Best Pokemon Black 2 Team

Best Pokemon Black 2 Team

Best Pokemon Black 2 Team

According to the Pokemon fandom, it is the most balanced and, ultimately, the best team of Pokemon Black and White – Samurott Scrafty, Lilligant, Scrafty, Archeops, Chandelure, and Galvantula.

What Is The Best In-Game Squad That Is Suitable For Black 2? White 2?

Create your own best teams in the game to Pokemon Black 2 as well as White 2 in this thread! Teams should aim at making casual play of the game enjoyable, easy, fun, and stress-free.

Follow these guidelines in specifics in your blog article:

  • For each Pokemon on the team, provide suggested moves to use during the game. The idea is to discuss more than the four moves you’ll end by completing the post-game.
  • You can include items, abilities, etc. However, they are not required.
  • Give an explanation and details. Be sure to justify your Pokemon and move sets choices. Discussion points could include user-friendliness, team synergy, and coverage of key battles.

Also, please follow these guidelines for the content that your staff members will be able to contribute:

  • If you suggest a Pokemon which is restricted by the exclusivity of version trade evolution, events, or other restrictions, You should provide alternative options for those who are unable to access the Pokemon. The same applies when you suggest moves or other moves. that can only be obtained through grinding or breeding.
  • There are unspoken rules for teams in games, for example, like to keep the player who is the starting point and to avoid legends. It’s good to offer other alternatives if you don’t follow these rules.
  • We do not recommend Pokemon moves, moves, etc., that can only be obtained via glitches or cheats. Beware of Pokemon or Pokemon. Which are only available via transfer or trade.
  • Only original content. You can use concepts you have found elsewhere, but don’t copy content from other websites.

Send your team’s information as an answer and not as a comment. To keep things clean, We will take down all teams that are posted as comments on this thread. If you wish to change your post, click the edit button.

10 Awesome Pokemon for Your Black and White 2 Team

One of the most important aspects of your Pokemon experience is teamwork. Exploring the entire area to find the six creatures you’ll be bringing along as you journey towards Victory Road. That’s the reason it’s amazing to know that Pokemon Black and White 2 have the biggest regional Pokedex ever, boasting nearly 300 creatures to choose from across all five generations. Although variety is good (it’s the essence of life and all that) but it can be a bit overwhelming to narrow the selection down to six players. So, what’s an aspirant Pokemon Champion to do?

Fortunately, IGN has your back. Below is a list of pretty amazing pocket monsters you could meet on your travels through the brand-new Unova region. Your style and preferences are a key part of the selection of your team – in addition to whether or not you intend to compete. However, the information below will provide you with an excellent starting point for selecting the best group that will be able to compete in Black and White 2.

1- Chandelure

How to Get One: Develop a Litwick from the Celestial Tower or the Strange House.

The Reasons It’s Amazing: Chandelure is a robust Fire and a Ghost-type creature. It’s a good kind of mix-up that will make a difference when you need it. Additionally, it has an insanely strong Special Attack that will take out your adversaries.

2- Zoroark

How to Get One: Develop the Zorua you get as a present in Driftveil City. What makes it so awesome: Zoroark has an intriguing Special Ability called Illusion, which lets it instantly disguise itself as the Pokemon behind your group. If you use it correctly, it can result in some interesting battles with your pals. It’s a quick, Dark kind that is great to have around. In addition, you get an extremely special Zorua in the main game. And because of spoiler-type reasons, I highly recommend having it as a member of your squad.

3- Arcanine

Where to Find One: Find a Growlithe in the Virbank Complex. Develop it using the help of a Fire Stone. What makes it awesome: If you’re looking for an effective Fire-type to your team (say to counterbalance the Water-type starter), Arcanine is an excellent option. It’s unlikely that you’ll win any tournaments in the world using this puppy. However, it’s an excellent monster with a well-rounded set of stats and is a great partner for your Pokemon adventure. If you decide to pick Tepig as your starting point, think about a grass type such as Amoonguss to add to your team (or an aquatic type such as Golduck in the case of Snivy).

