How To Get A Fire Stone In Heart Gold?

How To Get A Fire Stone In Heart Gold?

How To Get A Fire Stone In Heart Gold?

Fire Stone can be obtained from Bill’s grandfather, who lives at Route 25 (show him a Growlithe). It is also available by contacting School Kid Alan at Route 36 (he must contact you first) and as an award for the Bug Catching Contest Prize. Prize or in the Pokeathlon Dome on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

How To Get Fire Stones in Pokemon HGSS

The most secure method of getting Fire Stones is through the Pokeathlon Dome, provided you are willing to play a few minigames. It is also likely to be the first chance to acquire the Fire Stone unless you are extremely lucky in the School Kid Alan’s gifted timing.

However, there are four ways to acquire fire stones in the game. We’ll go over the specifics of each in this article.

Method 1: Buying Fire Stones At The Pokeathlon Dome

After you’ve defeated Gym Trainer Whitney at Goldenrod City and earned your 3rd gym badge, you’ll gain access to an access point to Pokeathlon Dome. To access it, go to the building on the highest point of Route 35, which is accessible via Goldenrod City’s northern gate. There are two exits to the building.

Follow the left-hand path to reach the Pokeathlon Dome.

Once you’re in and you’re there, you can play minigames for points. What game will earn you the most points is based on your personal preferences, abilities, skill level, and Pokemon, So ensure you test several combinations.

Once you’ve earned the 2,500 points, you can return on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday to purchase Your Fire Stone. The Athlete Shop, located in the upper left-hand corner on the inside, is where you can purchase the stones during the current days. The Athlete Shop in the upper right-hand corner of the Pokeathlon Dome

Method 2: Receiving a Gift From School Kid Alan

A School Student, Alan, is a teacher along Route 36 who may ask you to hand over a Fire Stone he found on the ground.

However, you need to take on him first in battle. So be aware: Although you can technically receive a Fire Stone with this method before earning the third gym badge, the likelihood of receiving an item from him this quickly is very unlikely.

To locate Alan, the school kid Alan To find Alan, exit Goldenrod City through the north gate and turn right onto Route 35.

It is necessary to bring the Pokemon that can Cut along to complete the challenge. The starting point of Route 35, as seen as you exit Goldenrod City’s northern gate. Follow the path until the summit of the hill of Route 35, where the entry point into National Park and the Pokeathlon Dome is situated.

Instead of entering the structure, go left and walk east across the long grass. The

Right turn after the entrance to the Pokeathlon Dome/National Park. After a short stroll to the north, you’ll come across a suitable tree in the north.

Chop it up and continue to the north. When you arrive at the road, continue up the steps east. About a mile east of this road, you’ll spot the school Kid Alan He will be challenging you to a fight.

He’s got only a Tangela and a Tangela, so beating him shouldn’t be too difficult. School kid Alan recounts how he frequently uncovers objects on the ground. After you’ve defeated him, take his offer to trade numbers.

All you need to do is to wait and take his calls as they come in. Sometimes, he’ll like to chat, and then, you’ll be offered the chance to purchase a Fire Stone he found on the ground. There’s no limit on the number of Fire Stones that can be acquired by this method, so make sure to call him when he does.

Method 3: Win the Bug-Catching Contest (After Unlocking The National Pokedex)

This is the simplest method to earn Fire Stones without participating in other minigames. However, you’ll need to get past The Elite Four and get your Pokedex upgrade by contacting Professor Oak in Olivine City first.

You will also not be guaranteed to receive the Fire Stone for each victory because the prize is randomly selected from the possibilities of evolution stones.

To participate in the Bug-Catching Contest, return to the location described in our two earlier methods located near high on Route 35 on the days of the week, whether Thursday, Tuesday, or Saturday.

When inside the building, speak to the person standing at the entrance before you. If you accept his invitation to join the contest, you’ll be given 20 minutes to collect the most points by finding the most stunning Bug-type Pokemon you can.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the Bug-Catching Competition game mechanics. Check this out if you’re looking for more information!

As a guideline, your points will be calculated with the following:

  • The rarity of Pokemon you can catch
  • The level of the Pokemon
  • What percentage of the caught Pokemon’s health is still there (the more, the more)
  • The Pokemon’s secret IV stats

The rare Pokemon available are Scyther as well as Pinsir. Therefore, to score the most points, you should try to capture one at level 28 and do as little damage as possible.

Status conditions that aren’t damaging, such as Paralysis or Sleep, can make life much easier, so think about bringing aa Pokemon with some of the abovementioned moves.

Important note: It is only possible to bring one Pokemon to compete. You can’t take advantage of items for healing, so make sure your Pokemon is strong enough to withstand. If you’ve found an amazing Pokemon, talk to the attendant again to begin the judging process. If you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll have a ten percent chance of winning the Fire Stone as your prize.

If you receive an alternative evolution stone, you can try it the next time, as the contest takes place every week for three days.

