Is GoTicket Legit Or a Scam?

Is GoTicket Legit Or a Scam?

Is GoTicket Legit Or a Scam?

A secondary ticket broker with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, has a substantial selection of tickets for most US locations. The structure of the GoTickets website makes it quite simple to use and provides hundreds of guaranteed tickets.

What is offers hotel and ticket packages for difficult-to-find theatrical, sports, and concert events. The Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, and another major, regularly sold-out sporting events are available at them. provides specialized hotel packages, eminent corporate speakers, and unique company appreciation gifts. For Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate incentives, ticket bundles, make wonderful presents.

Is GoTickets Legit? has proven throughout its more than two decades in business that it is a real organization that offers tickets for various famous events across the nation.

The firm additionally guarantees the validity of the tickets. They have already demonstrated that they are a legitimate business with all the tickets they have sold over the previous 20 years. To determine if the organization can keep its promises to clients, we have compiled various details from numerous reviews. This review will also address issues that previous customers have had.

According to reviews on, the website has an average rating of 3 to 4 stars for its precise delivery and sales.

Customers can buy tickets for concerts and other events on the trustworthy website

This website offers a wide selection of tickets for NBA games, major league baseball events, and concerts. There are also listings for popular Broadway and theater productions on the website. It certifies that there has been no fraud and that all tickets are authentic.

According to the GoTickets evaluations, this company’s claim is accurate because the tickets are valid.

Review Of GoTicket

Webshop Analysis

This website has a low Tranco rank, according to Tranco. This indicates that there aren’t many people visiting this website. You should anticipate this from a new, tiny, or niche website. However, a well-known website ought to have a better Alexa ranking.

Technical AnalysisIs GoTicket Legit Or a Scam?

This website is hosted on a server in a country with a high-security risk. According to the International Banking Federation, countries with a high risk of fraud and corruption include those countries. In addition, numerous developing nations are regarded as high risk. Therefore, only other considerations (such as products offered on the site) may result in a low score when using our methodology, which also considers the country of origin.

If a product is not delivered or some type of disagreement arises between the customer and the merchant, we have identified payment methods, including Alipay, Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa, that give consumer the option to get their money back.

There is never a 100 percent assurance. The business may try to persuade you to adopt a different payment method, even though each has its limitations on refunds. Verify that you are using the payment method of your choice. 

A legitimate SSL certificate was discovered on their website. Professional businesses secure communication between your computer and their website using an SSL certificate. There are several levels of certification, though, and con artists will sometimes install a free SSL certificate. Never submit your data if you have to without making sure that an SSL certificate protects it.

What’s Good about GoTickets?

As highlighted in multiple GoTickets reviews, many people like this company’s legitimate printable ticket options. We use the word legitimate because some businesses advertise that customers can print their tickets at home, but the tickets are not honored at the venue.

With this service, users can purchase tickets on short notice and save money on the delivery fee. One of the better alternatives a company selling tickets online can give clients is this.

The costs of the tickets being sold here are also competitive with those of other locations. Reviews on GoTickets state that clients are initially astonished by the ticket pricing before realizing that the stated costs already include shipping and service charges.

Any Cons ( hidden fees, shipping, etc.) about GoTickets?

Many GoTickets reviews said that, at first, the cost confused them and that they questioned whether it was accurate because it seemed so high. This is so because all additional fees are already included in the rates listed on the website. Because there are no additional fees, the prices are less steep.

Although this is typical for practically all ticket websites, all sales made through are final. Therefore, you will only receive a refund if your event is postponed but not canceled.

Although the site is simple to navigate, there have been numerous complaints about how long it takes for pages to load and change from one to the next. Sales may suffer as a result because few people enjoy waiting. This problem has been expressly addressed in specific GoTickets reviews.

How To Recognise A Scam?

  1. These days, social media play an important role in e-commerce businesses, and customers frequently anticipate seeing online stores on social media. Since they are aware of this, scammers frequently include logos on social media sites. However, scratching the surface frequently reveals that this capability is even nonexistent.
  2. A way for a third party to verify an online store is through the use of trust marks. They stand for safety or the defense of consumer rights.
  3. Even if they have no connection to the genuine business, some websites will try to fool you into thinking they are the official websites of well-known businesses. Check the domain name (the website’s URL) to ensure it is what you expect, especially if you click a link.
  4. Verify that the review system complies with the Review Certification Standards, which, to put it briefly, prohibits the web store from deleting or editing reviews without a valid reason.


What are the pros of GoTicket?

  • An extensive events schedule is available on their website.
  • On their website, you may get updates regarding upcoming activities.

What are the cons of GoTicket?

  • They’ll probably take your money and never pick up the phone again.
  • Tickets sometimes never show up.
  • Customers typically contact their banks or credit card issuers to get their money back.

What Are Fees?

One of the reasons is not one of our top-recommended ticketing services is that their costs are typically relatively high.