Is Agoda Legit? Why is Agoda So Cheap?

Is Agoda Legit? Why is Agoda So Cheap?

Is Agoda Legit? Why is Agoda So Cheap?

When it comes to booking hotels, Agoda seems to be one of the most popular options out there – with over 300,000 available listings in about 80,000 hotels worldwide; it’s no wonder that Agoda has quickly grown into one of them the most popular travel sites in recent years.

But how do you know that Agoda isn’t full of fake listings? How do you know that they’re legit? It doesn’t seem like much work to set up an account and add some pictures and pricing information, but what if your account gets closed down?

Is Agoda legit? 

Agoda seems to be in the industry for a long time and seems to have over 1 million hotels in over 200 nations. Agoda offers excellent value for money. Its interface is simple to use, and it’s easy to find hotels with decent locations and good reviews. What’s more, Agoda often has better rates than booking directly through a hotel chain or other third-party websites. When booking Agoda, you can choose whether you want your credit card charged in dollars or Thai baht.

Payment in local currency will give you access to special discounts unavailable when paying in U.S. dollars, which makes a big difference for those who live abroad! Paying directly in the U.S

How Agoda became popular

Agoda was created in 2005 by a team of tech entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to build a new kind of travel company that improved online and offline experiences for people all over Asia. Their goal was simple – create a website that would become Asia’s leading online hotel booking company, giving travelers access to great value hotels through easy-to-use technology.

Agoda have made a lot of progress since, with over 45 million tourist arrivals annually (as of June 2013) and $867 million in reservations since December 31, 2012. Their mission remains the same as when we were first founded: Make Agoda your destination for finding hotels on your next trip.

The company behind it

Agoda was started in 2004 by a team of ex-Expedia executives, its name an amalgamation of Asia and go. It’s one of Asia’s most popular online travel services, serving more than 190 countries from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Indonesia. The company provides hotel bookings to over 750,000 hotels worldwide; it has never missed a payment to any hotelier on record. Overall, Agoda customers have booked more than 100 million nights worth more than US$30 billion in revenue.

What you get from them

It’s a question that everyone who uses Agoda needs to ask themselves at some point: Am I safe booking here, or could I be making my booking website for free and saving hundreds of dollars per month in commissions? And for anyone considering using Agoda, one of our recommended Hotel websites, you should be aware that there are some questions left unanswered by their literature regarding safety. Is Agoda legit? 

The platform features

Agoda lists a large number of hotels. It has many more accommodations than Expedia, and it’s cheaper, which can be appealing for hotel-goers on a budget. Some users report that Agoda does not list all available hotels in a given area and that travelers sometimes have trouble finding listings for popular destinations like Bangkok or Paris.

Agoda offers a few features beyond booking rooms: Guests can reserve flights and buy travel insurance through Agoda. However, neither of these services is as robust as those provided by other platforms. For example, although you can purchase flight insurance through Agoda (just like you can on TripAdvisor), you cannot book your airline tickets here—the flight option only covers flights between airports with no support for booking individual airlines.

Why is Agoda so cheap?

Agoda has become a well-known and trusted online hotel booking site by travelers and hoteliers alike. One of those rare websites seems to have managed to keep an outstanding balance between customers and hotels by offering competitive rates, customer service, and comprehensive info on hundreds of thousands of accommodation locations in over 100 countries worldwide.

As a result, they now boast over 50 million visitors per month. It would be easy for them to take advantage of clients who may not know any better with a large booking capacity. However, their insistence on charging only what they call accurate prices clarifies that their clientele is nothing but honest tourists looking for reasonably priced vacations without any hidden charges or tricks up their sleeves.

Secret tips

I think it’s essential. There are a lot of known discount travel websites that have very different prices than all other ones. If you’re looking for a budget option, check Agoda because they sometimes offer great last-minute deals and discounts on hotels like free Wi-Fi or complimentary breakfast. The biggest tip would be to always check one of these sites before booking anywhere else!

They will always give you some deal if you look hard enough. They are seldom as expensive as booking directly with a hotel. For example, if I’m going to Hawaii in January, I might look at flights from Los Angeles and see which airline has the cheapest.

Then I might look at what type of hotel is near that airport and see how much it costs there versus how much it costs on Agoda (which will usually be cheaper). You can get some outstanding deals by doing that!

Just make sure you book directly through their website instead of going through another site like Expedia or Orbitz. Those sites add extra fees to your price, which even cuts your savings!


Agoda offers a wide range of hotel deals and is generally considered one of Asia’s leading online booking agents. Agoda works with over 90,000 hotels across 7,000 destinations on four continents. This extensive network allows customers to easily book hotels in Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia, India, and many other destinations.

The best thing about Agoda is that they are often much cheaper than travel agencies or competing online sites! They have great rates because they negotiate direct agreements with some of the largest hotel chains around the world. As a result, travelers get discounts that aren’t available anywhere else.