Method 4: Showing Bill’s Grandfather a Growlithe/Vulpix

Bill’s grandfather is at Sea Cottage to the northeast of Cerulean City.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to Bill’s Grandfather’s sidequest for those who prefer to read it. First, however, we’ll discuss this method in greater detail on this page so that you can obtain the Fire Stone.

Before you head towards Bill’s Sea Cottage, ensure you have an Oddish or a Growlithe (HeartGold) or Vulpix (SoulSilver) in your group.

Oddish is easily found If you haven’t had one. Simply fly to Ilex Forest at night time. Oddish accounts for 60% of all natural Pokemon encounters. Growlithe, as well as Vulpix are both found in the same area. The one you’ll encounter will depend on the game’s variant.

To catch the most easily for the easiest catch, look for the grassy patch along Route 48 to the south of the Safari Zone. Both Growlithe and Vulpix appear at any point of the day; however, they are twice as frequent in the evening. After getting two Pokemon, you must have flown into Cerulean City.

You can exit the city via the north exit and cross the golden bridge that is Route 24. You’ll cross the bridge and be on Route 25.

Take the left to turn right at the T-junction. Then, take the road to the east and through an uninspiring maze of trees full of trainers.

Ultimately, you’ll reach the other side and find a charming little house. It’s Sea Cottage, home of Bill’s grandfather. Enter the cottage. Walk towards the east, passing through an uninspiring maze of trees filled with trainers.

Eventually, you’ll emerge on the other side and see an adorable little home. It’s Sea Cottage, home of Bill’s great-grandfather. Go inside. Show Bill’s grandfather your Growlithe/Vulpix, and you’ll be rewarded with the Fire Stone.


If you want to transform Growlithe into Arcanine, You’ll need to obtain the Fire Stone. It’s a simple process. It is possible to begin by taking a bite of Pokemon. Then, when you’ve got a Fire Stone, you can donate the stone to Growlithe.

Arcanine’s primary move can be described as Flare Blitz. It is possible to make your Pokemon utilize the move with a Water Weakness that will boost the effectiveness of its Fire-type attacks. But, it’s not optimal for those seeking a strong attack.

To increase your Pokemon’s stats, look at the individual value (EVs) in your list of moves. They are calculated based on the level you’re at as well as the characteristics of the Pokemon. You can also obtain the move from breed-compatible Pokemon.

While Arcanine is a powerful fire-type however, its attack is weak. The first attack is vanilla 50 damage, while the second does 90.

If you’re using the primary attack, it’s best to keep the second in reserve. For instance, you could use Toxic to slam down counters like Hitmontop and Slowbro. You can also use Dragon Pulse, which does rapid, unresisted damage.

You could look into a move such as Overheat and Rock Climb if you want a physical attack. Both are advantageous in permitting your Pokemon to use an attack in conjunction with another move, like Rock Smash. No matter what strategy you decide to use, however, you’ll need to ensure that you find the Fire-type Pokemon.

Fire types are generally heavy and, therefore, can be dangerous to Arcanine. It is also important to ensure your opponent doesn’t strike you through the STAB move. Likewise, be careful not to hit your opponent with the Flamethrower.

Arcanine has a lot of HP. Arcanine’s attacks cause 40 damage using an RCC. So it’s feasible to 2HKO Lapras and Starmie with only two hits. This is a great reason to get the earliest Flare Blitz.

Although Arcanine isn’t among the most powerful Fire-types available, it is the fastest. Due to its speed-boosting abilities, it can outrun the base 80s.

However, you may want to change to a different type if you seek an armed attack. Donphan is a more effective option.

Bug-Catching Contest

If you’d like to be a winner in the Bug-Catching Contest, you require a Fire Stone. The stone is used to create certain types of fire Pokemon. It is possible to obtain Fire Stones from many places. Fire Stone from a variety of places within HeartGold or SoulSilver.

The first chance to obtain Fire Stones is at the Pokeathlon Dome. This is the structure that houses the Bug-Catching Competition. It is situated along Route 36. Participants can earn points by playing in minigames that are quick to play in the facility.

If you win, you have a chance to win a Fire Stone. But you must hold the Fire Stone and have a Pokemon that is in it to be able to win. The Fire Stone can be traded between games, but it will only grow the Pokemon.

There are four methods to obtain a Fire Stone. Two of them require a Bug Catching Contest. Another option is to purchase the stones from a store.

To be eligible for the contest, players must possess Bug-type Pokemon and Growlithe. In addition, they must be at level 14 or more. For instance, Ash won the competition using Beedrill.

If you don’t own a Fire Stone, you can buy one at the Athlete Shop for a few days during the week. This is likely the simplest method to acquire the Fire Stone, but you must be prepared to play some fun and fast minigames.

You may also find a Fire Stone by participating in the Safari Zone. Using healing products in this contest is not advised, as it could reduce your odds of winning.

A second option would be to look for an individual named School Kid Alan. He is located along Route 35, east of the Pokeathlon Dome. When you defeat him, he’ll give you the Fire Stone. In return, you have to give him your contact number.

