Is It True That The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth? Who Said That?

Is It True That The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth? Who Said That?

Is It True That The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth? Who Said That?

Is it true that the meek will inherit the Earth? Who said that? Jesus, of course, says that those who are gentle will inherit the Earth. That’s not necessarily the same as being gentle in general. 

In the Old Testament, the meek are typically poor and weak, and in need. Their only hope was God, and they would die without his intervention. They possessed no power and had no control of the Earth’s resources. So if Jesus said that the meek would inherit the Earth, he meant the meek. It’s not that we will inherit the Earth, but we will become notable leaders of it.

Jesus’ purpose here is to teach that those who are gentle will inherit the Earth. He brings God’s message that every human should obey one God. He’s not saying that being meek is a prerequisite to becoming a Christian. Still, that meekness naturally comes with obeying God.

What is the meaning of meek shall inherit the Earth? 

The Bible also teaches that being wise means being gentle and meek. The meek are exemplary examples of these traits, and they deserve the same. We should learn to live like the meek. That way, we can share the gospel message with greater impact.

Instead of striving for prestige and power, we should seek to be humble and thankful. Being meek shows us that we are creatures of God. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

The meek do not fret about those who do not obey the commandment. Instead, they refrain from anger and restrain themselves. They trust God and wait patiently for the Lord to make way for us. 

They do not fret about the wicked or even react when they are hindered or opposed to our goals. They know that God will make everything work out for their good.

The Meek Will Inherit the Earth’s Meaning

In Matthew 5:6, it mentioned that the meek would inherit the Earth and fill the hunger of the righteous. Being meek meant having no power, being a victim to manipulation, and not standing up for what you believed. Jesus means the meek will inherit the Earth and become a legendary leader in our time. But what exactly does this mean?

You are all familiar with the saying, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” However, we often confuse humility with spinelessness or passivity. The Greek word for “meek” is praus, the same term used for tamed horses. Rather, it is an attribute of the righteous that Jesus declared Himself to be.

Jesus’ message is quite different from our culture. While the meek are viewed as the poor and needy, many Old Testament references show meek people as weak and needy. Their only hope was God’s intervention. 

They had nothing to show for themselves and had no control over the Earth’s resources. It is not a healthy image of meekness but a message that Jesus intended to send to his audience.

In Matthew 5:5 and Psalm 37, he similarly uses this metaphor. The meek will inherit the land God promises the nation of Israel. It’s not necessarily about ruling the world, but it is about God giving all the blessings to the righteous. 

What Does it Mean to Inherit the Earth?

The Bible contains many verses on what it means to inherit the Earth. These verses often refer to Abraham’s promise to inherit the world. However, the precise meaning of this verse is not clear. Some scholars believe that it simply refers to the physical world. Others, however, believe that it relates to the spiritual world.

Nevertheless, the message behind Jesus’ words is a powerful one. Those who possess the character to be meek will inherit the Earth and rule over it. The virtue of meekness is crucial for dominion in God’s Family. 

Only those with meekness will inherit the Earth. It is a message that we must live by as believers and follow Jesus’ example. This principle must guide us as we strive to live our lives in a way that will honor God.

Matthew 5:6 mentions that the meek will inherit the Earth. He is talking about a meek person who will comfort mourners and fill the hunger of those who seek righteousness. But when it mentions that “the meek will inherit the earth,” he means that those who possess the meek character will be memorable leaders over the Earth.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth

The verse is found in the Bible. It is also found in a musical called “Little Shop of Horrors,” a Frank Zappa album, and an episode from the War of the Worlds television series. In addition to biblical references, it is also found in the lyrics of hip-hop artist Jay-Z’s song “Lucifer,” which appears on his “The Black Album.” 

The playwright Larry Shue used it to describe his character in The Foreigner. At the same time, a German band aptly titled “The Geek” performed it in the musical, The Geek.

Although we live in a world that rewards those proud, aggressive, and powerful, the meek are blessed by God. We should submit to the Lord, rely on his protection, and humble ourselves before the Master. If we are willing to obey the Master, we will inherit the Earth. Ultimately, the meek will inherit the world as its owner, thanking the Lord for the blessing.

Final Words

The Bible reveals that God’s blessing is for the meek. By being quiet before God and trusting Him, the meek commit themselves to God and wait patiently for His will to be done. They are often quiet, free from the frenzy, and enjoy a steady calm. They know that God is one. He is kind. He will work everything out for the good of those who are meek. It is not clear meek will inherit the world. Perhaps we will know it after death.