Can 12 Years Old Drink Monster?

Can 12 Years Old Drink Monster?

Can 12 Years Old Drink Monster?

You may have heard of Monster, but have you heard of the dangers of drinking it? The sugar in Monster is high (28 grams per 8.4-ounce can!), and it’s comparable to Red Bull in terms of calories. Drinking a Monster daily is like eating too much-added sugar, which is not suitable for your health! Children should never drink energy drinks and only plain water during exercise. Sports drinks are bad for children because they contain extra calories, which contribute to obesity and tooth decay.

Caffeine in energy drinks is a potent and potentially dangerous stimulant.

Though the sugar content and colorful packaging of energy drinks are irresistible to young consumers, the caffeine in these drinks is highly concentrated and is more than twice as powerful as coffee. While caffeine is a stimulant, it is best to limit energy drink consumption to one cup per day, around 80 milligrams for a 12-year-old.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, energy drink consumption is not recommended for children under 19. These beverages may cause health problems, including seizures, delirium, rapid heart rate, and stroke. Energy drinks are also known to increase the risk of sudden death, and a recent US government report found that their consumption was increasing slightly. While these effects are unlikely to occur in most children, monitoring them regularly is still vital.

Energy drinks contain many different ingredients, including caffeine and other natural plant extracts. High caffeine levels may cause an increase in heart rate and can lead to dependence, which can affect the child’s health. If a child has a pre-existing health condition or is taking medications, they may be more sensitive to caffeine. And the effects of the drink can even worsen if the child is allergic to caffeine.

While caffeine is not a particularly dangerous stimulant for adults, it is also highly toxic to children. Even if energy drinks are low-carb, they are high in sugar and caffeine. Moreover, children’s metabolism is still not thoroughly developed, and energy drinks can be harmful. This is why parents should make sure they supervise their children.

It causes heart palpitations.

The caffeine in energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster can cause electrical disturbances in the heart. It is known to cause heart palpitations and can disrupt sleep. According to Andrea Carr, a researcher at the University of Tasmania, energy drink users are more likely to experience tremors, extreme irritability, and ‘jolt and crash’ episodes. Although the exact cause of this problem is unknown, the energy drinks are likely causing the symptoms.

Atrial fibrillation is a common cause of heart palpitations. This arrhythmia can have serious consequences. The patient routinely drank two Monster energy drinks daily and two or three beers. The atrial fibrillation was diagnosed and treated within 48 hours, while the stomach and esophagus endoscopy revealed a tear in the stomach and esophagus. The patient was then released from the hospital in a stable condition.

It causes headaches

Despite the name, the drink is not a monster. It’s actually a natural ingredient in some energy drinks. Drinking energy drinks can lead to a headache. Caffeine is found in many energy drinks, including Monster, Red Bull, and Sprite. A child who consumes these drinks may experience a severe headache. A head CT or MRI scan can reveal the presence of RCVS. However, because of the young age of these patients, the symptoms of RCVS may not be noted until persistent headaches bring them back to the ER for further evaluation.