How Tall Is Funtime Freddy?

How Tall Is Funtime Freddy?

How Tall Is Funtime Freddy?

Funtime Freddy’s plans indicate that he is 6 feet tall and weighs 350 pounds.

Grim(m) Foxy

Whether you are looking for an animated figure for your Five Nights at Freddy’s collection or just curious about the design of Funtime Foxy, here are the top facts you need to know about the fox-shaped animatronic.

Funtime Foxy is the smallest full-sized animatronic in the game. It’s a fox-shaped figure with a bushy tail, pink cheeks, and a snout with a pink tip. It has a light activation sensor that activates lights to help you locate victims in dark areas. It also has a large speaker on its chest.

Funtime Foxy’s most notable feature is its Parental Voice Sync function. It can mimic any sound, scent, or song your child’s parents speak.

The other notable feature of Funtime Foxy is its Flash Beacon. Its eyes resemble those of Foxy, producing a dazzling flash of light whenever it’s onstage. Its head appears to be missing its tail, although this could be a coincidence. The Funtime Foxy also has a remote floor anchor.

Funtime Foxy, the shortest animatronic in the game, stands just over 5 feet tall. It has five fingers, a large speaker on its chest, and a light activation sensor.

Despite being a tiny figure, it’s an effective Jack-O-Foxy. It’s also the only animatronic in the game to do something related to number one.

Glamrock Freddy

FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) is a video game series. Scott Cawthon created it. It is an American media franchise that focuses on a group of animated characters based on a real-life person. Glamrock Freddy is the main antagonist in the first three installments and the protagonist in the fourth.

This animated character is modeled after the original Freddy Fazbear. He is one of the tallest characters in the game. His overall height is around 6’5″ or 5’10” if you consider the hat. He wears a black bow tie and a top hat with a blue stripe. His left ear is adorned with a red earring. He also has a light-blue lightning bolt on his chest.

The packaging of Glamrock Freddy shows him in the lobby of Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. He is wearing a black bow tie, a blue top hat, and black studded bracelets on both arms. He is also holding a rectangular microphone stand.

He is dressed in a purple pygmy hippopotamus outfit and has a mix of a New York and Boston accent. He is also armed with a lighter. His fingers are green with black claws.

Bonnie The Bunny

Bonnie is the most active among the numerous animatronics of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. She is usually the first one to leave the stage. However, this can be a disadvantage for her if she’s repelled. It also means that she may fall back into old habits.

Bonnie’s body is mostly identical to that of Funtime Freddy, though she does have a pink hand puppet called Bonnet. Her muzzle, belly, and insides of her ears are lavender. Her eyes are magenta. She has long articulated ears and a red neck strap.

She is also equipped with a hard casing and multi-joint fingers. In addition, she has a small round speaker in her chest. In some artworks, Bonnie appears as a dark blue rabbit, while in others, she is a purple blotch.

The only other animatronic from previous games is Baby. She’s the sole female to appear in the game but has a different objective in the two games. She wishes to kill Michael to make her father proud.

Withered Bonnie is the most tattered of the series’ animatronics. Her suit has become tattered on the legs and feet. It’s also missing her left arm. The right ear is folded like a stereotypical rabbit, and her teeth are longer than before.

BidyBabsHow Tall Is Funtime Freddy?

Whether playing Five Nights at Freddy’s on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC, you’re likely wondering how tall Funtime Freddy is. This animatronic is a bipedal white bear with blue eyes and a small black top hat. He is a mix of the Withered and Classic Freddy’s designs.

He is a highly strung and violent animatronic; in addition to his haywire timer, Funtime Freddy’s voicebox glitches when he speaks. It also glitches when he’s out of order, meaning he can’t be used. He’s the first Funtime animatronics to receive a hand puppet called Bon-Bon.

He’s also the only Sister Location animatronics with inner face plates. These are dark metal plates that rest under the outside face plates. They’re visible in the extra menu and jumpscare.

Funtime Freddy has a microphone on his left hand and a small round speaker in his chest. His voice box glitches when he speaks, but his hand doesn’t cover the entire menu.

He’s the tallest Funtime animatronics, standing over six feet tall. Besides his mascot, he’s one of the largest Funtime Animatronics, measuring over 350 pounds. Unfortunately, he’s also one of the shortest. His torso is 5.9 feet long.

