How To Get A Pokemon Platinum Lucky Egg?

How To Get A Pokemon Platinum Lucky Egg?

How To Get A Pokemon Platinum Lucky Egg?

Go to Route 209. You will encounter a Chansey by using Pokeradar •. Fight (or take) every Chansey you encounter or encounter, and it could hold the Lucky Egg. You can inspect the item using its ability “Frisk,” or you can use the ability Thief to get it without the need to take it.

Where Do You Look For The Lucky Egg In Platinum?

How to find a Lucky Egg (to quote a well-written WikiHow):

  • Find a Pokemon that has”Compound Eyes” ability “Compound Eyes” ability (recommended)
  • Find a Pokemon using Frisk (optional),
  • You can acquire the Pokemon by using either a False Swipe (to facilitate catching it) and/or the Thief (so you can simply take it away later)
  • Go to Route 209.
  • Encounter a Chansey using Pokeradar *
  • Fight (or catch) every Chansey you encounter, which could hold a Lucky Egg. You can examine the held item using the ability “Frisk,” or you might use the move Thief to take it away without the need to capture it.
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Use to use the Poke Radar until you find a Chansey. After that, you can bring out the Pokemon using Frisk and, If it’s got a Lucky Egg, either catch it or utilize Thief. If it’s not, knock it out, and do it again. Make sure you get off the Lucky Egg after using Thief.

Beware of a wild Pokemon that isn’t Chansey which could end your streak, however.

Okay, sorry if the last part was a joke. If you are lucky enough, you can get the Chansey and find Lucky Egg or use Thief. Be aware it is very tiring and tedious work.

Other suggestions:

Make sure that your initial Pokemon (the one that has Compound Eyes) have both at least level 21, as you’ll require it to ensure that the Repels can stop the Poke Radar from breaking your streak.

Pokemon that know Frisk include: Bannette Stantler

How to Get Multiple Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Games?

Lucky Egg Lucky Egg is an amazing item that can increase the owner’s experience by up to 50 percent. In most cases, they are only located on wild Chansey that are difficult to find, and, even then, they only have a chance of 5% of obtaining it. Do you want to help make this process easier? Learn more.

1- Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

You should have a Pokemon that has an ability known as the “Compound Eyes” ability, one that has Frisk and or False Swipe (to facilitate catching it) and Thief (so you can take it away afterward). CompoundEyes is a feature that can be used out of battle, creating Wild Pokemon much more likely to be holding objects when the Pokemon is in the top position even if it fainted. Ensure they’re both at level 21 (in Platinum, 19 if you’re playing Diamond/Pearl) since you’ll need this to ensure the Repels can stop the Poke Radar from breaking the streak.

When you’re in Diamond, it could be a bit difficult to obtain the Frisker because some of the Pokemon that can trigger Frisk (Stantler) cannot be located in Diamond, and another (Banette) is only located in the evening, when you’re in Pearl or Platinum. However, you can find Stantler in Route 207 using the Poke Radar. However, if you can obtain the Banette or a Banette, it’s better since Chansey’s normal-type moves aren’t able to be successful against it.

Utilize to use the Poke Radar until you find the Chansey. Then, you can bring out the Pokemon by using Frisk, and, If it’s got a Lucky Egg, either catch it or use Thief. If not, then knock it out, and try again. Make sure you remove your Lucky Egg after using Thief. Beware of wild Pokemon aside from Chansey that may break your streak. Repeat until you’ve completed the required number of times until you’ve got the number of Lucky Eggs that you’d like to have.

