Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

Ark Ragnarok Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

Ice Wyvern egg locations can be found on Ark: Survival Evolved’s Ragnarok map, which players can explore. Murder Snow, located in the map’s northwestern corner, is a popular location for searching for Ice Wyvern eggs. However, because this area is known for its harsh weather and high-level Ice Wyverns, players should exercise caution when attempting to obtain eggs.

The eggs can be found on the cliff edges, but players should avoid approaching the Wyverns because they are aggressive and will attack anyone who gets too close. The Frozen Tooth and the Ice Lake are two other possible Ice Wyvern egg locations in Ragnarok.

Ragnarok Map and Ice Wyvern Eggs

ARK: Survival Evolved is a motion-journey survival recreation that capabilities a lot of maps and creatures to discover. One of the maps, Ragnarok, is thought for its vastness and scenic landscapes, but it additionally has its proportion of risks. Players can encounter dangerous creatures like Ice Wyverns, which can be bold opponents. However, they also offer an opportunity to achieve precious assets such as Ice Wyvern Eggs, which may be used to hatch infant Ice Wyverns. 

The Ragnarok Map

Ragnarok is a custom map for ARK: Survival Evolved that becomes advanced with the aid of the modder Excited Kangaroo. It is known for its huge size and sundry landscapes, encompassing deserts, mountains, forests, and oceans. The map capabilities several biomes, each with its creatures and resources. Some of the most remarkable locations on the map consist of the following:

Viking Bay: A bay on the northwestern coast of the map, which capabilities a Viking-themed village.

Carnivorous Caverns: A cave system positioned inside the southern part of the map, which is domestic to dangerous creatures like Direwolves and Sabertooths.

Wyvern Trench: A canyon placed in the northern part of the map, which is home to Ice Wyverns and their eggs.

Forbidden Grotto: A cave machine located in the southwestern part of the map, which functions rare assets like Black Pearls and Organic Polymer.

Ice Wyvern Eggs

Ice Wyverns are a subspecies of Wyverns that can be found exclusively on the Ragnarok map. They are ambitious warring parties and have an exclusive icy appearance. They are also especially sought after by players because they can drop precious sources like Elemental Dust and Wyvern Milk.

One of the maximum valuable sources that Ice Wyverns drop is their eggs. Ice Wyvern Eggs can be used to hatch child Ice Wyverns, which can be tamed and raised as pets. However, acquiring Ice Wyvern Eggs can be tough because Ice Wyverns are competitive and difficult to defeat.

How to Find Ice Wyvern Eggs?

Ice Wyvern Eggs may be located inside the Wyvern Trench on the Ragnarok map. The Wyvern Trench is a canyon this is placed within the northern part of the map. It is domestic to many Wyverns, such as Fire Wyverns and Lightning Wyverns, but Ice Wyverns are the most precious because of their eggs.

To find Ice Wyvern Eggs, players will need to navigate thru the Wyvern Trench and find the nests where the eggs are located. The nests are clean to spot because they emit an extraordinary blue glow. However, players will want to be careful while approaching the nests because they may be guarded using personal Ice Wyverns.

Players can use plenty of approaches to achieve Ice Wyvern Eggs. One of the handiest techniques is to apply a quick-flying mount like a Pteranodon or a Wyvern to navigate through the Wyvern Trench and fast grasp the eggs from the nests. However, this method can be risky because gamers must avoid the Ice Wyverns that shield the nests.

Another approach is to apply a protracted-range weapon like a crossbow or a rifle to kill the Ice Wyverns from a distance. This method is safer, but it can be time-eating because gamers will need to find the nests, after which they watch for the Ice Wyverns to technique earlier than capturing them.

Wyvern Nest Locations on Ragnarok Map 

Ragnarok is one of the biggest maps in Ark: Survival Evolved, giving many possibilities for exploration, gathering sources, and taming creatures. One of the most sought-after creatures on this map is the Ice Wyvern, a powerful and resilient flying reptile that is well-suitable to fight and transportation.

To tame an Ice Wyvern, players have to first find its nest and acquire its egg; that is the only manner to benefit the creatures accepted as true and loyal.

Wyvern Nest Locations

Wyvern nests can be discovered in numerous locations on the Ragnarok map, and every region is guarded by a group of adult Wyverns which might be fiercely territorial and could attack any intruders. The most common places for Wyvern nests are:

Wyvern Trench

The Wyvern Trench is the most famous region for collecting Ice Wyvern eggs, as it is domestic to the highest concentration of nests. The trench can be discovered inside the Wyvern Scar, which is positioned at the southeast facet of the map. It is a big canyon that is difficult to enter, as it’s miles surrounded by cliffs and dangerous creatures. Once within the trench, gamers need to avoid the person Wyverns and look for nests hidden in some of the rocks and lava swimming pools.

Murder Snow

Murder Snow is a place located inside the northwestern part of the map, and it’s miles home to a large number of Ice Wyverns. The vicinity is protected in snow and ice, inhabited by dangerous creatures, along with Dire Wolves and Sabertooth Tigers. Ice Wyvern nests may be discovered scattered in the course of the region, and players have to be careful to avoid attracting the attention of the grownup Wyverns.


The Volcano is a massive mountain located within the middle of the map, and it’s far home to a group of Fire Wyverns. However, Ice Wyvern nests can also be discovered on its slopes and inside its caverns. Players ought to be careful while drawing near the Volcano, as it’s far a risky and volatile surrounding that is prone to eruptions and earthquakes.