4- Hydriegon

The Best Way to Buy One: Evolve into a Deino or Zweilous from Victory Road. What makes it so awesome: If you do not swap one for another, you’ll be unable to acquire the Hydreigon until quite late in the game. But don’t rule this three-headed Dragon out yet. A brutal killer machine and a popular competitor, Hydriegon is just the monster you’ll need to destroy the opposition. Additionally, a Dragon is always an excellent option in the face of opponents like the Elite 4.

5- Krookodile

How to Find One: You can find the Krokorok at Relic Castle or a Sandile along Route 4. Evolve into a Krookodile. The reason it’s awesome: Krookodile is an excellent option for any team, as it is a Ground and Dark-type monster with a flair for killing revenge. Due to Moxie, the croc’s amazing Spell Ability, Krookodile gets Attack stat increases for each monster it eliminates. It’s a good idea to have this croc by your side.

6- Lucario

Where You Can Get One: Catch a Riolu at Floccesy Ranch. To transform into a Lucario, take it along to reach the highest level of friendliness and upgrade it throughout the daytime.

The Reasons It’s Amazing: Being a fighting/steel type that you can pick up quickly, Lucario can be a fantastic choice to play against various adversaries. Achieving the Riolu at Floccesy Ranch will not only be worth it in the long run, but it will also aid in taking off the gym’s first leader (sorry, Cheren! ).

7- Salamence

Where to Find The One: You can get a Bagon within the Hidden Grotto in Pinwheel Forest. Change the creature into Salamence. The reason it’s awesome: Once an animal, always a beast, Salamence is a mighty Pokemon that brings Dragon and Flyingkind of aggression to any battle and can be a formidable partner to the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion. Also, it has excellent offensive statistics, allowing you to inflict pain on your opponents.

8- Scrafty

The Location You Can Find A Scrafty: It is possible to catch Scrafty near Route 15. The Reasons It’s Amazing: It’s a Dark and fighting-type monster; Scrafty is another option with an excellent type set. Additionally, it has two really helpful abilities. Abilities like Moxie and Skin (which could allow it to fix its status issues).

9- Eevee

The Location You Can Find The One: Castelia City empty lot or as a potential creature within every Hidden Grotto. What makes it so awesome: Contrary to most basic Pokemon games, in the game in Black and White 2, you can actually catch one of the Eevee on the open field. It’s a must! Locate one of the Evee inside the Castelia City empty lot (or maybe in the Hidden Grotto, if you’re fortunate enough) and then transform it into one of the seven options that fit your team the best. Choose the one you love the most it’s always an alternative, as well. In all likelihood, it’s hard to beat the raising of the hood of an Eevee as you watch it grow and grow, so think about making space in your team to achieve that.


Oshawott is among the starting Pokemon that are available throughout the Unova region. It’s a Water-type. This makes it an excellent option. But there are other alternatives available. Here are some points to take into consideration before using Oshawott.

Oshawott is a good way to deter some of the strongest grass-type Pokemon. That is the case for Pansear as well as Snivy. The X-Scissor can be a great option against Pidove, and Fire Fang can handle some grass-type creatures.

Oshawott is a great option, particularly when employed in the right mix. In contrast to other Pokemon that can deal with Electric varieties. It can, for instance, OHKO Elesa and Lileep. Additionally, it has a great move pool. Utilizing Substitute and Torrent could boost Oshawott’s special attack speed.

At the beginning to mid-stages in the sport, Oshawott is struggling with certain gyms. If you want to take on them, you may have to use play to play around with their weaknesses.

Oshawott can OHKO certain fast Pokemon, like Totodile or Colress. It also can OHKO other Pokemon by using its Swords Dance set. Razor Shell is a powerful move. The Razor Shell move is incredibly effective.

Oshawott can use the Water Gun at level 7. Aqua Jet is useful against certain grass-type Pokemon during the Little Cup and Challenge Mode. In this game stage, it’s best to keep it from its Pinwheel Forest.