2- HeartGold and SoulSilver2- HeartGold and SoulSilver

It is strongly advised to only try this when wild Chansey is in a flurry across Route 13. If not, they’ll have a one percent chance of showing up, which won’t be entertaining. You can check the top of your PokeGear and see which Pokemon are in the swarm during the day. Like before, pick Pokemon with Compound Eyes, Frisk, and False Swipe/Thief. Additionally, you’ll require the Pokemon with Cut, however. Locate the area on Route 13, which is blocked off by Cut. There, you can stick the Compound Eyes user on the top and save your game. Be on the lookout for any suspicious Chansey you encounter. Keep your Frisker prepared. If they’ve got a Lucky Egg, either Thief them or take them away. Repeat the process as you need until you’ve got the number of Lucky Eggs you want.

3- Black and White

Visit Undella Town, then upwards towards Route 13, until you find the only black man sporting sunglasses. (That’s that treasure seeker, who usually offers things to evolve, such as The Dubious Disc and Electirizer.) Be sure to save your game before talking to him.

Speak to the man if he offers you a Lucky Egg, sweet. Suppose he doesn’t set it and speak to him until you get him to do it.

Keep in mind that you only can perform it once a day. However, there is no limit on how often you can receive the item from your friend.

Go to Route 209. Make use of Repel (preferably Maximum) with your Poke Radar on Select, and add the Pokemon that has Compound Eyes over it (again, it works regardless of whether you lose the Compound Eyes Pokemon is knocked out, and in that case, you could put the Frisker in front of it) Save your game.

If you’re interested in receiving a Pokemon Platinum lucky egg, there are a few points to be aware of. Finding these eggs is challenging. The first step is to ensure that you have the time to play. It takes an enormous amount of commitment to continue playing. However, once you get a grasp of it, it’ll become easy. Within the Pokemon Platinum game, it is possible to use a Lucky Egg is a valuable item that can increase the number of exp points (XP) that a Pokemon receives during battle. If a Pokemon has the Lucky Egg and participates in Combat, it will earn 50 percent more XP than what it would normally get.

This is how it is: If a Pokemon beats another Pokemon in Combat, it is awarded an amount of XP dependent on the defeated Pokemon’s type and degree. For instance, a defeat of an unlevel Pidgey could earn the Pokemon 10 XP. Likewise, the defeat of a higher-level Dragonite could earn an individual 1000XP.

If a Pokemon has a Lucky Egg and participates in an event, it will earn 50 percent more XP than it typically receives. If the Pokemon overcomes the Pidgey and usually earns 10 XP per battle, it will receive 15 XP when held in the Lucky Egg. Similarly, when a Pokemon beats a Dragonite and typically receives 1000 XP, it’ll receive 1500 XP when held in a Lucky Egg.

Utilizing a Lucky Egg can be an effective way to boost the development of your Pokemon and assist them in leveling faster. Remember, they are only a temporary supply, so you’ll need to make wise use of them.

Here are some methods to get the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Platinum:

  1. Find it within the game’s globe: Lucky Eggs are often to be discovered while exploring the game’s world. Be on the lookout for hidden objects, and be certain to look carefully in grassy areas or any other areas where objects could be hiding.
  2. You can trade it in by trading it with others: You might be able to find someone willing to trade their Lucky Egg for another item or Pokemon. You could try making a trade request through an online Pokemon forum or on a trading site, or try trading with someone you know.
  3. Purchase it at a store: In the game Pokemon Platinum, You can go to a store in the Veilstone City department store to buy various things, including a Lucky Egg. The store’s inventory constantly changes; therefore, you may have to return several times to find the Lucky Egg.
  4. You can get it as a reward: Lucky Eggs can incentivize you to complete certain tasks or challenges within the game. For instance, you could get a Lucky Egg as a reward for completing a specific occasion or side quest.


Chances are a rare Pokemon. They are extremely rare, and you will not discover many. You’ll be able to catch them swiftly using Quick Balls. The good thing is that they’re not born Pokemon. They were a lot of harvests earlier in their lives.

Therefore Chanseys stand a small chance of carrying Lucky Egg. However, chances of getting Lucky Egg could be improved through completing specific tasks and research goals. There is also a greater probability of obtaining the Lucky Egg if you have an extremely close relationship with Chansey.

