Breeding A Perfect IV Pokemon?

Breeding A Perfect IV Pokemon?

Breeding A Perfect IV Pokemon?

The tougher it’s far, the greater perfect IVs it’ll have. You can seize a Ditto from a more difficult raid to get a three or four-IV one. From there, you could simply breed whatever best IV Pokémon you want.

How Do You Breed In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Breeding Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can now be executed anywhere and anytime to the picnic gadget. So whenever you host a picnic with well-suited Pokémon, there’s a risk they’ll produce Eggs.

There are some simple rules to this:

  • Compatible manner a male and woman Pokémon in the same Egg Group.
  • If the Pokémon is one of a kind species, the hatched Pokémon from the Egg could be of the equal species because of the mother.
  • However, any Pokémon, no matter gender or species, can breed with a Ditto, so these are very beneficial Pokémon to have around.

To acquire Eggs at a picnic, look at the basket on the floor close to the picnic table.

The basket appears to build up Eggs as you spend time in picnic mode, even if you just stand nonetheless, so go away from the Switch by yourself and cross and do something else.

However, there are some methods to hurry matters up and grow how many Eggs you get. This entails buying substances from the diverse food stores around Paldea.

Which Sandwich Components Will Grow Egg Power Degree?

To supply greater Eggs for the duration of picnics, you’ll want to boom your Egg Power by using sandwiches. A raised Egg Power approach that Eggs will seem greater frequently in the basket near the table. From the basic menu, the Jam Sandwich will increase your Egg Power.

You can also make a sandwich with Egg Power in Creative Mode. Many components raise Egg Power, including Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Watercress, Basil, Kiwi, and Pineapple. In addition, you can use Jam, Whipped Cream, Olive Oil, Marmalade, and Vinegar for seasonings.

Using more than the sort of is normally essential to ensure the Egg Power increase in preference to other outcomes. Using numerous will get you loads of Eggs in no time, so inventory up!

Now we realize the basics – how do we impact key factors, including IVs, moves, abilities, and natures, as well as other elements, which include the Ball it seems in? Let’s undergo a lot of these separately.

How To Pass Down IVs Via Breeding In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

How To Pass Down IVs Via Breeding In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

Breeding is one of the key ways to ensure that your Pokémon has the absolutely great stats it can. This is especially crucial if you need them to preserve their own in competitions.

IV breeding also appears in paintings in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to the approaches it did in previous games. Hatched Pokémon appear to inherit three IVs decided on randomly from the 2 figure Pokémon and feature three IVs set completely randomly.

However, there are approaches to boom the number of IVs from the figure Pokémon.

The first of these is the use of the Power Items: Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lends, Power Band, and Power Anklet. These must bypass the IVs for HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Defense and Speed, respectively. This is ideal in case you want to pass down a selected stat from determine to the infant. The Power Items may be observed inside the Delibird Presents, beneath the General goods menu – costing 10,000 Pokédollars every. (If you need a little cash, our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet cash-making explainer can help.) If they don’t appear, strive to come lower back when you have greater Gym Badges.

The second technique for passing down IVs is the Destiny Knot. This may be obtained from the Delibird Presents in Mesagoza – this price is 20,000 Pokédollars – although you may want numerous Gym Badges first.

It appears that if a Pokémon holds the Destiny Knot, five IVs may be taken from the two mothers and father instead of three. Although this is random, it may be a better threat of the kid Pokémon getting proper stats if the parents are also sturdy.

How To Pass Down Egg Moves With The Aid Of Breeding In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet?

Egg Moves are actions that a Pokémon can simplest study via breeding – a form of. There’s a new twist in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that we’ll get to in a second!

Egg Moves may be surpassed while both parent Pokémon knows a specific circulate that the kid Pokémon wouldn’t generally recognize but can research this technique. Usually, a father Pokémon of a specific species might be used who knows the flow, with the mom Pokémon figuring out the species of the child Pokémon. In this way, uncommon movements can be surpassed.

Chains can also be developed with sure actions and Pokémon if you cautiously consult flow pools and Egg Groups. However, as I cited, there’s an extra twist introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. 

