How To Play A Good Prop Hunt?

How To Play A Good Prop Hunt?

How To Play A Good Prop Hunt?

PropHunt functions like a hide-and-seek game. The players on the RED team disguised as props receive a 30-second setup time to conceal, while players on the BLUE team must track them down and kill them within the given time. After every round, the teams switch: the Hunters (blue) change to the Hunted (red), and the reverse is true.

Game Mechanics

Game mechanics are a crucial aspect of GMod Prop Hunt that determines how the game is played and the way players can succeed. Understanding every player’s rules and responsibilities is essential to succeeding during gameplay.

A brief overview of the rules of the game

In Prop Hunt, the players are split between two squads Props and Hunters. Props are items found on the map, and they can transform into them to protect themselves from hunters. Hunters are, however, equipped with weapons and must locate and kill all props to finish the game before time expires.

The game usually consisted of several rounds, and teams swapped sides following each round. The team that has won the most rounds is the winner of the game. The game could end quickly if one team eliminates the entire opposition team.

Roles of Props and Hunters

What makes the roles of props or hunters very different? Props must use their skills to blend into the surrounding environment and avoid detection. Hunters need to use their weapons to hunt down and take out props.

Props can be any type on the map, but they are restricted by the dimensions or shape they select. They are also able to rotate their object to blend in with the surroundings more effectively. Props are limited in terms of health, and hunters can destroy them.

On the other hand, hunters are equipped with various weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and grenades. They can also sprint and jump, giving them an advantage in terms of tactical strategy over props. Hunters are required to use their weapons to hunt down and eliminate prop hunters. However, they must take care not to hurt their fellow players or damage the map.

How do I become a hunter or a prop?

Players have to decide which of them would like to play as a prop or a hunter each round. The game then assigns gamers to one or both teams. If players are dissatisfied with their team, they may either quit the game or remain until the next round to change teams.

After the teams have been assigned, the players can select their prop or weapon. Props can be transformed into any item located on the map by pressing on it using the “E” key. Hunters can select their weapons by pressing the “Q” key and selecting the available options.

How to jump, move, and also use weapons?

Moving across the map is essential for both props and hunters. Props can be moved. They can use the arrow keys as well as the WASD keys. They can move their objects by clicking with the mouse. Hunters are able to move and jump by pressing the exact keys Props use. However, they are also able to sprint using the shift button.

The use of weapons is essential for hunters. They can aim and shoot by pressing their left click and changing weapons with the mouse wheel or number keys. They can even throw explosives by hitting the left mouse button.

Strategies For Props

The role of a prop Playing the role of a prop in a GMod prop hunt can be thrilling and demanding. Props must use their abilities to blend into the surrounding environment and stay out of sight of hunters. 

The right prop to choose

A major and crucial choice that props have to make is deciding on the best object to change into. Selecting an object that is in harmony with the surroundings and does not seem inappropriate for the area is crucial. Beware of objects that are either too big or too small. They aren’t often seen on maps.

Another crucial aspect to be considered is the position of the objects. Objects in open areas or directly in the view of hunters are not recommended. Instead, pick objects that are concealed in the corners or behind other objects to provide more protection.

Tips and tricks for hiding

Once a prop has selected its object, it’s crucial to hide the object to keep it out of the reach of hunters. A good method is to rotate the object to make it more compatible with its surroundings. Props may also employ the “Crouch” key to lower their appearance and make it difficult for hunters to recognize them.

Another method to make your life easier is to utilize another method of utilizing the “Prop Block” ability. Props can block doors or narrow passageways by turning into pieces of furniture and placing them in the direction of the object. This can cause a slowdown for hunters and give them the opportunity to flee or locate an alternative hiding place.

Working with Hunters

Hunters pose the greatest risk in the fight for props. Prop hunting is crucial, and it is crucial to be aware of how to handle these creatures. One method is to employ tricks and distractions. Props can change into multiple objects or even create duplicates of themselves to make it difficult for hunters. They can also employ taunts to target different areas of the map.

Another option is to utilize the surroundings in your favor. Props can be positioned on top of other objects or used with the “Prop Surf” technique to be swift and avoid being detected. They may also utilize shadows to benefit themselves because they are difficult to identify in low-light conditions.

Strategies For Hunters

Strategies For Hunters

The role of a hunter in a Hunter GMod Prop Hunt can be an exhilarating and challenging adventure. Hunters must use their weapons and abilities to locate and eliminate all props in the game before time expires. 

