Indoor Plants For Drawing Room That Do Not Need Sunlight

Indoor Plants For Drawing Room That Do Not Need Sunlight

Indoor Plants For Drawing Room That Do Not Need Sunlight 

Never let the shady conditions stop you if you are too hesitant to grow some indoor plants because your home lacks bright sunlight. This article will discuss one of the best indoor plants for the drawing-room that does not need sunlight. 

Best Indoor Plants For Drawing Room 

You can easily speckle your home with the greenery and bring yourself too close to mother nature with our pick of some low-light plants that will grow without sunlight. These very low-maintenance plants are also tailor-made to suit your own busy lives as they can easily thrive in indirect sunlight and do not need a regular amount of pruning or watering. 

So, with these kinds of varieties of the low light and the no-light indoor plants, you can also decorate just about any corner of the home- hallways, basements, windows, and balconies that will not get any of the suns. 

1. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese evergreen is a very durable plant that will tolerate a good amount of neglect. Mature plants will produce lovely, white blooms that resemble the calla lilies. However, Chinese evergreen will thrive in a meager light or under a regular bulb, and then too much of the light will scorch the leaves. Choose a good variety with the much darker leaves, as variegated types of cream or silver markings will require a bit more light. 

2. Mother-In-Law’s Tongues 

This plant will earn its unique name because of the very sharp edges of its leaves. If you wonder which kind of plant can quickly grow without sunlight, your second stop should be these popular plants. 

Not only does it grow exceptionally, but it stores water in its foliage. So you have to be very careful not to water the plant as the roots can quickly rot. However, avoid this plant if you have some pets at home, as ingesting this can upset their stomach. Also, wear gloves when moving these deficient light indoor plants that will grow without the help of sunlight to prevent the possible minor skin irritations efficiently. 

3. Lucky Bamboo Plants 

Although it is not a bamboo plant, the lucky bamboo instantly will capture the hearts with its very mini, bonsai-like proportions. They are also especially suitable for the zen-like minimalist interiors and are also very commonly sold in two ways-potted in the soil or suspended in the water. 

According to the feng shui, the auspicious bamboo plants will attract the auspicious energy, depending on the large number of the stalks clumped together. These deficient light indoor plants that will quickly grow without sunlight are also available in various sizes to suit any corner of your home. You have to be sure to water it only when the soil feels very dry to touch. 

4. Peace Lilies 

These are yet another variety of plants that will not need sun and will purify the air also at the same time. However, the only peace lily will need regular watering. Also, this kind of indoor plant has to be kept away from the direct light as its leaves can also get damaged. 

Follow these straightforward steps and enjoy your peace lilies as they will flourish and lend a calm ambiance to your own home. You can also find more desk-top indoor plants without the sunlight like the peace lily from these plants will make your work more. 

5. Thriving Spider Plants 

The wildly chaotic way the spider plants will grow makes it a desirable option for hanging pots or baskets or adorning floor areas. Keep it away from the direct light, and you should water it regularly to prevent it from looking shabby and unkempt easily. These deficient light indoor plants that will grow without the sunlight are also straightforward to propagate using their new stems with the flowers. 

6. Pothos 

If you ask any of the experts which plant does not need the sunlight to grow, then the photos will always be among the first names you will come to hear. Give it some support and watch it climb elegantly, or plant it in hanging pots and admire its beautiful hanging tendrils. These photos are also known as the Devil’s Ivy; it is also very tough and is among one of the best indoor plants for dark rooms. The pothos, one of the plants that will not need the sun to grow, can quickly purify the air with carbon monoxide. Trim the vines and the water periodically to keep it looking just full and very luscious. 

Final Words

In this article we have tried to explain one of the best plants for your drawing room that do not need any sunlight. We do recommend you to do some of the time to your research of your own to get the best results.