During a picnic, if one Pokémon holds the Mirror Herb and has an open slot in its flow listing, it may study certain Egg Moves from different Pokémon in the picnic. Confusingly, there’s no real Egg required! This makes acquiring Egg Moves lots less complicated. For example, I can get an Eevee the Curse to circulate simply by throwing a picnic with the Eevee and a Sandygast and getting ready in a few minutes.

The Mirror Herb can be bought from Delibird Presents for 30,000 Pokédollars from the Battle Items menu. If it doesn’t appear, try coming returned if you have more Gym Badges.

How Do We Pass Down Abilities With The Aid Of Breeding In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet?

It seems that passing down Abilities works in the same manner as in other current Pokémon games.

If a Pokémon may want to have more than one Ability, it’s far more likely to hatch with the identical one the mom Pokémon had. However, it may hatch with the alternative Ability, which is much less possible.

If the mother Pokémon has a Hidden Ability, it can also be surpassed by the hatched Pokémon. It also seems that father Pokémon can skip Hidden Abilities if bred with a Ditto.

How Do I Raise Perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Breeding is a nice approach for purchasing the best IV Pokemon for your group as it’s quicker than catching the identical Pokemon typically and gives you access to a Pokemon’s egg actions. Fortunately, Scarlet and Violet permit you to follow attempted and genuine breeding methods from earlier Pokemon entries to get your ideal IV Pokemon.

1- IV Judge

You ought to beat the game and then speak to Nurse Joy at one of the many Pokemon Centers in Paldea to free up this selection, but it tells you in case your Pokemon’s IVs are perfect. Open your container and hit the plus button to replace this Mode, and search for Best Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed rankings while you hatch Pokemon.

In the above screenshot, this Bombardier has ideal Special Attack, Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, so it’s not the best.

2- Ditto

Ditto can breed with any Pokemon allowed to breed, irrespective of gender. Raiding for a Ditto with four or greater pleasant IVs is a smart flow for breeding competitive teams. Wild Ditto, in all likelihood, did not have any ideal IVs, making the breeding process take much longer.

All you need to do is input and exit picnic mode in a few instances, rotate every Pokemon you want to breed with Ditto, and snatch the eggs from the basket on the floor via the desk. You can leave the sport to sit down for some time and snatch ten eggs right now; just remember that Meal Power boosts the handiest final half-hour.

3- Held Items

The Destiny Knot is crucial for effective breeding because it passes down excellent IVs from one-figure Pokemon, and it’s to be had at Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.

An egg Pokemon’s IVs are chosen randomly from the 12 IVs of the determined Pokemon, so this object improves your odds of finding the IVs you need.

four- Held Items

The Destiny Knot is critical for effective breeding as it passes down precise IVs from one determined Pokemon, and it’s to be had at Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.

An egg Pokemon’s IVs are selected randomly from the 12 IVs of the discern Pokemon, so this object improves your odds of finding the IVs you want. In addition, an Everstone passes the Nature of the Pokemon, retaining it to eggs, so when you have a parent Pokemon with the right nature but a few bad IVs, this item can prevent it from hatching a ton of eggs.

5- Hatching Eggs

The capability Flame Body cuts the number of steps to hatch eggs in half, and it’s smooth to seize a Fletchling and evolve it to take advantage of Flame Body. Other Pokemon with this Ability encompass Roly coly and Larvesta.

Since you must always have one Pokemon to your birthday celebration, that Pokemon should have Flame Body. It’s nice to hatch eggs in a metropolis wherein you received’t be interrupted by wild Pokemon while walking or driving in huge circles.

6- Sandwiches

Sandwiches are new to breeding, and they help you get more eggs at a picnic, so you may be extra efficient while hatching perfect IV Pokemon. The Great Peanut Butter Sandwich gives you level 2 Egg Power and the handiest calls for Butter, Peanut Butter, and Banana for substances – don’t fear if you don’t have the recipe unlocked because you could make this in Creative Mode. Those ingredients are easily attainable in Mesa Goza from Artisan Bakery and Sure Cans and are quite cheap.

