How To Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace In The Middle?

Decorate A Living Room

How To Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace In The Middle?

A fireplace creates a relaxing atmosphere when placed in a room. Despite the interior design of your home, the fireplace attracts the attention of everyone. It serves various purposes regardless of the heating. It gives more advantages when placed in the middle of the room. Placing the fireplace in the middle of the room provides symmetry, and it’s easy to achieve a balanced layout. To make it more attractive, it adds frames and colors to the fireplace wall. However, you have to make sure that your rugs and furniture have enough space for walking.

What To Do If You Have A Small Living Room With A Fireplace?

If you palace a fireplace in your living room, it will give you a warm and stylish look. Placing a fireplace in your home within the recommended three feet from your furniture might be challenging. It needs some creativity to maintain a balance. Read below to learn the process of decorating a living room:

  • The area around the fireplace must be clean. 
  • Only keep a few things in your living room like a small table, sofa, and TV.
  • It would help if you hung a few mirrors on the opposite wall of the fireplace. This will give the feel of an expanded room besides enhancing the beauty. 
  • It would help to paint the living room walls with colors that make your space bigger.

How Can You Make Your Living Room Attractive With A Fireplace In The Corner?

The fireplace in the corner is more tricky than the fireplace in the center. So, achieving a balance in your living room will require extra effort. You have to make balance arrangements for furniture. Here is the example of setting a living room with a fireplace in the corner:

Place a sofa perpendicular to the corner of the fireplace. Place the second sofa diagonal to the first sofa, or you can also place two chairs instead of a double sofa. It will lead to an L-shaped furniture layout. This layout with a corner fireplace applies to both small and large rooms. 

How To Decorate A Family Room With A Fireplace?

A TV screen and a fireplace grab people’s attention when they enter a room. However, a living room is designed for the guest; on the contrary, a family room is casual with a different furniture layout. Here we discuss some furniture sets for a family room with a fireplace:

  • Make sure to place the TV close to the fireplace. So this will serve as a focal point.
  • Arrange the family room furniture to face the TV with a fireplace on one side; this makes you focus on the TV while enjoying the fireplace side by side. 
  • Use darker colors on the fireplace area to enhance the coziness of the family room.
  • Ensure to maximize the walking space in the family room. A chair, coffee table, and a sofa are enough in a family room.  

Decorate A Living Room

Best Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With A Fireplace In The Middle

With the fireplace at the center of the living room, it represents the perfect framing of that wall. You can make a sharp contrast of the color palette. You can also do some interior styling by adding decorative elements to make your fireplace wall more attractive. Here are tips for making your fireplace a center of attraction.

Blend In 

There is a perfect balance of everything on all sides in this layout. The white walls with the furniture give a clean and crisp look. For blending, the fireplace wall must be painted white. On the other hand, the black firebox matches, paints the window frames black, and the furniture legs for the contrast. The greenery around the mantel gives an alive look to the living room. The furniture should be a bit far from a fireplace. A rug should be of the same length as the fireplace.

Decorate The Accent Wall

The best way to popup the fireplace design is by painting it with a contrasting color. The black accent walls serve as a dark background to the white fireplace. You should place white color artwork on the top of the fireplace and the exact mirrors on both sides of the decor. The furniture should be a mixture of white and black, giving a perfect monochrome interior look. 

Put Frames On Both Sides

Another way to make your fireplace attractive is to place some artwork on both sides. For making the symmetry, the fireplace wall has a ledge on one side and some decorative pieces on another side. 

Add Some Shelves

If your fireplace has shelves, you can quickly make this wall attractive. You can put many vases, books, framed photos or anything you want. It is the most critical vertical display that focuses on the warm fire and provides a cozy environment.

Stack It

Another most uncomplicated way to decorate the center of the fireplace is that you can stack it with some sizable displays to grab attention. The fireplace and TV are both focal points in the living rooms. So considering how to put them in balance is a challenging task. It would help if you placed the TV on top of the mental to increase the attraction of the living room; for a much-enhanced look, outline the firebox with a black frame to contrast with the black TV screen. In addition, a coffee table and chairs should place in front of the firebox to enhance the cozy feeling. However, couches should be placed further as it is best to watch TV.

One more decorative feature to stack up is a big mirror. Being a mirror in the center of the room creates more space and light in the living room. It is a neutral-theme room that gives a balanced feel and creates a relaxing atmosphere. 

Sit In Front Of The Fire

If you have a fireplace in the middle of the room, then have two options for the layouts; if you want a cozy one near the fireplace, place your chair on one side near the wall. You can also put a lamp to make your corner more comfortable. Another option is to set the couch to face the fireplace on the other wall. If you want to stay beside or in front of the fireplace, this layout is perfect.

Set And Go

One of the fastest ways to set the living room is a couch set. A couch set and two armchairs should position opposite the fireplace. Place the armchairs on both sides of the fireplace to maintain the room’s balance. In addition, the coffee table should match the wooden floor and furniture in the living room. To complete the layout, place a rug in front of the fireplace. 

Place Big Couches

You can place big couches in your fireplace to box the area on both sides. Moreover, you can place a rectangular rug in front of the fireplace. Place the shorter side of the carpet opposite the fireplace to connect to your couch space. 

Off-Center Setting

As your fireplace is in the middle, you should not place the furniture in the center. The couches should be put in an L-shape position on the room corner

and set one sofa opposite the fireplace. Furthermore, the rug joins the furniture and the front of the fireplace to make it one area. The layout makes the central fireplace appear to be a corner design.

Additional tip – Limited space and fireplace in the middle is the challenging task of decorating that room without making it congested. Since the fireplace is already grabbing attention, arrange it so that it does not become visually shrink. However, here are some tips for balancing your tiny room with a fireplace in the middle.

  • If you use a neutral color palette, it will be more soothing and prevent being over-crowded.
  • For a more spacious room, use chairs, lamps, and tables; instead of a big sofa, use a few chairs that you can quickly bring close to the fireplace area. 
  • Select carefully the things you are placing in the living room to go for the minimal aesthetics. 


As the fireplace is in the middle of the room, it will instantly grab the attention in the living room. To make the living room more attractive, frame the fireplace by adding decorative features around the fireplace area. Place the furniture around the fireplace according to your lifestyle.