How to Date Edwin Knowles China?

How to Date Edwin Knowles China?

How to Date Edwin Knowles China?

Isaac Watt Knowles, a co-founder and partner of Knowles, Taylor, and Knowles Company, was the father of Edwin M. Knowles. He attended Harvard University and Allegheny College for his education. Knowles took over control of the East Liverpool, Ohio-based Potters Supply Company in 1890. The Edwin M. Knowles China Company was established in 1900 by Edwin M. Knowles.

There are several factors to consider when dating your Edwin M. Knowles china. For example, you might be wondering when it was manufactured. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to determine the date of your item. In this article, we’ll cover the basics:

  • When and where was it produced?
  • How it was made.
  • Whether or not it’s a reproduction.


If you own a piece of Edwin Knowles China, it may be time to take it for a professional evaluation. While it is difficult to date such a piece, there are ways to determine precisely when the company produced it. You can start by learning about the history of the company. For example, the company was founded in Chester, West Virginia, in 1900. It eventually moved to Newell, W. Va., where it remained until 1963 when it closed. Another company bought the name and started producing plates in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the early 1900s, Edwin M. Knowles graduated from Harvard University. He then founded the Knowles China Company in Chester, West Virginia. His goal was to produce only the finest semi-vitreous ware available. As a result, the “Crockery and Glass Journal noted his ware as of the highest quality.” Later, in 1913, the company moved its factory to a new location two miles south of its original location. As a result, the company remained competitive and on the cutting edge of the china industry.

How to Date Edwin Knowles China?

In 1914, the Edwin M. Knowles company moved to a new plant in Newell, WV. Until the early 1930s, the company operated both potteries until it sold the Chester plant to the George Harker Company. The Newell plant continued to produce Edwin Knowles dinnerware until the company’s closure in 1963.

Production Dates

The first step in dating your Edwin Knowles china is to find out when it was made. The company had its plant in Chester, Virginia, from 1900 to 1963. It was one of the most modern in the industry during this time. In the 1930s, it released several different patterns. These include Yorktown, Potomac, Solar, and Street Song. In addition, the company released kitchenware accessories in seven different colors.


The Edwin M. Knowles China Company began production in Chester, West Virginia, in 1900. It was a highly-regarded dinnerware company. Its quality and popularity continued to grow throughout the next sixty years. However, the company’s popularity declined after the factory closed in the early 1960s when cheaper imports took over.

How to Date Edwin Knowles China?

In addition to Chester, the company also operated a plant in Newell, WV. From 1900 until the early 1930s, the company manufactured dinnerware in both locations. The Chester plant was eventually sold to the George Harker Company, which consolidated production. However, the Newell plant continued to produce Edwin Knowles’s dinnerware until 1963. For this reason, it’s essential to carefully study the production dates of your Edwin M. Knowles china to ensure you get the correct quality.

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Edwin Knowles china is known for its colorful designs. There are 21 distinct patterns to choose from and a variety of collectible plate series. The company also made pottery. Some of its dishes date back to the 1930s. They feature early American patterns and pastel colors. You may want to buy a new set of dishes if you have the money to invest in them.

Whether you want to own the original or reproduce a piece of this vintage china, knowing the date is the first step in determining its value. The company first started in Chester, West Virginia, in 1900. Then, in 1913, it expanded into Newell. After the first factory closed, Knowles continued to make dinnerware in Newell.


The company began in Chester, W.V., in 1900 and moved to Newell in 1931. By 1963, the company was no longer in business, and another company purchased the name rights. The company began manufacturing dinnerware, kitchenware, specialty items, and toilet wares under Edwin M. Knowles’s name.