There are some one-of-a-kind approaches that you can use to breed an ideal iv pokemon. One way is to simply Chain a group of Pokemon and then breed them collectively. This approach will grow your chances of having a super iv pokemon. In the Pokémon video games, an IV, or Individual Value, is a hidden price for every of a Pokémon’s stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed) that determines its ordinary capability as a battler.

An ideal IV Pokémon is a Pokémon that has an IV of 31 in all of its stats. This means that the Pokémon has the most capability for every one of its stats and might be more potent in conflict than a Pokémon with decreased IVs.

Perfect IV Pokémon are very rare and are quite a favorite by way of running shoes due to their potential as competitive battlers. To find the best IV Pokémon, you may need to catch and breed many Pokémon and then use an IV calculator to test their IVs.

IVs are determined while a Pokémon is generated, and they range from zero to 31 for each stat. Therefore, a Pokémon with a better IV in a specific stat can be stronger than a Pokémon with a decreased IV.

A best IV Pokémon is a Pokémon that has an IV of 31 in all of its stats. This means the Pokémon has the maximum capacity for each of its stats and will be more potent and extra powerful in battle than a Pokémon with lower IVs.

Perfect IV Pokémon are rare and extraordinarily well known through trainers because of their Ability as competitive battlers. To find a perfect IV Pokémon, you will need to trap and breed many Pokémon, after which you use an IV calculator to check their IVs. You can then pick out the Pokémon with the highest IVs and use them on your team.

Chaining Pokemon Increases Your Possibilities Of Finding A Perfect iv pokemon.

When chaining, you want to ensure to pick the right sort of patch. This will rely upon the type of Pokemon you’re chaining. The better the chain, the greater the chance you will get a shiny or uncommon Pokemon.

Chaining an excellent IV Pokemon is possible based on the number of encounters. For example, if you stumble upon a Male High IV Omanyte and a Female Marill, you may get a Male High IV Omanyte. From there, you could breed them until you have 5 to six perfect IVs. Therefore, having this type of Pokemon is important for competitive struggle.

Another element you should be aware of is the appearance fee of a given Pokemon. A high appearance rate method is that the Pokemon will appear more regularly within the identical patch than in different patches. Generally, a terrific appearance fee will increase your odds of having a swarm. However, this is not continually real. If the patch you are chaining has a terrible appearance fee, then the chance of you catching a swarm is low.

When chaining, you must also look at Poke Radar. You can try this by walking thru a flashing patch. This can help you see the ratio of a given patch’s types. Ideally, you should try and find a Poke Radar Exclusive. These are special patches that only appear in flashing patches. During the chain, you can stroll into those patches and stumble upon different forms of Pokemon.

While this is not the handiest way to seize an excellent IV Pokemon, it’s reliable. It may even permit you to breed high IV genderless Pokemon. In addition, Poke Radar will assist you in discovering a vivid Pokemon. As a facet note, Poke Radar is not accurate. Often, you may not be able to chain a perfect IV in case you are chaining a swarm.

One of the nice approaches to trap a great IV Pokemon is to apply Poke Radar. This is because Pokemon with the right IVs can be bred from dittos. Additionally, the Power Weight and Power Bracer skip down assault IVs. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to get the best IV from a Ditto, a four-IV Omanyte is higher than none.

Lastly, you need to additionally recall using Super Repels. This is a greater efficient shape of chaining than Max Repels. Since you may chain multiple shinies, some hundred Super Repels should suffice. They value $250 for fifty more steps, even though. Make sure to keep those in mind in case you plan on a chain for a long time.

Chaining is a complex mechanic. It will require several successes, and it can be a lengthy procedure. But, the advantages are properly worth it. You can battle in opposition to better-stage Pokemon and earn EVs along the way.

Breeding A Wide Variety Of Best iv Pokemon

Breeding a massive range of best IV Pokemon is complex and time-ingesting. However, it’s miles a profitable enterprise. It gives players a chance to have a Pokemon with great stats and, as a result, the capacity to keep its very own in opposition to different gamers.

The first step in breeding many perfect IVs is to pick out the right mother and father. You ought to ensure that the woman is a nature and flow-oriented Pokemon and the male has an identical nature and moves because of the bred Pokemon. For instance, if the bred Pokemon has Special Attack, you must look for an Ability with a Special Attack.

