How Much Does A House Weight Per Square Feet?

How Much Does A House Weight Per Square Feet?

How Much Do A House Weight Per Square Foot?

House weight per square foot doesn’t seem an easy term, but this concept is very wrong. Yes, it is true you can’t lift your home to scale it. It is an essay with a house weight calculator, and anyone can do it. Before the measurement, construction experts developed a rare six-step formula of two-level. Now, instead of lifting the house, It has become very simple and understandable. If you have a one-story building with three bedrooms, the house weight is 200 pounds for one square foot. As well as 275 for two-story buildings and 350 for the three-story house is an accurate measurement. However, that is a professional way to get weight.

How Does A House Weight Calculator Works?

Particularly, The American society of civil engineering has designed a proper formula for weight calculating. It is a six-step, and two levelled formula where you can make an accurate house weight. This formula was initially developed for less-income people who lived in tiny houses with a simpler life. And the wait for a small house is 8,000 to 12,000 pounds which is almost (3,628 to 5,443 kg). 

Let me tell you how you can calculate the weight of your house so easily and fast. You need to stay focused and deep viewer. Before figuring out, you have to know about the square footage of your home or which home you want to borrow or purchase. If you do not know the true measurement, you can copy it from your home’s blueprints, insurance documents, and public records. Then start calculating on square feet.

First Step: Draw Your Home Plan

Take an average size page and draw a sample map on it. Same as done on the blueprint retyped on it. Sketch all the rooms and then the closet, pantries, and other nooks. Measure all things with measurement tape and note all points on paper.

Step Two: Measurement Of Your Room

In the next step, you would have to measure the rooms. Calculate all the rooms one by one, the length and the width of all walls and floors. You have to measure the closet and pantries in each room separately. Add the closet value with room value and write it on the pages. Please keep it safe because you need it at the next level.

Building Weight Calculator

How Does A Building Weight Calculator Work?

Step One: Select Building Purpose

In house weight calculation, level two stands for the determination of the purpose. First, the limit of the Dead load of the building is part of the calculation. Dead load means the instance that can’t remove after or during the shifting of the house. Such as plumbing and other construction material has value. Another term that uses in construction is live loads. That thing is not added to structures. It is people and removable instances. The third thing that can’t add to the weigh house calculation is the offside location like the Garage and gust house.

Step Two: Add The Entire Measurement

The measurement of the room isn’t enough to determine the weight. So you need to add the more deep measurement of additional designs and features. It can be easily seen in blueprints or public documents. 

Step Three: Don’t Forget To Write The Construction

Suppose you’re missing the building construction material like Foundation, Beams, Exterior Siding, Interior Walls, Flooring, and Ceiling. If you have any weighed household components, you have to add them. Then multiply all values, and you would be entering the accurate calculation.

Measurement Plan Of Various Buildings

After the calculation, we have got many interesting weights figure for the houses. I’m sharing it below. We have a generic number of 2,000 square feet. That calculation is just according to the calculation meter that is mentioned above. 

Measurement Of Tiny House 

The tiny house is the very small and simplest house where their habitant spends a very simple life. Almost it covered 500 square feet, and its weight is approximately 8,000 to 12,000 pounds (3,628 to 5,443 kg).

Measurement Of Wooden House

Technically, Wood considers a low weight cover the less space than metal. Usually, it is used for mobile homes or tiny homes. Its average weight is 59 pounds per square foot. The regular size of a typical 16×80 wooden mobile home is around 64,000 pounds.

Measurement Of One Story House 

The 2,000 square feet measurement with the one-story building is 161, 0809 (lbs). And then, as its Deadline increased, the weight would rise as well. Remember, our one-story building consists of three bedrooms and a lounge.

Measurement Of Two-Story House 

The two-story house of 2,000 square feet weighs 262,640 (lbs). However, each story has an additional weight of 100,000lbs.

Measurement Of Three-Story House

So, if you have an added weight of 100,000lbs, the three-story house weight is 364,200.

Measurement Of Skyscrapers

The USA is usually called the land of skyscrapers. These skyscrapers have two types: commercial Skyscrapers while the second is residential buildings. Comparatively, both have different weight categories. The commercial has weightier with heavy components. At the same time, the residential skyscraper is less serious because of less heavy elements. According to the record, the average weight of a Skyscraper is 222,500 tons.


Understanding the concept of “How much does a house weigh per square foot is helpful in full practice. You can learn its calculation and drive the best weight of your building. It is useful in constructing, renting, and selling a house. Furthermore, if the buyer buys the house and sifts here, it would help also.