Funtime Foxy stands 5.9 feet tall and is the shortest of the Sister Location animatronics. He has a separate power source, allowing him to jumpscare separately from larger partners.


During a GTLive live stream, Kellen Goff shared a few Funtime Freddy lines. They are a few snippets of what will come in Five Nights at Freddy’s 6. The first line in the conversation is, “Get ready for a surprise!” The last line is “Funtime Freddy…it’s a surprise.”

There are three other Funtime Animatronics – Bonnie the Bunny, Bon-Bon, and Ballora. They all have different designs and roles. Blueprints measure them.

The shortest is Funtime Foxy, which stands at 5.9 feet. It is the shortest of the Sister Location animatronics. It has a separate power source. It weighs 290 pounds.

The biggest of the three is Baby, who stands 6 feet tall. It’s also the heaviest of the three. Its weight is estimated at 350 pounds. Its design is similar to Withered Bonnie. Its face is decorated with a black top hat and pink cheeks. It has a microphone in its left hand.

The other two are Springtrap, which stands at six to seven feet, and Grim(m) Foxy, which is estimated to be eight to ten feet. Its design is a hybrid of Withered and Classic Freddy’s. Its body is mauve purple in color. The knuckles on its right hand have a purple color. Its eyes are a combination of blue and pink.


Despite having many similarities to his counterpart, Funtime Freddy isn’t the same guy. He has a distinctly different design. His design is a white color scheme with pink accents. He wears a top hat and a black bowtie under his chin. In addition, he has two black buttons on his stomach.

Although he doesn’t appear in the game, he does appear in the Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel. As mentioned above, he makes a few cameos throughout the game but is most notable as one of the main antagonists in the sequel. He also appears in Fazbear Frights: 1:35 AM. He is the secondary mascot at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. However, his biggest claim to fame is that he is the world’s largest animatronic. He is also the mascot of the Mega Pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Funtime Freddy’s real-life counterpart can be found in the scrapyard from which his predecessor was scavenged. He’s the same size as his predecessor and weighs around 350 pounds. He also has many buttons, a top hat, and a black bowtie under the chin. However, unlike his incarnation in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game, he doesn’t appear to respond to his grandfather’s calls.


Jeremy Fitzgerald is the main night guard in Five Nights at Freddy’s II. He is also the protagonist in Nightmare on Elm Street II. His mother was drunk and abusive, and his father remarried after Kyle’s mother died. Eventually, he got a job at Fazbear’s to find his brother. He works the night shift and has to solve mysteries. But he also has nightmares.

Jeremy is 18 years old and 5 feet 5 inches tall. He usually wears blue jeans and a green sweater two sizes too big. He has short brown hair. He has question-mark eyes. He has been working at the Fazbears since he was thirteen.

Jeremy is known for being glitchy. He has a lot of fear and anxiety when wearing the Freddy Fazbear Head. The other night guards, Millie, Mike, and Roxy, are all worried that he will die.

Jeremy’s father was a violent and abusive man. Jeremy’s mother had also died ten years ago. Jeremy was left to care for his younger siblings. He told his coworkers that he was having nightmares about this. But they dismissed his concerns as a glitch. He later cut his face off, committing suicide.


How tall are the funtime animatronics?

Six feet tall is Funtime Freddy. Foxy Funtime is 5.9 feet tall. 7 foot baby. ballora=6.2 feet

How tall is Funtime Foxy?

The smallest major animatronic in FNaF: Sister Location, Funtime Foxy measures 5.9 feet tall and 290 pounds.

How tall is Funtime Freddy from count the ways?

Funtime Freddy is the only one with a known height; according to its designs, it stands 6 feet tall. However, the heights of various variants of the animatronic appear to vary, and it is generally accepted that some of them may reach heights of up to 8 feet.

How tall is Grim Foxy?

Will Grim Foxy do damage to the other figurines in your FNAF collection? Collectible action figure is around 5.5 inches tall and has several points of movement.

Is Funtime Foxy a girl of a boy?

Funtime In the Freddy Files, Foxy is referred to by both male and female pronouns, much like he was in-game until Ultimate Custom Night and Mangle.