anything high in sugar and uses refined carbohydrates will require more energy from you. When your blood has a sudden increase in sugar, it has to produce insulin as a way to challenge the issue. When these energetic spikes happen and the sudden tiredness comes, you are dealing with the production of insulin that is required to keep you up and going. In addition to that, your body also needs to digest the already processed fast food. It takes time and your brain spends available resources to sort everything out, thus it becomes harder for students to stay focused as they instantly feel tired. Now, when you turn to healthy eating and consider balanced foods by cooking them yourself, your body will receive sufficient ingredients that will help with digestion and fill your body with immune support.

Negative Impact on a Student’s Mood

When your digestive system feels exhausted and your energy levels remain low, you feel like the only thing you want to do is sleep or rest from all your studies. While it is a natural reaction to academic pressure and overall tiredness, it also has a negative impact on your mood. The presence of fast food and the lack of healthy ingredients make you feel anxious and depressed. The reason for that is the lack of antioxidants that are present in tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, pears, cherries, apples, red wine, milk, nuts, and tea. If you do not mind adding seafood that is high in copper, you will instantly have a positive boost as your body will be able to use these nutrients to fight stress and tiredness. Depending on the season, you may add spinach and pumpkin soup to your diet as it won’t take long to cook and will feel like home as you cook on campus!

Digestive Problems

Another reason why students should give up fast food is related to digestive issues that can become quite disturbing and pose a problem when you must keep your academic schedule accurate and attend all the lectures on time. Take the example of muffins and breaded products that lack fiber and you deal with the products that are hard to move through the digestive tract. It’s the reason why college students often deal with stomach pains and constipation problems. If you add foods that are rich in fiber (beans, berries, avocados, apples, and dried fruits), you will be able to achieve the necessary balance and help yourself. 

Approaching Helpful Food Solutions

The tricky part that most people seem to miss is that it’s possible to keep things healthy, tasty, and fun when you purchase ingredients for a homemade burger and create your own fast food without all the unhealthy elements. As a college student, you can learn a few cooking tricks and impress your friends! Think about toasted bread, vegetables, fresh onion slices, tomatoes, and boiled chicken or turkey meat as an option. This way, you will not only have the ingredients necessary for a soup with noodles but will have all the necessary for a delicious burger as an option that does not contain too much fat. When you have the leftovers available in terms of vegetables, you can make an omelet or consider healthy sandwiches by adding tuna fish as you make the filling. It might take a bit more time yet you will keep things tasty and fast!


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