Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

    Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

    Is the 855 Area Code Legit?

    During the course of the study, 1.48 million telemarketing calls were made to us. We picked up some of these calls while leaving others on hold. Contrary to popular belief, we discovered that answering calls has no effect on the quantity of robocalls that a phone number receives.

    The 855 area code is a genuine telephone number that covers the United States, Canada, and neighboring countries. However, you must be cautious with incoming calls from this area code, as the callers can pose as government departments or scammers. Read on to learn how to avoid shady companies that call you from this area code.

    This area code is intended for toll-free use only within the United States.

    It resembles an 800 area code a lot. You won’t be charged any additional tolls for the call when it comes from this number. More significantly, even if you contact the number again, you won’t be charged any phone tolls for that particular call. This is constructed using older components of the American phone system. Using that antiquated practice, phone companies bill the caller for the costs related to call services. Toll-free numbers, however, don’t charge the caller. Instead, those charges are handled by the toll-free number’s owner.


    For businesses, a toll-free phone number is beneficial as it can be easily accessed by customers all over the world. It also enables them to keep better track of their customers. Instead of relying on surveys, they can look at the number of calls made from a particular area code and use this information to improve their services. As a result, these numbers are becoming increasingly popular, and they help businesses to reach a greater audience.

    For example, the Washington DC area code is 212, the Las Vegas area code is 702, and the New York City area code is 19. An 855 toll-free number does not have any connection to the location, and a call from that number could originate from anywhere in the United States. Additionally, large corporations usually use toll-free numbers to promote their services, such as customer support and marketing.

    In addition to these benefits, using a toll-free number can give your business a national presence. While a local business number may be useful, the 855 area code is widely recognized throughout North America, so using this phone number will increase your company’s recognition and reputation. This type of phone number also provides the possibility for vanity numbers and memorable number combinations.

    Toll-free numbers are similar to those of the 800 area code, but the caller is not charged for the service unlike regular phone numbers. Instead, the phone company’s owner handles the fee for calls from the toll-free number. The FCC regulates this service.

    Is the 855 Area Code Different from Other Codes? 

    Most area codes are associated with particular geographic regions. For instance, Washington, DC, has a 212 area code, Las Vegas has a 702 area code, New York City has 19 area codes, etc. There is no relationship between area code 855 and a specific location. Anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean could have been the call’s place of origin if you received a call with the area code 855. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information concerning the origin of toll-free numbers. Corporate firms often hold these numbers, which are utilized for marketing and customer service.

    Tracing 855 CallsIs the 855 Area Code Legit?

    A company receives a toll-free number to contact its clients who are dispersed across a broad area. There is no connection between the 855 area code and any particular place. Any location in the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean may place an 855 call. Because of this, it is difficult to track a call from one of these numbers to a specific location. However, if the number is authentic, you can utilize the Internet to learn more about the caller, including their company name and/or office address. In addition, you have access to a wide range of tools, including Google, Reverse Phone Book, and the Somos database.