Good Movies For 12-Year-Olds On Netflix With Friends And Family

Good Movies For 12-Year-Olds On Netflix With Friends And Family

Good Movies For 12-Year-Olds On Netflix With Friends And Family

Everybody loves to watch movies. However, not every movie is for every age group. Netflix has a lot of films for every audience. Also, Netflix has many movies for children to watch with their friends and family. Watching a movie with your family and friends is great. This article will tell you about good movies for 12-year-olds on Netflix that you can watch with your friends and family.

11+ best Movies on Netflix to watch with friends and family

If you are under 13 and looking for the best movies on Netflix, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Netflix has hundreds of good movies for 12-year-old children. Moreover, all the movies have friendly content, and some have suitable lessons for you. Also, you can watch such movies with your buddies and family. I bet you haven’t watched any of these movies yet on my list.

Despicable Me 

Despicable Me 

Number 1 on my list is “Despicable Me.” It is a fantastic movie to watch. Children up to 12 years old can watch this movie and their friends. Moreover, the directors of this movie are “Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud.” “Cinco Paul, Sergio Pablos, and Ken Daurio” are the writers of this film. This movie is a treat to watch with your friends and family. It is an animated movie with a taste of comedy in it.

This movie stars “Steve Carell” as GRU, a villain who wants to be the evilest person. He wants to win any cost. However, things change when he appoints three young orphan girls to support him in his plan, and he then discovers that there is another side he never knew before. In addition, the story revolves around love, fatherhood, and redemption. If you haven’t watched “Despicable Me” yet, watch it and suggest it to your friends.


Night books is a great season to watch with your friends and family. Alex( Winslow Fagley) is a horror story writer. Still, he swears not to write any horror stories again because people bully him because of this habit. However, a witch (Krysten Ritter) makes him write and tell horror stories after trapping him. This season is a must-watch. You must share it with your buddies and family also.


It is a lovely movie for your friends and family. Moreover, this movie showed up in 2014 and earned massive respect from the audience. The film focuses on the charming children’s book character “Paddington Bear.” The movie is so interesting that it has received 2 BAFTA nominations. The kids, adults, and even the older people love this movie. Paul King is the director of this movie. Paul has written this movie brilliantly, and the whole cast has acted accordingly.

In addition, the story rotates around the titular talking bear, which travels from “Darkest Peru” to London, searching for a family to take care of him. Paddington continues despite obstacles in his path. The main hurdle he faces is an evil taxidermist who wants to kill him. People of all age groups can go and watch this movie.


It is a great movie based on imagination. 16-year-old Sarah Williams is bored watching her little brother. But then the Goblin king takes away his brother, and Sarah enters into a fantastic vibrant maze of monsters and chaos to find her little brother. Moreover, this is a fantastic movie that is a must-watch. Also, people of every age can watch this movie. You will start believing in the magic after watching this movie.

The Christmas Chronicles

This movie is terrific in which Kurt Russell and Goldie play the tremendous role of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The film has two sequels. This movie is a complete package to watch with your friends and family. If you haven’t watched either part of this movie, start with 1st part and then watch the 2nd part to understand the complete story. Moreover, the movie’s directors are “Chris Columbus & Clay Kaytis,” and the writers are “Chris Columbus & Matt Lieberman.” The cast has done justice with their roles. You must watch this movie and recommend this to your friends and family.


JUMANJI is everyone’s favorite of all time. The director of the movie is “Joe Johnson.” The film rotates around a board game that brings all its wildlife into the real world and also releases Alan Parrish, who was trapped inside the game 26 years ago. The movie is a complete package, including a bit of comedy and thrilling actions. You must rush to watch this fantastic movie if you haven’t watched it yet.

Moreover, the sound effects and graphics of this movie are appealing. The film has two sequels JUMANJI: Welcome to the jungle and JUMANJI: The Next level. People of every age group can watch this movie with their family and friends.

Enola Holmes

It is also a fantastic movie which you can watch with your family and friends. This movie is a treat to watch. I will keep the story of this movie a secret because you must watch this beautiful movie with your friends and family.

We can be heroes

This movie is a pack of fun and adventure for you and your family. Moreover, the director and writer of this film are “Robert Rodriguez.” He always brings incredible movies for his audience, and “We can be heroes” is one of them. The story of the film revolves around superheroes. After the aliens capture the superhero’s earth’s legion, their children step forward to save the day, each having unique powers. It would be best to watch this masterpiece with your family and friends. Believe me, and you will not regret it.


There are many good movies for 12-year-olds on Netflix with friends and family. Movies like Despicable me, Labyrinth, Night books, Paddington, The Christmas Chronicles, Jumanji, and White Christmas are all the best and are worth watching. Moreover, all the movies have good stories and lessons, and you can watch all of them with your friends and family. However, some are animated movies, too. It all depends upon you. Choose the film according to your taste and enjoy watching it with your friends and family.