Methods to Find Props

Finding props in a prop hunt can be difficult since they are often a part of the surroundings and become difficult to identify. A good strategy is to look for objects that do not belong or don’t match their surroundings. Items that do not fit the surroundings will be more likely to look genuine than fake.

Another option is the use of audio signals to locate props. Props produce sounds when they jump, move, or utilize their capabilities, which can aid hunters in locating them. Being attentive to the sound and following the sounds may help guide you to the hidden spot, the Pprops.

The use of weapons and strategies

Selecting the best weapon and utilizing it efficiently is crucial for hunters participating in prop hunting. SMGs and shotguns are effective in destroying objects and clearing out areas, while pistols and SMGs are great for long-range warfare.

Another key strategy is to collaborate with your colleagues. Collaboration with your team will assist you in covering more ground and locating props faster. Communication is crucial in that you can inform your team members about the locations of props or alert them to danger zones.

The team should not be killed

Team killing is problematic during prop hunting because hunters may accidentally kill their fellow hunters as they attempt to remove props. To prevent team killing, it is important to exercise caution when shooting your weapon and to be aware of the area around you. Beware of shooting at any objects or areas your team members are in.

Another method is to use a flashlight to determine whether an object is a prop or an opponent. Props cannot emit light; therefore, shining your flashlight onto an object will reveal whether it’s a prop.

Advanced Techniques

To be truly successful at playing the game, players should master advanced strategies that will help them gain an edge over their competitors. Here, we’ll look at the most efficient and advanced methods for prop hunting.

Prop surfing

Prop surfing can be described as a strategy that involves riding a prop through the map to be swift and speedy in avoiding hunters. Prop surfing is when players transform a prop and then use an object as a surfboard. They can then move across the map at fast speeds, which makes it hard for hunters to track them.

It requires a lot of training and experience since it is difficult for users to manage their prop when surfing. It is also essential to stay clear of collisions with other players or objects because they could damage the prop.

The sound effects and taunts

The use of sound effects and taunts could be employed to deceive and confuse hunters. Props may use taunts to distract attention from their hideout and cause confusion. Hunters can also use sounds to create the illusion that they are firing at their target or loading up their gun, which can lead them to reveal their own hiding place.

It is crucial to employ these techniques carefully and strategically because overuse can cause them to become predictable and unproductive. Paying attention to your surroundings and employing the appropriate sound effects for the location are also crucial.

Knowledge of maps and navigation

Understanding the map’s plan and the objects’ locations is essential to succeeding when playing Prop Hunt. The players must be aware of the various regions of the map as well as the best places to hide props. They should also be aware of the movements of their adversaries and adjust their game plan accordingly.

Navigation is equally important in that players must be able to move swiftly and efficiently across the map. Awareness of shortcuts and the most efficient routes to different map regions will give players a huge advantage.

Improvisation and innovative thinking

Prop Hunt is a game that demands players think outside the box and think of innovative ways to solve problems. Players need to be able to adjust to the changing environment and utilize their skills in a variety of ways.

For instance, prop hunters could use their ability to move objects to build an obstacle and slow down hunters. A hunter might use a grenade to smash the wall to expose a hidden trap. People who explore the possibilities and develop different methods are more likely to be successful in prop hunting.

Best Practices And Etiquette

Etiquettes and best practices are crucial to creating an enjoyable and positive game for all participants on GMod Prop Hunt. Players must adhere to specific rules to ensure fair play, respect for other players, and the smooth running of the sport. 

Fair play and sportsmanship

Fair play and sportsmanship are essential to creating an enjoyable and positive experience for everyone involved. All players should play with respect and integrity toward their opponents. This includes avoiding cheating or exploiting flaws during the game and refraining from using abusive words or behavior.

It is equally important to be a decent player or a loser. Both losing and winning are elements of the game, and players should not be giddy or mock their opponents following a win. Also, players should not be angry or snarky with others when they lose.

Communication with coworkers

Communication is vital to success when it comes to hunting. Players must communicate with their fellow players to collaborate on their efforts and locate props. This involves using a text chat or voice chat to share information regarding the whereabouts of props, warn of dangerous zones, and coordinate attacks.

However, it is essential not to spam voice or chat channels. Users should only share pertinent information and avoid interruptions or distractions.

Respecting the rules of the server

Each server could have specific rules, guidelines, and regulations when participating in Prop Hunt. The players must adhere to these rules and guidelines to ensure fair play and avoid being kicked out or banned from the server.

This is a way to avoid behaviors like team killing and using offensive language, exploiting bugs or glitches within the game, or interrupting other game players. Also, players should not violate the rules of the game’s mode of play, like playing in areas that are not accessible or making use of objects that aren’t included in the map.

