How to Track a Phone Number and Find Location For Free

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How to Track a Phone Number and Find Location For Free

There are just two legal alternatives: A phone lookup service can help you find any phone in a specific location. A phone surveillance app can be used to trace the phone and its number.

There are several websites where you can find the location of a particular phone number. Some of these sites allow you to track a phone number on social media. For example, Spokeo is a great tool to track a number. Google is another great option. There are other services as well, like Spy Phone Number Locator, which can help you find the location of a phone number online. But you must know how to use them effectively.


If you’ve ever had trouble tracking down a prank caller or simply want to learn more about someone’s background, Spokeo is an app for you. With more than a billion phone records, Spokeo is the best website for people trying to find out who they’re talking to. Spokeo can also find out who’s been using Facebook Messenger or even your biological mother. In addition, this website makes it easier to search by name and location.

Spokeo can’t track a phone’s location in real-time. Still, it can help you find important details about the owner, including address, name, and approximate location. Moreover, you can also see the person’s VOIP or landline type and any previous addresses or social media profiles. You can also flag suspicious calls and alert authorities using Spokeo.

One of the reasons why Spokeo is so popular is its ease of use. You can search for people by phone number, name, email address, and residential address. Spokeo has billions of records, including 130 million public records, 120+ billion social networks, 600 million court records, 89 billion business, and 6 billion customer records. In addition, Spokeo frequently updates data and provides more accurate results.

Another reason to use Spokeo is that it offers access to critical information such as social media profiles, court records, and criminal records. Not only does Spokeo have access to this information, but it also has a website and mobile app. So whether it’s on your cell phone, you can track a number’s location with Spokeo. And because Spokeo is free, you’ll have to use it carefully.

Tracking a phone number

There are a few free methods for tracking a phone number and finding its location. One is to use social media sites. For example, Facebook and Twitter both allow users to share their location with the world. However, these websites generally keep phone numbers private by default. Therefore, you need to publicize the phone number if you wish to track its location. In addition to social media sites, you can also use a mobile tracking service to find where a specific cell phone is located.

One simplest method is installing a small app on the phone you want to track. Spyine is only 2MB, but it can be installed in just a few minutes. Once installed, it sends the tracking data to a web dashboard that you can access from your phone, PC, or both. Spyine works with iOS devices since it extracts the phone’s location from the iCloud account. If you don’t have an iCloud account, you’ll need to know the password to access the account. However, once you’ve done that, you can use the web dashboard to track any phone number and get its location in real-time.

If you’re worried about the privacy of a particular caller, you can also use a reverse phone lookup service. Sites like TruthFinder allow you to perform a simple search by typing the number into the search box. Then, you can get the address of the caller, as well as the name, address, and even email address. Moreover, these websites are updated regularly, making them more accurate than other services. The reports you receive can include the name, photos, and other information about the caller.

A third-party website is another option. These sites can help you track any phone number and find its location for free. These sites are specialized in identifying subscriber details. You can also perform searches on landline and mobile numbers. These services work in the background, so you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable data. But you should be aware of the restrictions imposed by your cellular service provider before using these tools.

One of the best and cheapest tracking tools is called Phone Location. It works in the background without affecting the performance of your device. It allows you to check your target phone’s location in seconds. To get started, all you need to do is enter the target number’s country code and the international format and click the launch button. The app will pinpoint its location in more than 150 regions.

One of the most comprehensive tracking tools available is Spokeo. It offers a free way to lookup phone numbers. It finds their location and details about their social media profiles, court records, and criminal records. Spokeo also provides information on the type of phone used by the owner. You can also use Spokeo to suspicious flag activity or identify random contacts. While it’s impossible to trace a phone number and find its location in real-time, it offers valuable information.

Tracking a phone number on social media

If you’re wondering how to track a phone number on social media, you’ve come to the right place. Many free tools can help you find out who a particular phone number belongs to. For example, Spokeo is a powerful free tool for looking up a phone number’s background. Not only can you look up the owner’s social media profile, but you can also find out if they have any criminal records or court cases. Spokeo is particularly useful because it offers a detailed report of the phone owner’s background.

One of the easiest ways to track a phone number is to search through the public profiles of a person’s account on a social media site. You can find out details such as whether a person has a private profile or if they are open to public connections. Facebook and Twitter have search bars where you can type the person’s name or phone number. You can also use their contact syncing feature to find profiles associated with a phone number.

Another popular way to track a phone number on social media is to find a business account for the person. Using their corporate site, you can find the business profile associated with the number. In addition, many people have accounts linked to their business profiles. Combining these techniques will make it easy to locate a business account linked to a phone number. This can help you find a business account that belongs to someone you’re suspicious of.

Another way to track a friend’s social media accounts is through social media lookup tools. Although some of your friends don’t use social media platforms for personal communication, you can still find their Facebook or Twitter profiles using the proper tools. These tools provide detailed public records on a particular person. All you need to do is enter the person’s phone number and click the search button. You will get the information you need.

You can also track a phone number on Facebook using reverse lookup tools. If the owner of the number you’re tracking wants you to know their social media accounts, you can do it easily. These free tools offer basic information that you can use in conjunction with other free tools. You can also look up the number using a search engine to find their account. Search engines such as Google prioritize social networks, and if they don’t exist, they are probably fake numbers.

Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to search a phone number by name. Another great tool is the reverse phone number lookup, which searches cell phone directories across the web and can find any phone numbers that are associated with a person. This is a free tool that can be used to trace a cell phone number. If you’re worried that your child is using a social networking service, track down the owner’s identity.