Best Selling Soft Drinks In The World 2022

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Best selling soft drinks in the world 2022

Everyone loves soft drinks as these drinks bring joy and pleasure. Moreover, people worldwide love to share a soft drink with their loved ones. Therefore, many soft drink companies have come into existence. You may find it hard to choose which company’s soft drink is best or which soft drink you should be drinking? This article will provide you with the best-selling soft drink in the world in 2022. 

Most liked soft drinks in the world 2022

Three companies Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Keurig Dr Pepper, are the leading players in soft drinks. All are famous companies all over the world. These companies are doing very well in the market. However, we will discuss the ten most significant and best-selling soft drinks in the world in 2022.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola needs no introduction. This company is top-rated all over the world. From children to the elders, everyone knows Coca-Cola. Moreover, this is the most valuable drink all over the world. The company has a net worth of $34.17 billion which is not a small number.

Moreover, they used coca-cola for medical treatment earlier. However, Asa Candler took over the company’s control in 1888 and made it a tasty drink for the people. The sales of Coca-cola are increasing every year. Moreover, the company also offer “Sugar-free” product for people who avoid sugar or have diabetes. A bottle of Coca-Cola costs around 1.35 U.S dollars in North America. Coca-Cola sold 12.3 million cans in just 2022. It is why Coca-Cola is the number one brand all over the world.



It is again a very famous company across the globe after Coca-Cola. Many people like PEPSI after the COCA-COLA. Caleb Brad hem found PEPSI in1893. The company also offers “Sugar-free” drinks for a specific audience. The net worth of this company is $ 18.37 billion. The company faced bankruptcy in 1923, but later it recovered and never looked back. The sales of PEPSI are increasing rapidly, and it is giving a tough time to COCA-COLA. Many people believe that these two companies are rivals. Because the COCA-COLA once refused to buy PEPSI. 

PEPSI is delicious, and people of every age group like to drink PEPSI. The price of the PEPSI bottles is very reasonable. A 20 oz bottle costs around $ 1.99, and A diet PESPI (1.25oz) costs $ 1.19. The company has earned a record profit in 2022. The sales of the PEPSI are increasing day by day rapidly. The company sold 11 million cans in 2022.

Red Bull

Red Bull is very famous worldwide, especially among the young generation. People often drink Red Bull to look cool. Red Bull is a symbol of power and strength. The sales of this company have increased rapidly in the past few years. It is an energy drink. Many athletes and Sports companies promote this brand. That is the reason why Red bull is doing so well.

Moreover, it is the NO 1 brand in European countries, even if it is NO 1 outside the U.S. The company sold 9 million cans in 2022. Now you can imagine how popular this energy drink is. Red bull is an energy drink that athletes use during their workouts also. Red Bull owns two formula one team and various soccer clubs also. The current net worth of the company is $ 8.14 billion. In short, Red Bull is doing pretty well in the soft drink industry, and its sales are rising each year. The company also offers “Sugar-free” drinks for a specific audience. The soft drink is not suitable for children, however. The sugar-free cane costs $ 3.99, while a regular cane (20 oz) costs $ 4.79.


Nescafe comes at number 4 on my list because this is a trendy brand worldwide. Moreover, it is the best hot-drink brand all over the world. People know it for its fantastic range of coffee products. The net worth of the company is $ 6 billion. It provides a variety of coffee products all over the world. The company has sold 4 million coffee products worldwide in 2022.

Moreover, the company has launched a variety of coffee drinks in the past few years. In short, the company is doing great in the hot-drinks industry. I am sure whenever you think about a hot drink, the first thing that comes into your mind is “NESCAFE.” The company provides its services to almost the whole world, and people like it very much.

Monster Energy Like 

Red BULL is also an energy drink. Its sales are increasing every year because of its refreshing taste. Moreover, famous athletes are promoting this drink. Therefore, the sales of Monster energy are rapidly growing. The company has sold 7 million cans in 2022.

Furthermore, it is the second most popular energy drink after Red Bull. It covers 35% of the market. The net worth of this brand is $4.86. Moreover, the company offers a variety of good flavours. The price is also reasonable. The price varies according to the tastes. Meanwhile, pregnant women and children should avoid this drink.


It is also a sports drink. It has a net worth of $ 4.2 billion, and it exists in more than countries. Like Red Bull and Monster energy drinks, many athletes endorse this brand. The sales of this company are rising each year.


Sprite also needs no introduction. It is a significantly older and famous soft drink all over the world. However, COCA-COLA took over this company. You can buy sprite in different flavours. The company recorded sales of 8 million in 2022.


There are many soft drink companies all over the world. However, Coca COLA, PEPSI, RED BULL, and SPRITE are the best-selling in 2022. All these companies are making much profit, and people love to buy soft drinks from these companies. I also drink Coca-Cola because it is very refreshing and gives you pleasure. These companies are very much popular all over the world. I hope you find this article helpful regarding best-selling soft drinks 2022.