Is Crumble Cookies Mormon?

    Is Crumble Cookies Mormon?

    Is Crumble Cookies Mormon?

    The current headquarters of Crumbled Cookies are in Lindon, Utah. However, when Sawyer Hemsley was a senior at Utah State University, the first Crumble Cookies business was established in Logan, Utah, in the United States. 

    With more than 16 million followers worldwide, the Mormon Church considers Salt Lake City, Utah, its global headquarters.

    Who are Mormons?

    The Mormons are a religious sect that accepts both aspects of Christianity and the revelations that their founder, Joseph Smith, received.

    The key pillars of the religion are that Christ’s atonement can save all people if they submit to the commandments and ordinances of Christ’s Gospel and believe in God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; believe in contemporary prophets and continuing revelation.

    Do Mormons Own Crumbled Cookies?

    The church does not own crumbled Cookies, and it was founded by Mormons who stole the idea from Chip Cookies, also a Mormon. The cookie craze has replaced the cupcake craze in Utah. And rest assured, there’s always a new sweet craze in Utah. As youngsters, people used to call ice cream “Mormon foreplay.” Mormons love sweet treats. Mormons have held many prominent leadership roles in many companies and more. Considering that most Mormon mission presidents tend to have held such a role, we can see how many Mormons who have held important positions are everywhere.

    So who Originated the Crumbled Cookie? 

    Crumble co-founder, and COO Sawyer Hemsley founded Crumble to create the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Next, he planned to team up with one of his closest cousins Jason McGowan, Crumbl’s CEO, to dive headfirst into the world of baking.

    So who is the Largest Cookie Delivery Company in Utah? 

     McGowan said that the national chain Insomnia Cookies has been in Utah for years, and Chip Cookies opened about a year before his two competing Logans. But now, both Crumble, and Baked have expanded beyond Cache Valley and across the state and compete and even beat other big names in cookie delivery. In addition, hard biscuits thrive at the competitive Utah Biscuit Company. 

    More About the Origination of Crumbled Cookies

    At Salt Lake City, Jason McGowan says one of his secrets to Crumbl’s success is not caring about competition. With the rise of new cookie delivery companies in Utah, this seems almost impossible.

    But McGowan and his company co-founder Sawyer Hemsley believe the idea is there because he now has 13 cookie delivery locations in Utah and three out of state. Moreover, it seems to be working fine. 

    McGowan says Crumble was “born in competition.” Within days of opening, Baked launched a similar business model. As a result, we have delivered large chocolate chip cookies to Cache Valley residents’ doorsteps. 

    Chocolate chip cookies are baked in the Lech Gowan, and Hemsley crumbles. The two are cousins. Instead of worrying about our competitors, we decided to focus on cookies and our customers.  

    They sat down and thought they should Ignore everyone else, focus on themselves, and be the best Crumb they could be. Both businesses opened in Logan in September 2017 and didn’t know each other until about a week before opening.

    It’s unclear which was Cache Valley’s original cookie delivery service (Baked was the first to deliver, and Crumble was the first to open a store). Still, neither was a cookie pioneer in Utah. McGowan said that national chain Insomnia, his Cookies, has been in Utah for years, and Chip his Cookies opened about a year before his two competing Logans.  

    So How did They Do It? 

    They started in Logan because Hemsley lived there and attended Utah State University. Seeing remarkable success, his partner decided to expand the business. McGowan lived near Orem, so he opened his second shop there. Rumors of the Crumble brand soon spread to the Wasatch front. McGowan said once he decided to expand, he immediately decided to expand. McGowan believes her determination, strategy, timing, social media, and other factors are critical to her brand’s success throughout Utah.

    But he thinks the main reason is the choice of cookies. He says they perfected the chocolate chip recipe and added other options. As a result, they currently offer several varieties on their weekly changing menu. For them, all that matters is providing the best cookies in the world, and the best customer experience is what they always stated.