Is It Safe For Dating And Living With Someone On Parole?

Is It Safe For Dating And Living With Someone On Parole?

Dating And Living With Someone On Parole

If you want to date a person on parole, you should know what you are getting yourself into. It is not a bad choice, but you have to be patient in this romantic relationship. Your new partner, on parole, requires much support in this transition period from his inmate life. 

The day a person is released from jail is the biggest happiness. Returning to their loved ones and the free world is an amazing feeling for a prisoner. But do you think accepting back a prisoner is a smooth process? Or is it safe to live or date a person released on parole? The answer is not very clear. There are major problems they are going through at the time of parole as they are trying to rebuild their character or lives. 

It is specifically true for those paroles who spend a long prison sentence. Usually, a person on parole does not know where to begin, financial strain, mental health issues, and employment issues, so a person who wants to live and date with them should consider these basic things. 

What Is The Issue Faced By Partners With People On Parole?

Your time on parole supervision may be the worst experience for your partner or spouse. Even your partner may be happy to have you home back. However, re-entry into the home after prison can negatively impact your relationship. Many disputes with your partner may arise. You have to resolve these issues calmly and respectfully and solve them without the involvement of a parole officer. 

They will investigate any allegations from the partner you are dating, which can be a basis for a violation. So you have to be very careful about your relationships. If your parole partner threatens you or warns, you must record it. You can also save threatening voice messages or text messages. If he continues to risk, you may leave him. 

Is It Safe To Date A Person On Parole?

The transition from prison to parole may be a difficult process. Some problems may arise that cause parole to be even harder. 

Patience Is Important

If you are dating a person on parole, you need much patience to deal with them. When parole is released from jail, can it change how you will operate altogether? Many laws are existed for living with paroles, so you have to adapt to them on a primary basis. When a person is in prison for a long time, this may mark his mental health. So if you are thinking of dating a person like them, you have to be cautious. 

As they struggle with new connections and learning how to express themselves in the right way, they work to know their family and friends, so you need to be very cautious while dating or living with them. Also, this may frustrate you as it feels like you are teaching a child. In addition, your dating partner may lack the emotional maturity that you are expecting from him, as these issues require utmost patience. Patience is necessary for a healthy relationship. In this case, you have to invest more in being patient and understanding.    

Provides Comfort And Security

The prison to normal life transition is very difficult for everyone. When you are in jail, you have to follow a certain routine. In this period, you don’t have to make decisions for yourself. When they are out of jail, bringing back themselves to their lives is very hard for them. Luckily, if you are interested in some guy on parole, you will help him get back to life. It doesn’t show that you teach them immediately after the prison. 

You should change his routine and give him some freedom too. Imposing your decisions and responsibilities on him can frustrate him. That’s not how you should treat him. The same routine will make him feel safer and more comfortable. So if you are dating a person on parole, you have to give him space so that they feel pleased with you. 

Consider Their Mental Health

When you are dating a person on parole, you should always keep their mental health in your mind. It is natural that if you are in jail, it will change many things in your mind. These people have anxiety, stress, and countless sleepless nights. That will surely lead to depression, anxiety, and many more disorders. The best thing for you is that you should keep all these facts in mind. 

So your dating partner often feels depressed and may not want to socialize. Do not take these things personally; instead, you have to help them out. You cannot force them from their treatment. But you have to realize that getting treatment will benefit them in the long run. In this way, both of you will be able to stay in a healthy relationship and surely go through an easier life.  

They May Manipulate You

If you are dating a person on parole, he may manipulate you. So you don’t take manipulation personally. If you think your partner will not use you, they might be good at it. It is acceptable behavior from a person on parole, and you should not worry about that if they have bad intentions for you. This manipulation may be simple as he will try to manipulate a big portion of food, want to shower before you, or watch a show that he likes. 

Through this intention, it is obvious that they don’t have bad choices for you. Manipulation is not a part of their life, and it takes time to unlearn it. It is not easy. The best thing you can teach them that what is wrong and right. It will also help if you make them feel secure and comfortable. With the help of good communication, he can realize his mistakes. 


If you have a partner on parole, the best relationship advice is that you should remain patient with your partner. It is hard to soo at all times, but it will be worth it in the end. Never sacrifice your mental health for your partner.