I Think My Husband Married Me For a Green Card

I Think My Husband Married Me For a Green Card

I Think My Husband Married Me For a Green Card

Is it possible that my husband is married to get a green card? I am married to a man who claims to be married to get a green card, but he says he’s not. After all, he’s abusive and a liar. He also went to a women’s shelter to apply for a U Visa. How do I find out whether he’s telling the truth?

He married me for a green card

You may be asking yourself – I think my husband married me for a Green Card. Is he right? You must be wondering why he would do such a thing, especially if you’ve only been married for two years!

The simplest explanation is that if you married a foreign national already in the country, he must apply for green card sponsorship through his employer. But if this is not the case, he must be in it to gain a green card.

If you think your husband married you for a Green Card, you are not alone. Many embittered U.S. citizens have reported their ill-gotten spouses as illegal aliens who married them to get a green card.

Fortunately, you can report your suspect to ICE or USCIS. It’s never too late to report marriage fraud. It is never too late to file a complaint, and filing an immigration case against your husband is the first step in establishing your legal status.

There are a few requirements to receive a green card through marriage. Firstly, you must have lawfully entered the United States. If you have entered the country without lawful authorization, you must apply for a 601A waiver.

Consult an immigration attorney if you’re unsure if you qualify for the green card through marriage. Also, your marriage must be genuine – you may have to go through a series of questions and be willing to allow USCIS to check your life together.

He is a liar

I think my husband married me for a “green card” – you’re not alone. I had a friend whose first marriage had ended in divorce, and I’m not proud of it, either. Her Pakistani boyfriend promised her everything and made sure to pick a good time to get married. He paid for all of his paperwork, got a new job, and got a CNA license, but he was clearly in it. My friend had been betrayed by her first husband.

The woman alleges that her alien husband became unfaithful and abusive to her after she refused to sign his immigration paperwork. Afterward, her husband went to a women’s shelter in New Mexico. He was told to get a VAWA abuse petition and file for a restraining order. She then sought counseling from the same shelter. The VAWA abuse petition was approved, but only after she lied about her immigration status.

He is abusive

It’s a sad reality, but many foreign nationals are married for the green card and don’t realize it. Unfortunately, many such couples fail to recognize that their abusive partner is a permanent resident in Canada. This makes them the target of an unfair and unjust divorce proceeding. Fortunately, there are some ways to protect yourself from an abusive husband, even if your marriage is in another country.

First, don’t let your husband pressure you into obtaining a green card. Your well-being comes first. He may not have the right to sponsor you for one, and you’re likely to be denied. However, if he is genuinely abusive, you can seek legal help or even try to self-petition for a green card. Your attorney can give you a legal opinion on whether your spouse’s behavior qualifies as abuse.

Another couple recently experienced a similar situation. A man from Iowa married a Jamaican woman and obtained a green card for her. The woman reportedly moved out of the house after signing immigration paperwork. The man, however, claims that the woman left him when he discovered her husband was a drunk driver. Then, the woman moved to a women’s shelter to pursue her green card. The American husband maintains that no domestic abuse was involved when she moved out.

He went to a women’s shelter to seek a U Visa

The woman tells her story to an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C.: She was married for 10 years and suffered abuse from her husband. He left her for another woman when she became pregnant and refused to complete his immigrant visa petition. Angela said she feared being separated from her children and deported if she did not sign the paperwork.

The woman claims her alien husband acted disinterested in the relationship and made up bogus stories about the R.N.’s military career. She also claims her husband tried to provoke confrontations for his VAWA petition. She claims she contacted the State Department, USCIS, U.S. White House, Homeland Security, FBI, and other government agencies to report the case. She has evidence of coercion and fraud, including a photo of a tattooed alien in her husband’s pocket.

He is trying to get a green card from a Russian woman

When a Russian woman marries a U.S. citizen, she will have to obtain an official marriage certificate for her husband’s immigration case. According to the State Department’s Country Reciprocity Schedule, marriage certificates from Russia are accepted. However, marriage certificates from churches and other institutions are not sufficient. It can take several months before a Russian citizen receives a green card.

This woman arrived in the United States with her daughter. After marrying the American citizen, the woman obtained a conditional green card. Unfortunately, the marriage was marred by quarrels, and after two years, she was divorced and moved back to Russia. In the meantime, the American man was married to an alien who had applied for a green card and then filed for divorce.

While there are stereotypes about Russian women seeking foreign husbands, the reality is far different. Most Russian women in large Russian cities do not marry foreigners to get a green card or a residence permit abroad. They marry foreigners because they cannot find suitable partners in Russia. While they would rather live in a foreign country, they may not have the financial means to support a family in their new country.

He is being intimidated by his wife

The husband has a felony conviction in the U.K. for fraudulently filing VAWA. He is now threatening to divorce his wife if she does not stop filing immigration paperwork. It sounds like a case of domestic violence, but it’s not. The man is likely in it to get a green card. If he does this, he is intimidated by his wife.