How Many Spears to Break a TC?

How Many Spears to Break a TC?

How Many Spears to Break a TC?

The game Age of Empires II requires 21 spears to take down the fully updated Teutonic Knight, which has the most powerful melee armor in the game. But if, by “TC,” you mean the town, then spears aren’t the best weapon to take on since the town has many hit points as well as Pierce Armor. Instead, it is suggested to employ siege weapons such as battering rams, trebuchets, or mangonels to strike the town center.

Breaking a TC

Breaking a town center (TC) in Age of Empires is integral to the game’s action plan. The TC is at the center of a player’s town, and the loss of it could affect their economy and production for military purposes.

The ability to break a TC is crucial to defeating the opponent. A TC generates villagers, the foundation of a game’s economy. Without a functional TC, opponents cannot generate many more villagers, making it difficult to acquire resources and build structures. A TC breach can allow the attacker to control territory and resources previously controlled by their adversaries, which can be a major advantage.

How to Break a TC

The process of breaking a TC requires an organized attack. The most commonly used method is to employ melee units, for example, infantry or spearmen, to take on the TC. They can cause a lot of destruction to the structure, particularly when they are deployed in massive amounts. It is essential to employ micro-techniques like pulling damaged units back and bringing in new units to ensure the attack is effective.

Siege units and archers are also efficient in breaking TC because they can be attacked from a distance and avoid the defenses of the TC. But they’re generally more vulnerable than melee units and are quickly destroyed by enemies.

Strategies for Breaking a TC

The most basic method of breaking through a TC is to gather many melee units and then attack your TC directly. It can be successful; however, it’s not the easiest method for the defending player to defend. An alternative, more efficient strategy is to mix melee units with siege units and archers to form a multi-pronged assault.

Another strategy that works is to employ hit-and-run tactics using cavalry units. These units can quickly strike a TC but then withdraw before opposing units can retaliate. This is a great method of reducing the hit points of the TC while making sure that there are no massive losses.

Calculating the Number of Spears Needed

One of the key elements in breaking the Town Center (TC) in Age of Empires is determining the number of spears required to carry out the attack. The number of spears needed may vary depending on many factors, such as the type of TC and the other players involved in the battle.

Factors That Affect the Number of Spears Required

There are a variety of factors that influence the number of spears needed to break the transaction. The first is what kind of TC could have a major impact. TCs with a regular design have lower hit points than fortified TCs, requiring greater spears to cut. The level of play will also impact the number of spears required. In the beginning, a smaller amount of spears might be sufficient; however, more spears could be needed in the later match due to more powerful weapons.

Other units involved in the fight could impact the number of spears required. For instance, if archers or other siege units are in the area, fewer spears will be needed to penetrate the TC. In addition, the player’s microskills can have a major impact. If the player can manage their units efficiently, they can gain more hits on the TC, reducing the number of spears required.

The Formula for Calculating the Number of Spears Needed

To figure out the number of spears required to break a TC, players can utilize an equation like this:

(number of TCP hit points) (number of TC hit points) (Damage per second spear) = number of spears required

The total number of TC hit points is found within the in-game unit data or on the internet. The damage per spear per second is also available in the unit’s in-game information or on the internet.

For instance, if a normal computer has an accumulator of 2,000 points and a spear causes eight damage per second, the formula would be:

2000 8 equals 250 spears required.

Examples of How to Calculate the Number of Spears Needed

Finding the right amount of spears needed to be used isn’t easy or time-consuming, but here are a few examples demonstrating the formula. If a person has 20 spearmen fighting an ordinary TC that has 22,000 hit points, and each spear deals the equivalent of 8 damage per second, the formula is:

  • 20 x 8 = 160 damage per second
  • 2000/160 is 12.5 seconds to break the TC.

So, the player will need around 20 spears and 12.5 (250 spears) to break the target.

Another example is if an individual is armed with ten spearmen as well as ten archers, attacking the TC in a normal manner with 2000 hit points, and each spear deals 8.8 damage in a second and each archer takes 6-per-second damage, the formula is:

  • 10 8 = 80 damages per second for spears
  • 10 6 = 60 damages per second caused by archers
  • Per second, the total damage equals 80 + 60 = 140.
  • 2000 140 / 2000 equals 14.3 seconds to demolish the TC.

