How To Get Thunderbolt TM Fire Red?


How To Get Thunderbolt TM Fire Red?

You can get your TM Thunderbolt at the Celadon Game Corner for 4000 dollars.

10 Best TMs in Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen (And How To Get Them)

Pokemon The FireRed series and LeafGreen are amazing games. They’re extremely faithful to the initial Gen I titles, yet they also adopt an entirely new life independently.

It’s easy to notice that you’ll notice that TMs have changed this time.

Mega Punch and Mega Kick are no longer trademarks. Copycat is no longer able to provide an option to Mimic TM. In addition, there are several new sites for TMs and TMs.

If you’re starting up FireRed/LeafGreen and are looking for the top TMs to get, This list will help.

We’ll be evaluating some of the top FRLG TMs, and arranged according to their reliability, utility as well as overall coverage throughout your game.

  • TM46 (Thief)

A thief can be used to steal or hold items that were previously found in wild Pokemon. Held items weren’t commonplace during Gen I, but they are a major factor in these FRLG remakes.

This can help find the most sought-after held items available in the game, such as Lucky Egg, which doubles the amount of XP gained. Additionally, you can get TwistedSpoon, an item held that can boost psychic-type moves. Thief is also a great way to get many TinyMushrooms and BigMushrooms from Paras without catching several of them. It’s easy cash.

  • TM02 (Dragon Claw)

Dragon Claw is a great option to take on Dragon-type enemies.

Although it’s available after the initial game, you will only fight Dragon-types in the Elite Four and pretty much everything else.

The move is rated at a base power of 80, which means it’s worth getting. Only a handful of Pokemon can master it before joining the Elite Four, one being the Charmander line.

It’s available on Kanto’s Victory Road (arguably the least entertaining Victory Road out there). This means that you’ll have it before the E4, and you’ll be able to utilize it against the Dragon-types of Lance.

  • TM28 (Dig)

Dig is a great ground-based attack to use in combat. However, its greatest use is to get out of caves, tunnels, or any other caves.

If you have to make it to a Pokemon Center as soon as feasible, Dig can help you escape without the need for the use of escape ropes.

However, it’s an excellent move to use in combat. There are plenty of Electric-types and Poison-types in Kanto, and you’ll be able to wipe them out very quickly.

Imagine it as an attack of the Ground type mid-game, before the moment you experience Earthquake.

You’ll be able to get it before leaving Cerulean, So you’ll be able to make use of it to take on Lt. Surge, as well as Koga’s party, Blaine’s Muk, as well as Giovanni’s Rhyhorn.

  • TM27 (Return)

Return is an excellent neutral move to keep on your team.

Although its normal typing might put people off using it often, however, the base power of 102 and 20 PP means that it’s a mighty move within the lengthy TM lineup in FRLG.

It can be used in grinding levels to get more advanced Pokemon within your party.

Return is also an excellent alternative for players who lack a reliable and powerful Physical attacker or if you’re not a fan of extremely efficient matches.

  • TM19 (Giga Drain)TM19 (Giga Drain)

Giga Drain is quite possibly the most grass-based move that you could ever learn because it helps to heal your HP and deal damage. This is not just useful in travel (fewer stopping to repair). However, it aids your Pokemon to keep alive throughout long combat without using up all of your Hyper Potions.

While it’s not the most useful when you receive it from Erika, it’s worthwhile to keep in your collection.

Once you’re over Blaine, it’s really helpful to play the final part in the match. Surf is better in all cases. However, you may want to use Giga Drain because of its healing properties.

It can be used against Giovanni as well as some of Lorelei’s Pokemon and Bruno’s Onix, and the rival’s Blastoise (if you select Charmander).

  • TM13 (Ice Beam)

Ice Beam is one of the few TMs that can be purchased from the Celadon Game Corner. It is priced at a high price, and with an excellent reason.

Many of these TMs count among the top available, which includes Ice Beam.

Ice Beam’s biggest benefit is that it covers dragon types with great accuracy, particularly Dragonite.

It’s also very popular because most water-type Pokemon can master it, and certain Normal and Ground-type Pokemon can master it as well.

Try it to take on Giovanni and Lance and Bruno’s Onix, Agatha’s Golbat, and your adversaries Pidgeot, Rhydon, and Exeggutor/Venusaur.

However, how do you win those many coins at the corner of games or have enough savings to buy the same coins? It’s going to require some effort.

