Extra Large Rustic Wall Décor

Extra Large Rustic Wall Decor

Extra Large Rustic Wall Décor

Are you looking for some ideas for extra large rustic wall décor? There are plenty of options available. These include Hand-painted signs, reclaimed architectural elements, and wooden ledge shelves.

Alternatively, you can make your decorations by using things you already have. You can choose rustic décor that is in a similar style and color scheme to your home. 

Reclaimed architectural elements

If you are looking for a unique, rustic wall décor idea, consider using reclaimed architectural elements. For example, shiplap is an excellent material that you can use as wall décor in your home. You can attach pieces of shiplap to the wall at random heights, and you can even use it as a shelf.

You can easily create the desired size of your shelf, and you can customize it to match your surroundings. You can even change the shape of the shelves according to the objects you want to display.

Combining small and large reclaimed architectural elements will create an attractive grouping. Incorporate antique items and floral elements into your design, or use reclaimed window frames as functional mirrors.

Using a single rustic element such as a beam shelf feels softer when combined with a floral wreath. For a coordinated look, group pieces side by side. Modeling them on a table or floor before hanging them on the wall will look more balanced.

Use architectural salvage to add character to your modern home. You can find reclaimed architectural elements at flea markets or specialty stores dedicated to salvaging architectural objects.

You can use them as eye-catching art pieces or distinctive wall décor to give your space a unique identity. Reclaimed architectural elements can also help you create a unique mantel that contrasts with the deep blue-gray walls in your room.

Wooden ledge shelves

Rustic wood ledge shelves can make an impressive addition to your home décor. These floating shelves can hold books or other items and look especially beautiful in your home office or cozy bedroom. They come with the necessary mounting hardware and brackets to hang them on the wall. Moreover, they’re an excellent choice for home offices or bathrooms. To find the best rustic wood ledge shelves, read reviews from online retailers.

A wooden ledge shelf is an excellent choice for large spaces. The sturdy wood can support nearly everything, including photos, ornaments, and books. A white ceramic vase contrasts nicely with the rustic look of the wood. Wooden ledge shelves also look great with hardwood floors. If you plan to use rustic wood for your wall decor, look no further than thick wooden shelves. They’ll make a stylish and durable alternative to cabinetry.

Another great option is a large floating wall shelf made of medium-density fiberboard. This shelf adds functional and decorative storage to your walls. The beaded detailing on the sides gives it a rustic look. These shelves are also ideal for storing lightweight items such as photos and faux floral arrangements. You can hang them on the wall without any additional hardware. These shelves are available in a wide variety of designs.

Hand-painted signs

Hand-painted signs make the perfect addition. The reclaimed wood from which these signs are made is often perfect for making rustic signs. You can even use an inexpensive text editor and a regular printer with black and white ink to make your own stencils. Once you’ve created your stencils, you can start painting your signs.

Using scrap wood, you can create a sign in any area of your home, from the bedroom to the living room. Distressed wood is great for decorating, and rustic signs will add a fun coastal look to your porch or patio. A market sign, for example, is made from scrap wood. This easy-to-make sign uses graphite transfer paper to create market-wording. They’re also perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

Another type of hand-painted sign is the mason jar sign. The phrase “I’m a mommy” is a favorite of moms everywhere. A mason jar sign is also a great DIY project. A monogram sign is a simple way to decorate any room, and it’s also a great way to add a personal touch. And, if you’re a Christian, you’ll want to consider this sign!


Sconces for extra large rustic wall décor can be installed in almost any room. If your home is rustic, you can even install them outside. However, you need to check the ratings before you install them outdoors. Rustic sconces come in many shapes, including round, rectangular, oval, square, and oval. They may also come in many designs, such as cage-like frames and wheel-like appearances.

Extra Large Rustic Wall Decor

To create a rustic wall sconce with a modern look, you can select a piece with a contemporary look. One of the most popular styles is the hurricane-shaped wall sconce, which features a forged metal base. In addition, this wall sconce is equipped with a chunky beige candle. This type of sconce will give your room a warm, inviting glow. This rustic wall sconce is also a great choice for outdoor use, especially for homes with large windows.

A sconce that hangs on a wall is ideal for a living room, bedroom, or office. A rustic wall sconce with a candle holder is a fantastic choice if you want to give the room a cozy, warm feel. Rustic candle sconces are made of wood or steel and come with an anchor design. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, including metal and glass.


Rustic wall décor can be created to fit any space, from large rooms to small ones. Rustic wall art is great for creating focal points. In this example, the distressed wood picks up the darker colors of the room, while the upward peaks of the chevron pattern draw the eye upwards and call attention to the groupings of stars on top of a whitewashed cabinet.

A rustic style can be created by combining different types of art. A rustic wall decor idea combines fabric, paint, and multiple wood tones. Paintings with a love sentiment are great for this style. Oil paintings tend to look antique. You can also choose abstract art as long as the color matches the design of your room. If you are not sure what type of art to choose, check out the various options.

Rustic wall décor can be created from scrap items. Using scrap wood for a rustic wall décor project is a great to add color. Carving wood is also a great way to customize the piece. You can choose pieces with bright colors if you have a coastal décor theme. You can also choose one that is painted to match the wood. Either way, you can find the perfect rustic wall décor for your home.

Chalkboard signs

Decorative chalkboard signs are a great way to personalize your home. Choose from various sizes and designs to make your room truly unique. Choose from initial family signs, birthday and wedding signs, or even a personalized wedding date. The options are endless. All of the signs are handcrafted and unique, from the knots in the wood to how the stain absorbs into the boards.

If you want to get creative and create a custom piece, you can also use a reclaimed wood board and paint it yourself. Adding cotton gives it extra Southern charm. Depending on your décor style, you can choose from various fonts. Chalkboard signs come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from large to small. These signs are an excellent way to personalize your space without breaking the bank.