So, the player will require approximately (10 8 + 10 6) (14.3) 14.3 equals 1720 damages per second. The number of spears required will depend on the number of the twenty units comprised of spearmen.

The Importance of Micro

Micro, which means “micromanagement,” is a vital element in the Age of Empires gameplay. It refers to a player’s ability to manage their unit’s movements and actions during combat, which allows players to make precise choices and gain a competitive advantage. 

What is Micro?

Micro involves controlling the individual units and fighting to increase their effectiveness. This could include guiding units away from danger, attacking specific units of the enemy, and utilizing their unique abilities to gain an advantage. A well-designed micro strategy could make a huge impact in battle and allow players to take on the strongest opponents or deter attacks from enemies.

When breaking the TCT, micro is crucial. The players must use micro to make sure that spearmen remain aimed at the TC and are not distracted by defense units. Micro also allows players to avoid unnecessary damage while ensuring that spearmen always fight the TC.

How Micro Impacts Break A TC?

Effective microscopy can make a huge difference in breaking down a TCT. Micro is a method by which players can ensure their units have the right mindset to be in the right place at the TC and not be distracted by defensive units. This allows players to sever the TC using fewer units, reducing the number of casualties and ensuring the attack’s success.

Micro can also assist players in avoiding taking unnecessary damage due to TC’s defense. By moving units into and out of the TC, players can make sure that their units aren’t suffering significant damage while doing damage to the TC. Micro also allows players to move injured units away and bring in fresh units, ensuring the attack remains constant and efficient.

How to Improve Microskills

The process of improving microskills requires time and effort. However, there are some important strategies that players can apply. First, players can try managing their units efficiently in battle, either by playing against an AI player or playing multiplayer games. Players will get more comfortable playing micro through practice and testing various strategies, and they will discover which strategies work best in various scenarios.

Another option is to look at replays of players from professional teams and learn their micro-techniques. Professional athletes have many years of experience and offer valuable information on managing units effectively in combat. Furthermore, players can review their replays and then analyze their mistakes to find improvement areas.

Players can also play around with various combinations of units and strategies to determine what is most effective for their particular situation. Every player plays with their own style, and what works for one player might not be the best for another. Players can create strategies and be more efficient in combat by trying new techniques.

Advanced Techniques

To break the rules of a town center (TC) in the Age of Empires requires coordination and microskills. However, players could employ many advanced techniques to gain an advantage and boost their chances of success. 

Simultaneous Attacks

A highly efficient and sophisticated method to break a terrorist cell involves launching simultaneous assaults against various parts of the opposing town. By attacking multiple locations simultaneously, players can make their opponent split their energy and attention, making it harder to defend themselves against the attack against the TC.

The simultaneous attacks can create confusion and disorientation, making it difficult for the defending player to develop a counterattack. Furthermore, when attacking multiple areas, players can take control of more territory and resources, giving them a better advantage.

Use of Siege Units

Siege units, including battering rams or trebuchets, can be extremely effective when breaking down the TC. Siege units can be attacked from a distance, which allows players to stay clear of the fire of the TC’s defense. In addition, siege units could cause massive damage to buildings, allowing players to take down a TC using fewer units, thereby reducing the chance of losing a person.

For effective use of siege units, players must protect them from attacking units and micromanage them to ensure they focus on their targets and not stray off. In addition, players must be aware of their opponent’s units and ensure they’re not at risk of being attacked by counter-attack attacks.

Baiting and Switching

Baiting and switching is a method that involves luring the defending unit away from the TC to attack the TC while the defending units are in a different position. This strategy can be very effective when defending units are placed together and it is difficult to attack directly.

To bait and switch units, they could use a small number of units to strike the units that are defending and then swiftly retreat when attacking units begin to chase them. The attacking unit can use a larger number of units to take on the TC, as the defending units are in a different position.

Baiting and switching require a lot of planning and timing. However, it is extremely efficient when it is executed properly. It can also confuse and alter the defensive player’s plan, allowing the attacker to gain an advantage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are several common errors players make when trying to break the TC. These mistakes can fail in their attempts or cause massive losses.


A frequently made error in breaking a TC is overcommitting. Overcommitting means sending many troops to strike the TC, leaving the attacker vulnerable to counter-attacks and rendering it difficult to retreat if the attack fails.