Other options to purchase the Fire Stone are in the Sinnoh Underground or Castelia City. You can also purchase a Fire Stone from the Celadon Department Store.

Ultimately, you can also get the Fire Stone from Bill’s Grandfather. He is a resident of Sea Cottage, northeast of Cerulean City. When you visit his home, there will be a gift box.

To Train, or Not to Train

There are many methods to obtain a Fire Stone in Heart Gold. Certain games and Pokemon have shops selling the item, while some games let you get these by playing minigames.

The Fire Stone is an orange-colored stone that is the sole method to develop certain types of fire Pokemon. The Fire Stone is also found in the artwork of various cards from the HeartGold and SoulSilver series.

In the beginning, Fire Stone was a prize for contests with fire-type Pokemon. In subsequent generations, it could be purchased from certain stores.

The best way to acquire the Fire Stone in Heart Gold is to go to the Celadon Department Store. There, you can purchase one for 2100 gold. Then, you can use it to create Growlithe and transform it into Arcanine.

Another location to purchase a Fire Stone is the Fuego Ironworks. It is situated in the top left-hand part of the maps. It is the property of Fuego, Mr. Fuego.

You can also pick up a Fire Stone at the Solaceon Ruins. After you defeat Kid Alan from the school, Kid Alan, and a few other school kids, you will be rewarded with Fire Stones. If you’re lucky, you will receive Two Fire Stones.

Additionally, you can receive Fire Stone from the Mystery Gift. It is located in the southwest area of the Pokemon Mansion.

Another method to acquire a Fire Stone is through the Bug-Catching Contest. It’s available after National Dex and is available every three days. You will have the chance of winning the Fire Stone with every winning.

The most effective way to obtain the Fire Stone is to go to the Pokeathlon Dome. It is the most reliable method of obtaining stones. Various minigames are available in the Dome, and you will get Fire Stones by winning.

While there is no guarantee that you will receive the Fire Stone is not guaranteed every time you win, however, you stand an increased chance of winning it if you’re capable of completing the whole game without failing. Based on your strategy and how your Pokemon do during battle, you will obtain a more effective Pokemon and an easier way to win big battles.

Evolutions of Eevee

There are many methods to obtain a Fire Stone. One option is to take part in the Pokemon contest. If you win a Pokemon contest, you’ll be given a 10% chance to win the Fire Stone.

You can also use a Fire Stone to evolve a particular type of fire Pokemon. It’s an orange stone that has flames on it. It can be purchased at the Celadon Department Store or from Solaceon Ruins. You can also mine the Fire Stone from the Sinnoh Underground.

Another option for getting the Fire Stone is participating in a bug-catching competition. This event occurs three times per week. This contest’s goal is to capture the Pokemon, which can change. A Fire Stone is the first prize.

Finding a Fire Stone can be difficult, but it is possible. The best method to get it is using the Pokeathlon Dome. Playing a range of mini-games is necessary for the Fire Stone from the Pokeathlon Dome; these minigames are The Fiery Path, the Warm Beach Route, The Stark Mountain Route, and The Diving Treasure Hunter. Each place can provide you with the Fire Stone about 20% of the time.

Once you’ve received your Fire Stone, you can exchange it for other games. The range of prices is between 5000 and 2500-3250 gold. So it’s still worth the investment to buy the Fire Stone.

You can also purchase the Fire Stone by participating in a Mystery Gift. It’s unnecessary to wait patiently for the mystery present to be delivered. Instead, talk to the person at the entrance to begin the process.

But, it’s crucial to know that this approach does not always work. Sometimes, your prize will only be effective once and won’t improve your ranking. For instance, the Growlithe Growlithe will not affect your standing if you win it as the prize for winning in a Pokemon contest.

Additionally, you can purchase a Fire Stone from an athlete Shop. The shop offers them on certain days.


Where can I find a Fire Stone in HeartGold?

There are a few places where you can find a Fire Stone in HeartGold, including on Route 36, in the Burned Tower, and from the Pokeathlon Dome.

Can I buy a Fire Stone in HeartGold?

No, Fire Stones cannot be bought in HeartGold, but they can be found in various locations throughout the game.

What Pokemon can evolve using a Fire Stone in HeartGold?

Several Pokemon can evolve using a Fire Stone in HeartGold, including Vulpix (into Ninetales), Growlithe (into Arcanine), Eevee (into Flareon), and Pansear (into Simisear).

Is there a way to farm Fire Stones in HeartGold?

There is no guaranteed way to farm Fire Stones in HeartGold, but you can increase your chances of finding one by using the Itemfinder and checking every area thoroughly.

Are there any other ways to evolve Pokemon that require a Fire Stone in HeartGold?

Yes, some Pokemon that require a Fire Stone to evolve can also evolve through other methods, such as leveling up with a high friendship level or through a trade.

What are some other evolutionary stones that can be found in HeartGold?

In addition to the Fire Stone, other evolutionary stones that can be found in HeartGold include the Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, and Sun Stone.