  • TM26 (Earthquake)

Earthquake is a must-have, as it’s one of the most offensive options in FRLG.

Even in neutral matchups, Earthquake can be powerful because it is a 100 base power with a 100 Accuracy statistic. It is the only one that can compete with Return. But, unlike Return Earthquake, it has extremely effective matchups.

The prevalence of poison types is high in Kanto, but when you reach Earthquake, it’s been missing several battles. Earthquake is great in…, And there are better alternatives to take on the remaining Pokemon that could hinder your progress through the remaining part of your story.

You can still apply it to Bruno’s Onix, Agatha’s Arbok Blue’s Rhydon, and Arcanine.

  • TM24 (Thunderbolt)

Thunderbolt is another TM that can be purchased from the Celadon Game Corner.

Although it’s not as wide of a distribution as Ice Beam has, I’d recommend that Thunderbolt is still a fantastic option to play for those who are Elite Four.

You’ll cover a significant portion of Elite Four’s Pokemon and perhaps half of your opponent’s team.

It’s a great option against Lorelei and Agatha’s Golbat and the Lance’s Gyarados and Aerodactyl, and also your competitor’s Pidgeot Gyarados/Blastoise Charizard (if you decide to go with Bulbasaur).

  • TM30 (Shadow Ball)

Shadow Ball, The Shadow Ball, is the final TM in this listing and can be purchased in the Celadon Game Corner.

Despite its costly price, Shadow Ball is this highly rated in my rankings because it’s the strongest counter for the most broken type of this game: psychic types.

As there aren’t any Dark-types in Kanto, The most solid Pokemon to take on Psychic-types are Psychic-types.

This can be taught to your Pokemon of the Psychic type, and then just tidy up your home.

If you’re looking for new ideas, we have a collection of the best Shadow Ball Pokemon.

It’s a great weapon to use effectively against Lorelei’s Psychic-types Agatha’s party, as well as your adversaries Alakazam. If you’re not ready for the Alakazam, it can overwhelm your team quickly. Make a game plan for that last game.

  • TM29 (Psychic)

Psychic is the most popular to-do list in FRLG, and you must look it up whenever you can Saffron.

It is superior to the Poison-types in Kanto and, unlike Earthquake, TM29’s Psychic will be accessible quite early, much like its 4th Gym.

There’s no need to impart this knowledge to your Psychic monsters as well. The majority of your Psychic creatures will eventually acquire Psychic through leveling up.

In this scenario, you could teach TM29 to a different Pokemon in your group to spread this Psychic coverage.

If you’re looking for some ideas to try, We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas to teach Psychic to. There are a few Psychic types on this list, but there are several unique ideas too.

Thunderbolt TM Fire Red is an exciting move to master for all Pokemon enthusiasts who are out there. It’s also a powerful move that can be used in various ways. The move is very effective against any Pokemon, and its capacity to inflict damage is among its main advantages. You must be sure to use this move with care. Within the Pokemon FireRed game, Thunderbolt is a strong Electric-type move that can be learned by various Pokemon species. Here are some ways to get the Thunderbolt TM (Technical Machine) in Pokemon FireRed:

  1. Purchase it from a retailer: You can buy the Thunderbolt TM from certain shops within the Pokemon FireRed game. One of the places to buy it is from the Celadon Department Store, located in the city of Celadon.
  2. Find it within the game’s globe: It is located in the game world: Thunderbolt TM can be found at various places in the game’s world. Be on the lookout for objects that may be hidden, and make certain to do your research whenever you’re in grassy areas or any other areas in which items could be hidden.
  3. You can get it as an incentive: You can get it as a reward: Thunderbolt TM can sometimes be given as a reward for accomplishing specific tasks or challenges within the game. You could, for instance, get your Thunderbolt TM as a reward for defeating a tough trainer or finishing an event or side quest.
  4. Trade it in among other gamers: It is possible to find someone willing to trade their ThunderboltTM for another object or Pokemon. You could try making a trade request through the Pokemon site or forum website or try trading with someone you know in the real world.


Electabuzz is an electric Pokemon with a strong move pool. It is commonly utilized as a substitute for lightning rods. But it’s not as strong as other Electric-type Pokemon. To make the most of this Pokemon, it is recommended to focus on the Special Attack and Defense.

If Electabuzz is attacking the target, it’s got a 30% chance of making the target panic. This allows it to withstand more attacks.