Overcommitting can result in substantial losses since the defense player could use their units to eliminate the attacker’s force. It is vital to choose the appropriate number of units to take out the TC in accordance with the points discussed in earlier sections to avoid overcommitting and ensure the attack is successful.

Failing to Protect Units

Failure to safeguard units is another common error when breaking a device. The attacking player must guard their units against TC’s defensive fire and defend their units. Without security, units may suffer significant damage or even be eliminated, decreasing their chances of winning.

Players may employ micro-techniques to maneuver units in and out of the range from the defensive firing of TC to safeguard their units. Furthermore, players can utilize other units to limit their attackers, deflecting the TC’s defensive fire and protecting their less vulnerable units.

Neglecting to Scout

Scouting is an additional element of breaking the rules of a TC that is often ignored. Without scouting, players could not be aware of the strength or position of their opponents’ structures and units, making it difficult to prepare and carry out an effective attack.

Scouting is sending out teams to look around the area of your opponent to identify key structures and units and get to know the strategy of their adversaries. Through scouting, players can create and execute successful attack strategies, avoid losing money, and gain a tactical advantage.

Do You Think It is Possible to Break the TC Using Spears?

Yes, a Town Center (TC) in the Age of Empires can be destroyed by spears. The number of spears needed to break it will be contingent on various factors, including the nature of Town Center, the age of the game, and the other elements involved in the assault. The formula described in earlier sections determines the number of spears needed in light of these variables.

It is generally recommended to use just spears to break a TC, which could be risky as the player who is defending can employ their units to counter-attack and eliminate the force of an attack. It is more common to employ a mix of archers, melee units, and siege units, as described in the previous sections, to ensure the success of an attack.

Furthermore, utilizing microskills to direct the attacking units could make a huge difference in breaking a TC using spears. They must guard their units against the defense fires of the TC and defend their units while making sure that their units never stop engaging in a battle against the TC.

A Cheap Method of Destroying Tc

The process of destroying a town center (TC) within Age of Empires can be difficult, but there are a few cheap methods players can employ to demolish TCs. Here are a few ways to do it:


Attacking the opponent is one of the most affordable and efficient methods to eliminate a TC. Rushing is rapidly constructing an offensive force and then attacking the opponent’s TC before they can build an effective defense.

To be successful in their rush to the front, players should concentrate on building up their army and resources quickly, using strategies such as taking sheep from their opponents or constructing barracks close to the base of their adversaries. When the attack forces are ready, they can attack the TC with a mix of archers, melee units, and siege units to take it down quickly.

Baiting and Switching

In the Advanced Techniques section, baiting and switching are different methods to take down the TCT. This method involves luring the defensive units away from the TC before attacking the TC when the opposing units are in a different position.

For bait-and-switch, the players may create a small number of units to take on the opposing units, then rapidly retreat when the defending units begin to chase them. The attacker can use a larger number of units to take on the TC when the opposing units are not in position, which reduces the number of units needed to take down the TC.


Trebuchets are a low-cost and powerful siege tool that could take down the TC from a distance. They can be constructed quickly and do huge damage to buildings, permitting players to smash a TC using fewer units and thus reducing the chance of suffering casualties.

For trebuchets to be used effectively, they must be protected from enemies and micromanaged to ensure they are targeting their targets  and not straying off. In addition, players must be aware of their opponents and ensure that their trebuchets do not become susceptible to attack counters.


What is a TC in Rust?

Answer: TC stands for Tool Cupboard, which is a crucial structure in Rust that allows players to claim ownership of their base, preventing others from building or accessing it.

How many spears does it take to break a TC?

Answer: It takes 21 wooden spears to break a TC in Rust.

Are there other weapons or tools that can break a TC?

Answer: Yes, there are other weapons and tools that can break a TC, such as satchel charges, bean can grenades, and pickaxes. However, wooden spears are the most cost-effective option.

Can a TC be destroyed with a single hit?

Answer: No, a TC cannot be destroyed with a single hit from any weapon or tool.

How can I protect my TC from being destroyed?

Answer: To protect your TC, it is recommended to place it in a secure location within your base and surround it with multiple layers of walls or other structures.

Can I still access my base if my TC is destroyed?

Answer: If your TC is destroyed, you will lose ownership of your base and others can access it. However, you can still enter the base if you have built doors with codes or keys.