Regarding Special Attacks, Oshawott can OHKO Mienfoo or Taillow in the aftermath of The Swords Dance. The waterfall is a fantastic STAB move at this stage of the game, and Aqua Jet is also extremely efficient.

Compound eyes

For many years, I’ve enjoyed owning the largest and most popular Pokemon series in the history of games. It all started in my teens with the introduction of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Before the console held an absolute hold on my heart and mind, the best method of killing time was to purchase every Pokemon you could. This was also the perfect opportunity to build an unbeatable team. The most difficult part was deciding on which Pokemon to be paired with which Pokemon.

Despite my critics, I was able to make an impressive team that I had created of my own. It was comprised of an Aesthetic and an extremely rare Bug type and a variety of Psychic kinds, including but not only Charmander, Haunter, and Togepi. They are all capable of winning an impressive battle, but they also have the occasional admiration. My personal favorite with a huge distance is the obscure Charmander because it has an impressive arsenal of skills.

In contrast to previous generations, My current team isn’t plagued by the absence of a coherent plan. With the help of a bw2 tutor who was competent, I was able to create a complete list of Pokemon. Although I had my doubts at first, this process was enjoyable, and my team is among the best reliable and enjoyable teams I have seen to date.


The most effective Pokemon Black 2 team isn’t always the one you play every day. You can break from your routine and enjoy some of the latest additions. Here are some options to think about.

There aren’t any magic bullets; however, a handful of the latest Pokemon are able to do their work effectively. They include the brand new Corviknight. This is a combination of two types, Psychic and Steel, that makes it a fascinating adversary to any group. The high power, as well as Special Defense, make it an asset in any competitive environment.

Similar features are available for Miltank, which has several situational powers in addition. For instance, it comes with the Heal Bell that removes status effects and a Milk Drink that restores 50 percent of its HP. In addition, it has large amounts of HP; it also has the ability to create armor that protects its fellow teammates from injury.

Another notable tanky poke is Bastiodon. Although it’s not an impression of hp pools, however, it has an impressive move set and shield that is worthy of the top four. Contrary to the other pools and hp pools, this one can soak the damage with a degree of ease.

Another classic rivals are Skarmory, which is the most base defense of any Pokemon apart from the elite four. It also has a variety of effective attacks, including the striking appearance of Sheer Force. However, the basic form doesn’t do well with Fairy or Ground form or Ground types unless you have the Choice Band to use it.


If you’re looking for a Pokemon with the top STAB, Earthquake is definitely the option to choose. It’s also among the most robust attack types in the game, and it comes with a hidden trick: an innovative precondition.

In order to get the most value from this device, You must be aware of the way it functions. The most straightforward theory is that it is amplifying of a ground-type move. It results in an attack that is able to annihilate your opponents, provided you’ve got the proper configuration. Apart from its accuracy, it’s an excellent move for those with Flying and Ground Pokemon in their teams.

If you’re not a fan of the entire Ground and Flying game, you can always turn to the other two pillars that make up the game: Defence and Spells. Landorus is the most effective in the latter and also has a great STAB boost. Additionally, it comes with the most solid base attack of 125.

Anyone looking to get the most out of their gaming experience during this Gen VIII Pokemon game should think about a Water or Sand type to complement the team. These kinds are a perfect choice for weather battles. They offer a number of benefits of both kinds, including Sand Force, which is one of the top techniques for sand storms. They are also an excellent choice for a double fight if you don’t possess a powerful Psion.

Pidove line

Pidove is also known in the form of Pidove, also known as the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon, which is an ordinary/flying type Pokemon. It is a typical bird-like Pokemon. In reality, it’s a small grey Pokemon sporting two wings of black with a bulbous cere as well as a small tuft of feathers on the round head.

Pidove’s basic stats aren’t great, but it can be effective in combat. For instance, it’s resistant to ghost-type moves and rock-type moves, so it is less likely to get hit by these types of moves. Furthermore, its Quick Attack is only 4HKO.

The Special Attack of the Pidove isn’t as strong, either. But the fact that Pidove can make a number of crucial hits makes it an excellent option to partner with a bigger partner.