The stats for Electabuzz are decent. However, they’re not as good as other Electric-type Pokemon. It’s also one of the fastest Electric Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.

Although it does have an impressive move pool, Electabuzz has some weaknesses. It is easily smashed by Pokemon that are on the ground. If you take a closer look, you’ll find it’s got a good defense and a good special attack.

Electabuzz can learn Thunderbolt along with Thunder Punch. It can utilize 136 Speed EVs that have the +Speed characteristic. Learn this technique by finishing one-quarter of Special Research, Electric for Electabuzz.

Electabuzz is also able to learn the technique of Thunder Wave. This defense is among the most effective Electric-types.

Electabuzz is considered to be an underused Pokemon. It has a lot of potential for the next generation. The future will be able to pair it with various new moves and forms.

Electabuzz is among The most adaptable Pokemon from Generation 3. While it’s considered an underused Pokemon, It’s an effective attack that can take on nearly any type of Pokemon.


If you’re looking for an electric-type Pokemon to include in your roster, Jolteon is a good option. With a quick move set and a strong special attack, you can deal serious harm to Jolteon.

Jolteon’s greatest strength lies in its ability to employ Thunderbolt. This powerful electric-type maneuver is known as a STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) that can be a formidable weapon to use against any opponent.

But, Thunderbolt can’t be as effective against physical attackers like Thunder Wave. However, Thunder Wave is still extremely useful if Jolteon comes with Bite.

Being a pure Electric-type, Jolteon’s range of moves is limited, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s got great Speed, and it can beat the majority of the metagame. It also has excellent Special Defense and a fairly decent Attack.

Jolteon may be attracted by Electric-type attacks, but they do not lose the power of their move. Jolteon’s cells produce a tiny amount of electricity that is amplified due to the static electricity that is present in its fur. They can also penetrate enemies.

Jolteon is a great last-minute sweeper. This means that it can take on physical opponents who are hard to beat with a special wall. Furthermore, Jolteon can stop opponents.

The most effective way to teach Jolteon is to breed. To accomplish this, you’ll need a female Jolteon and an Eevee. You can acquire both by changing Pikachu using The Thunder Stone from the Celadon Department Store.


Magnemite Magnemite is one of the Pokemon that has a gray metal body, one big eye, and magnetic-colored pair of horseshoe magnets on the body’s opposite sides. The magnets have a darker gray than the body itself.

Magnemite is part of the Electromagnetism Pokemon species. Because it lives off electricity, it’s attracted to anything emitting it. This includes power stations that are frequently the focus of Magnemite’s attacks. It hangs on to steel towers that support power lines. If it is out of power, it will sink to the earth.

Magnemite’s most powerful move is Thunderbolt. It employs to gives an increase of 20% in damage. In addition, it can benefit from a similar Type of attack bonus. If Magnemite utilizes Thunderbolt in its final turn, its power will increase by 30 percent.

Magnemite can also master Magnet Rise Magnemite can also learn Magnet Rise, a unique move that mimics Levitate over five rounds. Magnemite can use this technique to help them recover from an attack based on the ground. It can also master Lock-On, which permits it to utilize a non-damaging attack instead of its normal Attack.

Even though Magnemite doesn’t seem very interesting, it is an effective fight. It was, for instance, the winner of the 1st prize for Kanto Pokemon during the Pokemon of the Year 2021. Additionally, it can be encountered in nature.

In terms of attack statistics, Magnemite has a low HP. In addition, Magnemite is vulnerable to Fire or Fighting and Ground-type moves.


Magneton is an electric Pokemon. It is known for its strong magnetic power; the Magneton can destroy any electronic device or precision instrument. Its magnetic storm could destroy all electrical structures.

Magneton is often found in regions with an extremely high likelihood of lightning. It’s most likely to be seen if the magnetic field of the sun alters.

Despite its strength, Magneton is still weak to normal and fighting types. However, it boasts the most powerful Special Attack stat of all Electric types.

Usually, Magneton is found in high areas and waits for a powerful lightning strike. If it strikes the strike, it releases odd electrical signals. Additionally, it can change electricity to a barrier or platform.

Magneton is a famous Pokemon. A few towns have warned users that it should be kept as a Pokeball.

It is usually shown as a triangle made up of 3 Magnemite. But, it is also possible to split into three distinct Magnemite.

Magneton’s calculated stats differ according to the nature of the company, its degree, and the value of its effort. These include its EVs as well as its levels along with its effort values.