The eggs the Pokemon lay are delicious and nutritious. They are believed to bring luck and happiness to the training person.

Although they’re not as strong as other Pokemon, Chanseys are still a great team-play. They’re able to change into almost any special attack. They’re an excellent option for any team. They’re also great for taking on physically aggressive attackers.

While Chanseys aren’t the most powerful, they have a strong Special Attack, an important benefit. This makes them an excellent choice for teams determined to stall. Because of their weak defense, they are, however, difficult to deal with.

If you’re looking to build an actual wall, you can try either of the two. If you’re seeking a more flexible option, think about Blissey. For a physical team that doesn’t impose a burden on the Pokemon it plays, check out Omastar as well as Closter.

Another excellent companion is Mismagius. Hariyama can also be a suitable option, as he can OHKO Chansey by using Close Combat.

Other options worth considering include Clefable, Calm Mind, or RestTalk. These are all bred on Chansey, but only if the resulting embryo is Happiny.

Certain players may be unable to comprehend how a particular attacker could get past Chansey. They might think it’s just an unfast-running Pokemon with weak defensive abilities. But, Chanseys are very fast runners.

Although they’re typically found working in Pokemon Centers, they’re also an ideal choice in battles in raids. Contrary to other Pokemon, they do not share eggs with injured or evil individuals.

As in the cartoon, the characters are employed in Chansey Day Care. They assist other Pokemon in hatching their eggs. Therefore, even when Chanseys aren’t a common sight, it’s worth a try to include them in your Pokedex.

Gym Leader rematches

One of the most intriguing kinds of gyms available that you can find in Pokemon Go can be found in Vitlya City, also known as VCC, which is pronounced as VH. The city has many sparkling Pokemon, such as Sun, Moon, and Rayquaza. However, despite its faults, Vitlya City is an excellent place to go. A little overcrowded and costly If you’re willing to pay to go there, It’s got enough energy enough to merit a visit. Despite the huge number of Pokemon and the obligatory merchandise, there are some attractive faces to fall in love with. Also, you’ll get some of the top sought-after Pokemon – also known as Genki swag, thanks to the savviest of the group.

Things you can get to level Pokemon

In Pokemon games, The Lucky Egg is a useful item that can help you level up the level of your Pokemon quickly. It will help your Pokemon achieve 150% exp points. It is, however, difficult to obtain.

Lucky Egg is a rare item. To obtain one, you have to capture an unintentional Chansey. You may need to catch a few before you can get yours.

Although it isn’t the most powerful of items, it is a good choice. Lucky Egg is still useful. It not only gives your Pokemon an increase in their performance, but it also increases the level of experience you can gain from the battle by up to 30 mins.

It’s an item that can be purchased using PokeCoins. For the typical Pokemon fan, you must have enough Lucky Eggs you can equip each Pokemon that is in your group. It is only through this method to purchase this item.

Another significant function that an important feature of the Lucky Egg is that it isn’t consumed after being utilized. While it’s a scarce item, it is possible to duplicate it using glitches within some of the Pokemon games.

If you’ve got a lot Of Lucky Eggs, it is possible to donate them to other Pokemon and gain the XP. This is particularly helpful in the case of working to become Elite Four members. In addition, it is possible to utilize them to develop more than just one Pokemon.

In addition to the Lucky Egg, other items will assist you in your quest to become more proficient. The Exp. Share is another weapon that allows you to get half the experience you acquire during Combat.

There are also other items, like The Star Piece and the Stardust and Stardust, that can boost your Experience Points. Based on the species you are playing and your level, you might get a higher Experience Yield from the above items.

Lucky Eggs are a fantastic method to enhance the experience of your Pokemon. However, they aren’t cheap. The best way to spend your PokeCoins is to buy an item called a Rare Candy. Rare Candy will make your Pokemon climb one level for each four XP that it accumulates.

