Best 10 Safe Investments To Make Money Fast In November-December 2022

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Best 10 Safe Investments To Make Money Fast In November-December 2022

We’re almost halfway through 2022, and when it comes to trading and investments, this year is turning out to be very different from all the others. This means that investors will have to try different ways to invest than they had planned.

All major U.S. stock market indices will officially be in a bear market in the first half of 2022. This is because of inflation and other factors. As for why this is happening, share advisors say it’s because stocks were expensive when we started the year. We had a new generation of traders who had never seen a bear market and didn’t know what they were getting into.

We had new tech companies with shaky business plans backed by cheap money. And inflation was rising, which made it clear that the Federal Reserve would have to tighten the money supply. Given those conditions, there was no way to avoid a bear market. But now that the year’s first half is over, things have changed significantly. And the wreckage might as well be worth something.

Some of our favorite growth stocks, especially in technology, are trading at prices we never thought we’d see again. And some of our famous income plays have their highest returns in years.

Today, look at Best 10 safe investments to make money fast in November- December 2022. Some of these names will be well-known, but you might not know the others. But, for one reason or another, they are all in good shape to benefit in the second half of the year.

This year, made news when its stock split 20-for-1. But the good feelings from that news quickly disappeared as the shares went down. Amazon stock is trading more than 40% below its all-time high, and most of its gains during the Covid period have been lost. The shares are slightly higher than four years ago, in the summer of 2018.

But here’s the thing: Amazon has fallen before. During the market correction at the end of 2018, the shares lost more than 30% of their value. In 2011, 2014, and 2016, the shares lost at least 25% of their value. Then there was 2008 when the shares lost almost two-thirds of their value.

Amazon always came back stronger after a hard time. Amazon is a more significant and stable company now than when it was just a young internet startup. It also has daily problems for a business of its sizes, such as labor unrest and political pressure.

But here are a bunch of questions: How many things do you buy on Amazon now compared to five years ago? And do you think you’ll buy more or less in the next five years?

Amazon is the biggest online store and the leader in cloud computing services through its AWS platform.

The price of the stock is 2.3 times its sales. At 2.4, the S&P 500 is just a bit higher than that. Even though that’s not “cheap” in the traditional sense, it’s Amazon’s lowest price in six years, and it could be an excellent time to buy what could be one of the best stocks for the rest of 2022.


Alphabet, the parent company of Google, also recently announced a 20-for-1 stock split. Based on current prices, this will make the shares worth less than $100. The stock split at Alphabet has gotten much attention in the news. But the division is more of a sideshow, even though it might make it easier for smaller investors to buy shares. 

Since their peak in late 2021, Google’s shares have fallen by about a quarter and were recently down by almost a third. This wiped out gains from more than a year ago.

Even after the drop, Alphabet’s shares are still not “cheap” because they sell for more than five times sales. But that’s a significant drop from the past year when the price-to-sales ratio was in the 8s. Alphabet is the only stock that could ever justify a multiple like that. Even though the company is enormous, it still has a return on equity (RoE) of over 30 percent and quarterly revenue growth of more than 20 percent.

Paypal holdings

Everything that had anything to do with fintech or distributed finance had a lousy year in 2022. Some of these weaknesses are understandable. Even though the financial sector is ready for change, people got too crazy with speculating on cryptocurrencies. When El Salvador made Bitcoin legal money in September of last year, it was like calling the top of the market. It hit its highest point two months later and has been falling.

Here’s the thing, though. They got rid of the baby along with the bathwater. Yes, it’s possible that cryptocurrency isn’t ready for prime time. But there is still lots of space for change in finance. And PayPal Holdings (PYPL, $72.90) is one of the most well-known companies in this new ecosystem that is still growing.

In addition to its payment system, PayPal, which is used by many websites, the company also owns the popular mobile app Venmo. Many young people use Venmo as their payment app, and gig workers like it.

The shares of PayPal are now worth 3.7 times sales, more than 75% less than where they were a few months ago. That’s the least they’ve ever cost since PayPal became a public company. If you aren’t interested in buying a company when it’s marked down by 75%, you probably won’t be interested in it.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney (DIS, $94.34) has been criticized this year. Since there is more competition in the streaming video market, Disney+’s growth story doesn’t look as attractive. A nasty public fight with the state of Florida over the company’s special tax status hasn’t helped either. Neither has inflation or a lack of workers.

All these things have caused the shares to lose more than half their value since their high point in 2021.

But we shouldn’t think Mickey Mouse is too small. Disney is the best place for family travel and entertainment, and it owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, two of the most valuable media properties in history.