Magneton’s HP and Attack are small, yet they can deflect attacks. Despite its weakness in Attack, the creature can master Thunderbolt as it becomes available.

Magneton’s two main STAB Electric moves, Thunderbolt and Zap Cannon, can cut through Water and Flying-type. Despite having lower HP levels, it is immune to fairy and ground types.

Magneton is an extremely slower Electric Pokemon, but it has a decent defense and is invulnerable to poisons.

Physical activities that are excellent alternatives

In a sport as diverse in excitement as Fire Red and LeafGreen, there are numerous activities to take part in and places to visit. One of the most effective places to begin is to make the most you can from the team. This means that you must be aware of what the most effective strategies are and how to create them. Of course, you’ll be able to ensure you cover all your bases in the combat arena.

The best method to accomplish this is to research what your team members are doing. Knowing the background of your team members will allow you to figure out what they’re up to and what moves they can or shouldn’t make. Additionally, having a good understanding of your adversaries can be a huge advantage in the fighting arena. It is important to determine who is more powerful and more knowledgeable, and most efficient. If you can correctly do this, you’ll be able to enjoy an epic battle and possibly an eventual winner. Finding a teammate that is the most powerful is an excellent idea since they’ll be able to fight your strongest opponents.

The best method to make sure you can gain an advantage over your competitors is to make sure that you’ve got the proper combination of gear and movements. It’s possible to have plenty of strength, but in the absence of defenses for special situations, you’re doomed. In this regard, you must increase your team’s strength with items related to health, items that deal with item dex or buffs, dependable trainers, and smart trainers.

HM02 FlyHM02 Fly

If you’re looking for an easy method to travel across the globe, you should try to Fly an attempt. It’s got a lot of benefits that include the possibility of teleporting to another area on the world map. It can also be used to deflect massive attacks.

It’s the Fly HM in FireRed, and LeafGreen is among the HMs you should learn about. If you use it correctly, it will take you to where you need to be quick. This is a fantastic option for those who don’t like walking.

Fly isn’t as effective as the other amazing HMs. But it has some of the most interesting details. For example, if you’re stuck in an uneasy situation, a flying move such as Supersonic Skystrike will likely get you out.

One of the exciting advantages that are unique to the HM is the ability to impart it onto your Pokemon. To be able to do this, you’ll need the Cascade Badge. If participating in a Gen IV game, you must master performing the “Stealth Rock” version of the same movie.

It’s also not good to impart the skill to your favorite Flying Pokemon. With impressive Speed as well as an Attack rating, You’re going to be in for a great time. Additionally, you’ll maximize the effectiveness of your skills.

If you’re in a pinch, you may even chop down a tree to obtain the HM. But, it’s better to take the proper method and avoid unneeded complications.


Why is Thunderbolt TM in Fire Red significant? What is it?

Several Pokemon in Fire Red may learn the powerful Electric-type move Thunderbolt TM. It is one of the greatest Electric-type techniques in the game with a basic power of 90 and 100% accuracy. Throughout the early and middle stages of the game, Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon are particularly difficult to defeat with Thunderbolt.

Where can I get Fire Red Thunderbolt TM?

The Power Plant, which is on Route 10, is where you may find Thunderbolt TM. You need the HM Surf, which you can get by beating the gym leader in Fuchsia City, in order to go to the Power Plant. After you get to the Power Plant, you have to make your way past the labyrinth of electric barriers to get inside. To the right of the main entrance is a chamber where you may locate Thunderbolt TM within.

Is there any other way in Fire Red to get Thunderbolt TM?

No, obtaining Thunderbolt TM requires travelling to the Power Plant on Route 10. It is not available for purchase or to be acquired in any other way in the game.

Which Pokemon in Fire Red can learn Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is a move that both Electric and non-Electric types of Pokemon may learn in Fire Red. Pikachu, Raichu, Jolteon, Zapdos, and Electabuzz are among of the top options. Yet many other Pokemon, including as Charizard, Venusaur, and Gyarados, may also learn Thunderbolt.

How do I educate my Pokemon in Fire Red Thunderbolt?

In Fire Red, you must first acquire the Thunderbolt TM from the Power Plant on Route 10 in order to teach Thunderbolt to a Pokemon. The Move Tutor may be found at the Pokemon Center. The Thunderbolt TM must then be chosen from your inventory and applied to the Pokemon you wish to teach it to. The TM will be used, and your Pokemon will learn the move.