Once you have your parents, the next step is finding an object that increases your chances of getting perfect IVs. One very useful object is the Destiny Knot. By obtaining this item, you grow the odds that your infant Pokemon will receive five IVs from its discern.

Another beneficial item often utilized in IV breeding is the Power Weight. This object passes down attack IVs from its holder. In addition, the strength of a Flame Body can also assist in speeding up the hatching procedure.

The very last step in breeding a large number of perfect IVs is to fasten the IVs. Again, you may use Roto Hatch or disqualify a horrific pokemon to try this. Both of those techniques are faster and less complicated than the preceding two.

There are various strategies for obtaining the best IVs, and they vary in complexity. Some of these techniques involve the usage of a breed tree. Using overlapping egg organizations, a breeding tree enables jump-starting the IV breeding method. If you have already got a breed tree, you can, without difficulty, transfer to different species of Pokemon.

Another way to achieve the best IVs is to reproduce with other Pokemon. If you’re trying to produce Pokemon with particular IVs, you can want to pay attention to scuffling. A good starter IV is IV 31, and this can be considered because of the “subsequent first-rate” within the breeding system. Also, if you are trying to generate offspring with a non-hidden capacity, you could attempt breeding for unique IVs, such as Speed or Defense.

In Pokemon X & Y, the IV machine was also prolonged. Among different matters, it is now feasible to trap an egg pokemon and grow its IVs by hatching it.

You can also use a Destiny Knot to give your child’s Pokemon a further hazard to get the best IVs. However, you have to also take note that this technique requires the purchase of a 20,000 Pokedollar object. While this is a small charge, it will save you a lot of work.

PvP Overall Performance Of A Super iv Pokemon

Whether you’re a new Pokemon GO player or a veteran, it’s crucial to understand the fine details of IVs. They are a fundamental part of the game and will greatly impact your performance in PvP, both in the brief and long term. While no longer all Pokemon have an equal amount of IVs, a few can be well worth thinking about for combat electricity. For example, some Pokemon have three semi-hidden fixed values, while others can boast of various.

The fine way to decide which Pokemon is first-rate for you is to assess the varieties of CP, stats, and actions that every form of Pokemon offers. For instance, at the same time as Pokemon with the very best CP have a number of the highest base stats, it’s essential to consider that there is no guarantee that an excessive CP Pokemon may be great for you. A decreased CP Pokemon will nevertheless carry out as properly, if no longer higher, as a better CP counterpart. This is why it is a great idea to be aware of the maximum efficient ways to reinforce your Pokemon’s stats.

One of the satisfactory locations to appear is at your own Pokemon. You can start by the usage of the appraise function. This is a short and easy way to decide what form of IV your Pokemon has. Just tap on the Pokeball icon in the decreased proper hand nook of the display screen, and you will be supplied with the options. Choose the one most applicable to your situation, and you will be able to discover what it’s worth.

As you go approximately your Pokemon’s area studies, you may come upon a “best” IV. This can be tough to decide if you do not know what to search for, but you could effortlessly inform when you see one. To locate a perfect IV, you can hatch an egg, win a Raid Battle, or just pass for it and capture one yourself. There also are several apps and online sources that permit you to make the maximum of your hunt.

However, the most important thing to remember is that an excellent IV would not mean it will be nice for you. This is especially genuine about PvP. In different phrases, you don’t need to waste time and effort on a Pokemon with an IV that isn’t always in your league. On the pinnacle of this, you might need to avoid the extra aggressive kinds, including Bulbasaur.

Another beneficial manner to decide which Pokemon is fine for you includes searching at the circulated omens of each type. For instance, you must use a fast pass extra often and free up your Charge Move energy earlier than every war.

Catching Pokemon With Good Ivs

Catching Pokemon With Good Ivs

Unless you get lucky, most wild Pokémon you catch won’t have super IVs. While getting a Pokémon with maybe one or 31 IVs isn’t completely unheard of, you’ll want to seize excessive IV Pokémon thru Max Raids.

