How to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin in The Blood and Why It Is So Important: Looking for Reasons in Food

How to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin in The Blood and Why It Is So Important: Looking for Reasons in Food

How to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin in The Blood and Why It Is So Important: Looking for Reasons in Food

With lots of work and other tasks, you often have no time to eat healthily. Besides, many people are sure they can take care of their health on vacation or weekends. They think that a few hours of healthy eating can work as some magical treatment. Mostly, people start paying attention to their health when they are feeling unwell. For instance, the lack of many vital vitamins and minerals that we do not get during the day can cause really bad illnesses. In many cases, it does not let you enjoy your life fully. Also, it does not let you work productively as well.

For instance, the decreased level of hemoglobin in the blood brings tons of negative consequences. Hemoglobin is a special iron-rich protein that carries oxygen all through your body. Without a proper hemoglobin level, you will feel pretty bad. Your body needs a certain level of hemoglobin carrying oxygen throughout the body. Without it, you will feel constant fatigue, dizziness, and general weakness. The bad appetite and rapid heartbeat are also symptoms of a low level of hemoglobin. You need to enrich your diet with iron-rich food, various vitamins, and essential nutrients. The named healthy nutrients include vitamin C and folic acid in the first place.

How to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin in The Blood

The significance of proper hemoglobin level is quite obvious. Without it, you will constantly feel unwell. It will be impossible to work productively. It will be even more difficult to keep yourself motivated enough to process your daily duties. Fortunately, many options allow us to increase the hemoglobin level. Once you plan a healthy diet with the required nutrients and iron-rich products included, you will completely forget about feeling unwell. 

Also, an iron-rich diet is directly related to longevity. Indicators of a biochemical blood test must be monitored and maintained in a healthy norm throughout life. This is especially important in retirement age. Physical activity helps maintain healthy iron levels in the blood. For good health, you need to do cardio exercises 3 times a week for an hour and a half. The main thing in this difficult matter is regularity.

Recommendations on the frequency of activity can only be given by your doctor, depending on your sex, weight and age. You should always pay attention to your own feelings. It is also helpful to monitor your heart rate while exercising.

The level of water balance is quite important for maintaining the level of hemoglobin in the blood. An adult is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. With physical exertion, this value may increase.

How to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin in The Blood and Why It Is So Important: Looking for Reasons in Food

Increase Folic Acid Consumption

Folic acid or another called B-complex vitamin, is an essential nutrient. Once lacking, your hemoglobin level will be constantly low. There are many sources for increasing folic acid consumption. It includes broccoli, bananas, chicken liver, dried beans, sprouts, and leafy vegetables.

You can use a special app to plan your healthy diet. The house plant finder will allow checking information about various vegetation. The famous plant identifier app can be beneficial as well. The Lily plant identification application lists the key characteristics of every plant. You can find out there that beetroot, for instance, is a great source of folic acid as well.

Chose to Drink Nettle Tea Daily

The significance of nettle tea is in its key components. It is full of vitamins C and B. Also, it contains some iron. It helps effectively increase hemoglobin levels. You need only a few teaspoons of nettle tea to add to a hot water cup to make your daily potion. Once drinking it twice a day, you will reach the desired result fast.

 Focus on Vitamin C-Rich Products

Vitamin C should be a vital part of your iron-rich diet as well. This vitamin is required to let your body absorb iron properly. You can find lots of vitamin C in oranges, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, lemon, tomatoes, and grapefruit.

Add Many Iron-Rich Foods to Your Diet

You can use any app that can offer you a list of the most iron-rich foods. You can use apps like house plant finder easily. To allow us to reach a proper level of hemoglobin, our bodies need to absorb enough iron that comes from various products. The major list includes beetroot, leafy vegetables, spinach, tofu, chicken liver, asparagus pumpkin seed, raising, and dates.

Make a Habit to Eat Apples Daily

Apples help control your hemoglobin levels well. This is a very iron-rich fruit that is very beneficial for people who have problems with hemoglobin levels. You can eat apples or drink apple juice if you like. Apples should always be part of your healthy diet.

Avoid Any Iron Blockers

When you plan your iron-rich diet, it is logical to learn about iron blockers.  Many products do not allow your body to absorb iron properly. They decrease the abilities of your body to absorb such a needed nutrient. It includes coffee, cola, tea, beer, and wine. Thus, you need to avoid them once focusing on your iron-rich diet.


If you have problems with your health, it can be caused by low hemoglobin levels. Once checking the hemoglobin level in your blood, you can start with a suitable treatment. If you feel a little fatigue and dizziness, it can be caused by a low hemoglobin level. Even the rapid heartbeat and bad appetite are symptoms. Our entire body is suffering when the hemoglobin level is falling.

You need to plan a proper iron-rich diet to make yourself feel better. You need to consume products rich in vitamins C and B as well. Make sure you do not intake any iron blockers. A healthy iron-rich diet can treat bad well-being effectively. In case you have severe dizziness or strong weakness, you may need to contact your doctor to get a prescription for iron supplements.