Pidove isn’t the smartest Pokemon. However, it will follow the instructions of its Trainer. If you’re looking to battle it, be ready to provide it with instructions. Don’t be scared to employ Tailwind. This will increase the efficiency of your other powerful Pokemon.

Pidove is located within Floccesy Ranch, Castalia City, Virbank Complex, Route 3, and Pinwheel Forest. It is also available as a tier 1 raid boss in Pokemon Gyms.

Like other Pokemon, Pidove spawns more in areas with lots of people. If you’re looking for an easy method to capture one, explore a plaza or park.

Although it isn’t like the other Pokemon, Pidove has the capability to follow its Trainer’s instructions, which makes it a sought-after choice among Trainers. However, its absence of a large move pool as well as poor base stats, could prevent the Pokemon from being a great success.


Starmie is a fast-moving and adaptable Pokemon that is versatile and fast-paced. It’s a great option for teams that want an efficient sweeper as well as dependable recovery. The only issue would be it’s as effective against electric-type players.

Starmie’s most popular set of moves includes the above-mentioned Psychic as well as Thunderbolt. Additionally, Starmie is able to learn beam attacks like Grass Knot, Dazzling Gleam, and Ice Beam.

The movie that is most worthy of to be mentioned is the famous Rapid Spin. It speeds up Starmie’s speed by a single stage and eliminates entry hazards.

Another option is the Natural Cure, which reduces the risk of suffering from status illnesses. This lets it endure longer in battle.

Also, there’s the Flip Turn, which is one of the best examples of a U-Turn. However, it’s not as strong as water-based moves.

As an Aqua-type, Starmie has some semblance of immunity to attacks from Dark types. But, it’s an excellent idea to be aware in case your health is poor.

If you’re thinking about creating Starmie, an integral part of your squad, you should consider the advantages of Rapid Spin and the Magical Meme. Both can be used for your benefit and help keep the opposition on their toes.

With Starmie’s ability to shift into a specific role, you’ll have the chance to play your cards correctly and win the game. Of course, it depends on the particular team you’re playing with. For instance, if trying to take on an army of Ultra Warriors, Starmie won’t be an extremely efficient defense.


What are some good Pokemon to include in a team for Pokemon Black 2?

Some popular choices for a strong Pokemon Black 2 team include the fire-type Darmanitan, the water-type Samurott, the electric-type Zebstrika, the grass-type Serperior, the dragon-type Haxorus, and the fighting-type Lucario.

How can I build a balanced team that covers different types and abilities in Pokemon Black 2?

To build a balanced team, it’s important to have a mix of different types, such as fire, water, grass, electric, and dragon. You should also consider the abilities of each Pokemon, including their stats, movesets, and potential for strategic synergy with other team members.

What movesets should I consider for each of my chosen Pokemon in Pokemon Black 2?

The best movesets will depend on your chosen Pokemon and your overall team strategy, but some common moves to consider include STAB moves (moves that match the Pokemon’s type), coverage moves (moves that cover the Pokemon’s weaknesses), status moves (moves that inflict status conditions like paralysis or poison), and setup moves (moves that increase the Pokemon’s stats).

Which Pokemon have good stats and abilities for competitive battling in Pokemon Black 2?

Some top-tier competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Black 2 include Excadrill, Thundurus, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Scizor, and Terrakion. However, the viability of each Pokemon will depend on the current metagame and your specific playstyle.

Are there any particular strategies or tactics that work well in Pokemon Black 2 battles?

Some popular strategies include setting up entry hazards like Stealth Rock or Spikes, using Pokemon with high speed or priority moves, employing status conditions like paralysis or sleep, and using switching tactics to gain the upper hand in battle.

How can I train my Pokemon effectively to increase their stats and improve their performance in battles in Pokemon Black 2?

There are several ways to train your Pokemon effectively, including battling against other trainers or wild Pokemon, using experience-boosting items like the Lucky Egg, and utilizing EV training to increase your Pokemon’s specific stats. You can also use vitamins like Protein or Iron to boost a specific stat temporarily.