The Highlands is located within the southeastern part of the map, and it’s miles domestic to a group of Lightning Wyverns. However, Ice Wyvern nests can also be discovered within the place, in particular in the cliffs and valleys that surround it. Players must be cautious when traversing the Highlands, as it’s far a steep and treacherous terrain this is difficult to navigate.

Collecting Ice Wyvern Eggs

Collecting Ice Wyvern eggs is a risky and difficult endeavor, as it calls for players to infiltrate the Wyvern nests and keep away from detection through the adult Wyverns. The following guidelines can assist gamers inappropriately gathering Ice Wyvern eggs:

Bring a quick and agile flying mount, along with a Pteranodon or an Argentavis, to quickly enter and leave the Wyvern nests.

Wear complete armor and convey powerful guns to protect against the grownup Wyverns, as they can deal lots of harm.

Use stealth and patience to keep away from detection by the person Wyverns. The nests are normally guarded via one or two grownup Wyverns, so gamers should watch for them to move away before approaching.

Use traps and decoys to distract the person Wyverns and create a safe course to the nests. This can consist of putting in place turrets or the use of a second participant to draw the Wyverns away.

Collect the eggs fast and carefully, as they may be distinctly valued and will attract the attention of close by Wyverns.

How to Find and Collect Ice Wyvern Eggs?

Ce Wyvern Eggs are valuable gadgets in Ark: Survival Evolved that can be hatched into Ice Wyverns. These creatures are effective and exceedingly prominent, making the eggs rare and tough to reap. The Ragnarok Map is one of the fine locations to find Ice Wyvern Eggs due to its particular capabilities and biomes. 

Understanding Ice Wyvern Nests

Ice Wyvern Nests are positioned in diverse locations around the Ragnarok Map. These nests are normally observed on high cliffs and mountains, making them hard to reach. Each nest will incorporate one egg, which can be taken without aggroing the nearby Ice Wyvern. However, it’s important to note that the Ice Wyvern becomes opposed if the egg is picked up or destroyed.

Wyvern Nest Locations

Finding Ice Wyvern Nests on the Ragnarok Map can be a daunting challenge due to their hidden and tough-to-reach places. Here are some pleasant places to locate Ice Wyvern Nests:

Murder Snow

Murder Snow is a biome inside the northwestern part of the map. This is included in snow and ice. This place is home to Ice Wyverns and their nests. The nests are generally positioned on high cliffs and ledges, making them difficult to attain. However, they can be determined by flying across the vicinity and looking for the specific blue glow of the nests.

Frozen Lake

The Frozen Lake is placed inside the southwestern part of the map and is home to Ice Wyverns. The nests are normally determined on the surrounding cliffs and mountains. The vicinity is also domestic to different dangerous creatures together with Direwolves and Sabertooths, so it’s far crucial to be organized earlier than venturing into this place.

Wyvern Trench

The Wyvern Trench is positioned inside the eastern part of the map and is domestic to various Ice Wyverns. The vicinity is dangerous and hard to navigate, with cliffs and dangerous creatures. However, it is one of the satisfactory locations to locate Ice Wyvern Nests due to the massive range of Wyverns that spawn inside the vicinity.

How to Collect Ice Wyvern Eggs?

Collecting Ice Wyvern Eggs may be a risky and challenging venture, but it is properly worth the effort. Here are the steps to collect Ice Wyvern Eggs:

Step 1: Gear up

Before venturing into the Murder Snow or another risky region, it’s important to tools up nicely. This includes wearing armor, bringing guns, and bringing any necessary elements consisting of meals and water.

Step 2: Find a Nest

Once you have got geared up, you could start your search for an Ice Wyvern Nest. As noted earlier, the nests are typically located on high cliffs and mountains, so it’s crucial to have a flying mount inclusive of a Pteranodon or Wyvern.

Step 3: Get the Egg

Once you have placed a nest, you can technique it and choose the egg. It is essential to note that the Ice Wyvern turns hostile if the egg is picked up or destroyed. Therefore, it’s far critical to have a plan to get away from the area speedy.

Step four: Escape

After picking up the egg, it’s vital to get away from the location fast. The Ice Wyvern will pursue you and attack, so it’s important to have a quick flying mount and a plan to stay away from the Wyvern.


What are Ice Wyvern eggs in Ark Ragnarok?

Ice Wyvern eggs are a rare and valuable resource in Ark Ragnarok that can be hatched into baby Ice Wyverns. These creatures are powerful mounts that can fly and breathe ice.

Where can I find Ice Wyvern eggs in Ark Ragnarok?

Ice Wyvern eggs can be found in the Ice Wyvern nests located in the frozen tundra region of the map. These nests are spread out and can be difficult to locate.

How do I identify Ice Wyvern nests in Ark Ragnarok?

Ice Wyvern nests in Ark Ragnarok are easy to identify as they emit a blue light and have a distinctive shape. They are located on the sides of cliffs or mountains and can be seen from a distance.

How do I steal an Ice Wyvern egg in Ark Ragnarok?

To steal an Ice Wyvern egg, you will need to use a flyer mount that is fast and agile. You will need to land near the nest, dismount, grab the egg, and quickly fly away before the Ice Wyvern attacks you.

How do I hatch an Ice Wyvern egg in Ark Ragnarok?

To hatch an Ice Wyvern egg, you will need to place it in a nest or incubator that has the appropriate temperature and humidity levels. You will need to provide it with food and water until it hatches.

Are there any risks associated with stealing Ice Wyvern eggs in Ark Ragnarok?

Yes, stealing Ice Wyvern eggs in Ark Ragnarok is a dangerous activity as it can result in aggressive retaliation from the Ice Wyverns. If you are caught, you may have to fight or flee for your life.