The raid Pokémon could have everywhere from one to four ideal IVs, depending on the difficulty of the Max Raid conflict. The more difficult it’s, the better IVs it will have.

Even better, you can clutch a Ditto from a more difficult raid to get a three or 4 IV one. From there, you can simply breed whatever perfect IV Pokémon you need.

Breeding Pokemon With Good Ivs

Once you take hold of your accurate IV Pokémon from a raid or get a Ditto with good IVs, you intend to make a Pokémon with at least five perfect IVs.

Give it a Destiny Knot to hold to get a discern Pokémon to skip down IVs. This passes down 5 in their IVs to their baby randomly. A determined hold on an electricity object used for EV schooling can have the parent bypassing the corresponding stat assured. The Power 

Weight will pass down the HP IVs of the holder, the Power Bracer will skip down the assault IVs, and so on. All of those gadgets can be bought from an NPC within the principal Hammerlocke Pokémon Center for 10 Battle Points each. Of course, if your Pokémon focuses on physical attacks, they gained’t want a perfect special assault IV and vice-versa. However, there’s nothing incorrect with getting the fully best Pokémon for the clout.

Hyper Training Using Bottle Caps 

Once your Pokémon is stage a hundred and you beat Leon in the Pokémon League, you’ll get the option to Hyper Train it on the Battle Tower. In alternate for one Bottle Cap, the instructor will max out certainly one of your Pokémon’s IV stats. For example, if you select HP; they’ll max out its HP IV to 31.

Note that Bottle Caps are extraordinarily tough to return via, and also you need to use them wisely, like on Shiny Pokémon.

Gold Bottle Caps, which max out all of the IVs for each stat for the Pokémon of desire, are even greater rare and best available via competing within the Battle Tower and digging them up the usage of the Digging Brothers.

Hyper Trained stats will now not bypass down via breeding, so creating a Ditto with Hyper Trained ideal IVs will no longer work.


What are IVs in Pokemon breeding?

Individual Values (IVs) are a set of hidden attributes that determine a Pokemon’s potential in each of its six stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each IV can range from 0 to 31, with higher values indicating a stronger potential for that particular stat.

How do I breed a Pokemon with perfect IVs?

To breed a Pokemon with perfect IVs, you need to have a male and female Pokemon of the same species with compatible Egg Groups. You will also need a Destiny Knot, which can be obtained from the Battle Maison in Pokemon X and Y or from a BP vendor in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Give the Destiny Knot to one of the Pokemon in the Daycare, then breed them until you hatch a Pokemon with the desired IVs. Each time two Pokemon breed, five of their combined 12 IVs will be passed down to the offspring. With the Destiny Knot equipped, five of the parents’ combined 12 IVs will be passed down instead.

How do I check a Pokemon’s IVs?

In the later Pokemon games, you can use the Judge function at the Battle Tower or Battle Maison to check a Pokemon’s IVs. The Judge will give you a brief summary of the Pokemon’s IVs, rating each stat from 0 to 31 and indicating any stats that are perfect (31).

Alternatively, you can use online IV calculators that require you to input your Pokemon’s stats, nature, and level to determine its IVs.

Can I change a Pokemon’s IVs?

IVs are set when a Pokemon is generated, either through breeding or catching in the wild. It is not possible to change a Pokemon’s IVs without cheating or hacking.

However, you can influence the IVs of a Pokemon you breed by using the Destiny Knot, as mentioned above.

How many perfect IVs do I need for a “perfect” Pokemon?

In general, a Pokemon with three or more perfect IVs is considered “perfect” for competitive play. This is because having three or more perfect IVs will ensure that the Pokemon’s most important stats are as strong as possible, while still allowing for variation in other stats to make the Pokemon more unpredictable in battle.

However, some players aim for “perfect” Pokemon with six perfect IVs, which is much rarer and requires more breeding.

Is breeding for perfect IVs worth it?

Breeding for perfect IVs can be time-consuming and require a lot of patience and resources, but it can be worth it for competitive players who want to have the strongest Pokemon possible in battles. However, for casual players, it may not be necessary to breed for perfect IVs, and having a well-rounded team with good movesets and strategies may be more important.