Handling toxic players

Some players can be abusive or use abusive language during games. Knowing how to handle such players is essential to ensuring the game is enjoyable and pleasant for everyone.

Players are able to report abusive behavior to server administrators or moderators. They may also muffle or block toxic players to prevent being negatively affected by their behavior. It is crucial not to engage with players who are toxic or reacting to their actions since this could cause more problems and disrupt the game of other players.

How Do I Play Prop Hunter Mod With Friends?

The game of Prop Hunt with friends in GMod is a thrilling method of spending time online. Here’s how to participate in Prop Hunt with your friends in GMod:

  1. Start Garry’s Mod and select “Project Hunt” from the main menu as the Prop Hunt game mode.
  2. Select the map you would like to play on. You can let it pick one for you.
  3. Invite your acquaintances to join your online game by sharing your IP
  4. After your players have joined your game, you can divide them into two teams: props and hunters. The props will appear as objects on the map while the hunters attempt to locate and remove them.
  5. The game will start, and then the props will be given just a few minutes to conceal themselves before the Hunters release them.
  6. The props have to try to keep their distance and stay away from being killed by hunters. If one of them is killed, they’ll be part of the Hunter group for the rest of the game.
  7. The game ends when all props are eliminated or the timer runs out. Teams will then change roles, and the hunters who were previously hunters are now props, and vice versa.
  8. Keep playing until everyone has had a chance to play both teams. It is also possible to switch maps or the game mode so that you keep it new and exciting.

Engaging in Prop Hunt with friends in GMod can be an enjoyable experience, and it’s an excellent way to get together on the internet. Make sure to enjoy yourself, get inventive with your hiding spots, and work in a team to defeat the Hunters.

Gmod Prop Hunt Download

To download Prop Hunt for Garry’s Mod (GMod), you must follow these steps:

  1. Start Steam on your PC and log into your Steam account.
  2. On the bar for searching in the search bar, type “Garry’s Mod” and select the game in the search results.
  3. Click the “Add to Cart” button and complete the purchase procedure to purchase GMod if you haven’t yet.
  4. After GMod has been installed on your PC, start the game.
  5. On the main menu, click “Add-ons” and then “Browse.”
  6. Within the search box, enter “Prop Hunt” and press Enter.
  7. An array of Prop Hunt add-ons will appear. Select the one you want to download, then click the “Subscribe” button.
  8. You must wait for the download to finish. The add-on will then be integrated into GMod.
  9. When the download is completed Once the download is completed, open GMod again and select the Prop Hunt game mode from the main menu.
  10. Pick the map. Invite your friends and begin the game, Prop Hunt.

That’s it! Now you’re able to play Prop Hunt with your friends in GMod. Ensure everyone playing has downloaded this Prop Hunt add-on before starting the game.


What is Prop Hunt?

Prop Hunt is a popular game mode in which players split into two teams, Hunters and Props. The Props hide as objects within the game environment while the Hunters try to find and eliminate them before the time runs out. The game is won by the team with the most points at the end of the round.

How do I play Prop Hunt?

To play Prop Hunt, you will need to join a server that hosts the game mode. Once you have joined, you will be prompted to choose your team, either the Hunters or the Props. The game will then begin, and the Props will have a short amount of time to hide before the Hunters are released to start searching for them.

What are some tips for playing as a Hunter in Prop Hunt?

As a Hunter in Prop Hunt, your goal is to find and eliminate the Props. To do this effectively, it is essential to pay attention to your surroundings and look for any objects that seem out of place or that are moving slightly. Keep in mind that Props can move around to avoid detection, so it is important to be patient and persistent in your search.

What are some tips for playing as a Prop in Prop Hunt?

As a Prop in Prop Hunt, your goal is to blend in with the environment and avoid detection by the Hunters. Choose a prop that fits in with the surroundings and try to hide in a location that is not too obvious. You can also move around to avoid being detected, but be careful not to draw too much attention to yourself.

How can I improve my performance in Prop Hunt?

To improve your performance in Prop Hunt, it is important to practice and familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Pay attention to the strategies used by other players and try to incorporate them into your own gameplay. Additionally, communication with your team is crucial, so make sure to communicate your location and any relevant information to your teammates.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in Prop Hunt?

A common mistake in Prop Hunt is to choose a prop that is too obvious or that stands out from the environment. Make sure to choose a prop that blends in well with the surroundings to avoid detection. Additionally, it is important to avoid moving around too much as a Prop, as this can draw attention to yourself and make it easier for the Hunters to find you.