Another thing that will assist you in advancing your game is Compound Eyes. If you have compound eyes, it is easier to catch Pokemon. In addition, it allows you to take other Pokemon and steal their belongings.

The chance to collect numerous Lucky Eggs

If you’re seeking an easy method to increase the level of your Pokemon, Lucky Eggs are an excellent resource. They can aid you in earning additional experience, which can give your Pokemon higher levels and speedier growth. Also, if you utilize Lucky Eggs for special events, you could earn more Experience and XP than you normally do.

Lucky Eggs are available to purchase through PokeCoins. You can buy one for only 80 PokeCoins or eight eggs for 500 PokeCoins. You can also see these on the streets.

Chances are not commonly found in Pokemon games. However, they are found in the wild. The odds of being a wild Chansey holding a Lucky Egg is 5%. Wild Happiny may also hold a Lucky Egg.

The quest to find Lucky Eggs In Pokemon Platinum is not as simple as it appears. The first step is to beat Leon to earn the item. In the second, you need to quickly travel to the spot that contains your Lucky Egg.

To find to get a Lucky Egg, you have to go to Icy Cave, which is located in the northwest part of the Grand Underground map. Once you’ve entered Icy Cave, you’ll see a Huge Poke Ball at the entry point. Utilize your Poke Ball to find the Lucky Egg.

Utilizing Lucky Eggs in BDSP can assist in helping your Pokemon increase their level quickly and increase their level of difficulty, but also enable players to take on more challenging battles and challenges. This is especially true when you’re trying to catch Elite Four members.

Contrary to other Pokemon tools, Lucky Eggs aren’t consumed once utilized. But they increase the number of experience you’ve gained in a fight. Therefore, you’ll need to keep some in your backpack.

After you’ve collected your Lucky Egg, you’ll notice that the exp share of the other Pokemon will rise by a couple of points. So, if you’ve got an acquaintance with Lucky Eggs or a Lucky Egg, you can ensure that you maximize your XP. Be sure to save the Lucky Eggs you collect for raids. When you’ve reached your maximum stage, you can take the eggs from your Pokemon.

The process of obtaining multiple Lucky Eggs from BDSP can be difficult. However, using a few tricks, you will be able to achieve it.


In Pokemon Platinum, what is a Lucky Egg and what does it do?

In Pokemon Platinum, a Lucky Egg is an item that increases the experience points that the Pokemon who holds it gains. It is a very important item for fast levelling up your Pokemon because it doubles the number of experience points obtained following a fight.

A Lucky Egg in Pokemon Platinum may be found where?

In Pokemon Platinum, a rare item called the Lucky Egg may be acquired from a few different places. Getting a Lucky Egg is most frequently done by catching a wild Chansey, which has a slim possibility of having one when it is caught. Another option is to exchange Lucky Egg-holding Pokémon with another player.

In Pokemon Platinum, can I purchase a Lucky Egg?

Unfortunately, a Lucky Egg cannot be bought in Pokemon Platinum. It can only be acquired by catching a Chansey or exchanging items with another player.

How can I raise the likelihood that a Chansey will give me a Lucky Egg?

By including a Pokemon with the “Compound Eyes” ability in your party, you can improve your chances of receiving a Lucky Egg from a Chansey. With the use of this power, you can catch a wild Pokemon more often with it in its possession. A Pokemon possessing the “Thief” or “Covet” techniques may also be used to kidnap the Lucky Egg from a Chansey while the two are engaged in combat.

Is it possible to get more than one Lucky Egg in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, catching numerous Chanseys or trading with other players who have Lucky Eggs can allow you to get many Lucky Eggs.

Is it worthwhile to put out the effort in Pokemon Platinum to find a Lucky Egg?

Absolutely, if you want to level up your Pokemon rapidly, finding a Lucky Egg is definitely worth the effort. It is a priceless item that will strengthen and improve the competitiveness of your Pokemon in combat.