And after the stock price drop, Disney is trading at prices that haven’t been seen since 2014, with a forward price-to-earnings ratio of just 17. We don’t know when the bottom will be in for sure. But it doesn’t often happen that a well-known American company trades at prices from almost ten years ago.

Bonds from companies

You might want to look at corporate bonds if you wish for higher returns. Most of the time, they have better interest rates, but they also carry more risk because few companies have Uncle Sam’s track record of paying back loans.

It’s essential to consider how bonds are rated to ensure you make a safe investment. Matthews suggests looking at investment-grade corporate bonds, usually rated AAA, A.A., A, or BBB. Anything else could have even higher returns, but the risk is much higher.

Bonds can be bought through an online broker, but Matthews warns that the fees for buying bonds are often higher than for buying stocks.

Bond mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) invest in hundreds or thousands of company bonds, so they don’t charge fees and reduce the risk that any company will go bankrupt. Most brokerages now offer index-based ETFs and mutual funds without trading fees, but it’s important to double-check and be careful of lots of extra charges on mutual funds.

Real Estate

Real estate may or may not be a safe investment, depending on the area. Also, depending on the local market, real estate can be an excellent way to make money. “Whether you buy a commercial or a rental property, you’re likely to get a steady income,” says Matthews. This will keep you from being affected by the ups and downs of the stock market.

Long-term real estate appreciation is still pretty low, with a 25-year average of about 3.8 percent. Real estate also has costs other safe investments don’t have, like maintenance fees and property taxes, which may require a significant investment upfront.

According to some, investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) is an excellent way to get into real estate with less risk and more cash. But REITs are risky investments, so they can’t be recommended as safe places for your money in unstable markets.

Preferred Stocks

Preferred stocks are a type of investment mix of a stock and a bond. They can make money like bonds because they pay guaranteed dividends, but they also have the ownership stake and growth potential of common stock.

But the possibility that preferred stocks will increase in value works both ways. You may see more considerable market value increases over time than with bonds, but you may also see more significant market value drops when the market falls. Dividends are a good choice on preferred stock and are almost always guaranteed, you’ll get money no matter what the store does.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency linked to a list of transactions on the internet called the blockchain. The blockchain is typically used to keep track of all the transactions that happen with cryptocurrencies. This helps stop theft and digital forgery. most well-known cryptocurrency is bitcoin, but many others, like Ethereum and ZenCash.

Cryptocurrency has a tremendous amount of growth potential. From 2020 to the middle of 2021, the price of one Bitcoin went from $10,000 to more than $60,000. 

Risks of cryptocurrency: The biggest problem with cryptocurrency is that it is an investment that is based on nothing but speculation. Its value isn’t tied to a company like a stock is. In contrast to a bond, there is no promise of a return.

And unlike money in a bank account, it can be hard to spend cryptocurrency. All these things make its value very unstable since it depends only on how much people are willing to pay. As of June 2021, Bitcoin’s price has gone back to $30,000. This is terrible news for many who invested when it was worth $60,000.

Not only that but the FDIC doesn’t back cryptocurrency accounts. If someone hacks your crypto wallet and steals your Bitcoin, you can’t do anything about it. You’ll have to take the loss.

Government Bond Funds

Government bond funds are investments that put their money into U.S. government bonds. These include bonds from the Treasury, other government agencies, and sometimes from state and local governments. Most of the time, these funds invest in short-term bonds and keep putting the money back into the market as the bonds mature.

Also, these bond funds buy bonds from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the two largest federal mortgage lenders. This lets you invest in both the bond and real estate markets. Overall, you’re looking at a safe investment that will beat inflation, though not as well as index funds.

Dividend Stocks

People usually buy stocks because they have the chance to grow. But this can make things hard for big, successful businesses. If you’re General Motors or Verizon, you won’t have the same growth as a new company from one year to the next. So, how do you keep investors interested?

The answer is to give cash back. Many big companies give some of their profits back to the shareholders at the end of every year. These payments are called “dividends,” and they are great for investors who plan to keep their money for a long time. When you buy dividend stocks with your money, you get a payment every year. You can either save the dividend payment as cash or use it to buy more stocks.

These stocks can be suitable investments, but not everyone should buy them. You have to choose your supplies, different from a fund. This means you need the time and energy to do your research and keep up with the companies you’re investing in.


There are many ways to put your hard-earned money to work, but not all are good for everyone. To find the best choice, you need to decide how long you want to invest and weigh the risks against the possible rewards. Then you’ll be ready to start investing!