Kingdom Come Deliverance Sequel


Kingdom Come Deliverance Sequel

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the role-playing game produced in collaboration with Warhorse Studios, has been one of the most popular games of the past few years due to its authenticity and engaging gameplay. With its captivating story, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay, The game has gained huge fan bases since its launch in 2018. While the game industry continues to develop, the fans are eagerly looking forward to a sequel to the game with expectations of new features, improvements to gameplay, and the expansion of the gaming world. In the article, we’ll look into the possibility of a Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel, talking about fan expectations, possible improvements, and new features in both gameplay and graphics. We will also look into the latest updates to development and release dates and provide insight into what fans can expect in the coming years of this Kingdom Come Deliverance series.

Introduction To Kingdom Come: Deliverance Sequel

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an action RPG created by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver. It launched in February 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game takes place in the medieval realm of Bohemia and tells the story of Henry, the young blacksmith’s son, who is entangled in the civil conflict. The game was well-received due to its historically accurate depiction of life in medieval times, its detailed setting, and its captivating storyline. Since the game’s release, there’s been a lot of speculation and anticipation for an upcoming sequel.

Development and Release Date

There is no official confirmation for an official confirmation of a Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel. The game’s developer, Warhorse Studios, is interested in continuing the tale about Henry and his world in Kingdom Come. The company also announced that they are working on plans regarding the direction of this franchise that could lead to an expansion.

In a conversation by WCCFtech at the end of 2020, Warhorse Studios co-founder Daniel Vavra spoke about potential sequels declaring the following “I would love to make Kingdom Come 2, but it’s not only up to me.” Vavra added that the sequel might explore new locales and historical periods.

Although there isn’t a specific release date set to announce for The Kingdom, Come Deliverance sequel, however, it’s likely to be in its early phases of creation. Therefore, it could take a while to see a game released.

Story and Setting

The plot and the setting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2’s story and setting Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel is not yet known. In an interview on Gamereactor in 2019, Warhorse Studios executive producer Martin Klima spoke about the possibilities of sequels, declaring,” We want to do something different. We don’t want to do the same again, but in a different location.”

Klima added that the sequel might look into other historical times and places. Klima also said the following “The beauty of it is that history is full of stories that have never been told or explored.”

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 aren’t known, and the gameplay mechanics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel isn’t yet known; however, it is expected it will include the realistic and immersive gameplay mechanics that made the original game so successful. The combat system in the game that features intricate sword-fighting mechanics will likely be a part of the game, and the game’s emphasis will be on accuracy and authenticity from the past.

Interview in a conversation with VG247 at the end of 2020, Warhorse Studios creative director Daniel Vavra stated that the team is “always looking for ways to improve on the mechanics and the overall experience,” which suggests there is a possibility that Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel could include new and improved gameplay mechanics.

While there’s no confirmed confirmation from the government of the possibility of a Kingdom, Come Deliverance sequel. However, Warhorse Studios likely has plans for the series’ future. Players who enjoyed the original game can expect the possibility of exploring different historical times and places and enhanced game mechanics. Although we might need to wait a while before seeing a release, however, the anticipation for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel is bound to rise.

The Need For A Sequel: What Fans Want To See?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an open-world, role-playing game that takes place in the medieval period of Bohemia, has impressed gamers with its authentic battle system and rich story, and immersive world. It was released in 2018, and the game was widely praised for its attention to detail and historical accuracy. The game’s success has led to a flurry of fans waiting anxiously for confirmation of an upcoming sequel.

Expanded Map and Storyline:

One of the most important things that players are looking forward to in the sequel is an expanded storyline and map. Although the map of the first game was huge however, many players felt it was too small in terms of its scope of it, with just one major city and a few smaller villages. Many players want a more expansive and varied world, with new cultures to discover and new countries to conquer.

In terms of the storyline, Fans anticipate an extension of the storyline from the first game, which will see the character Henry returning to meet new challenges and fight against enemies. Some have thought that the game might occur in a different time frame, like that of the Hussite Wars that followed the events of the first game.

Improved Combat and Stealth Mechanics:

Another area in which gamers are hoping to see improvements is the fighting and stealth mechanisms. While the combat of the first game was highly praised for its realistic nature, some players felt it was challenging to learn, while some thought they were not able to master the mechanics of stealth. They weren’t fully implemented.

Many gamers are looking forward to a combat system that is as intuitive as it is sophisticated, featuring a larger range of weapons and various styles of combat to choose from. They’d also like to see enhancements to the stealth mechanics of the game, as well as improved AI for enemy NPCs as well as additional tools in your arsenal.

Expanded Crafting and Customization:

A major and well-known feature in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was its crafting and customization options. Players could craft various items, ranging from armor and weapons to food items and potions, and even alter their characters’ appearance using different clothes and accessories.

In the sequel, the fans hope for additional crafting options with new materials available and new materials to craft. They’d also like to see more options for customization, like the option to furnish and decorate their own homes or alter the appearance of their horses.

More Meaningful Choices and Consequences:

One thing that separates Kingdom Come: Deliverance apart from other open-world RPGs is its focus on the player’s choice and its consequences. In the course of the game, the players have various options, from dialog choices to major decisions in the story, which can have a significant impact on the game’s world and plot.

In the sequel, the fans hope for greater significance in the choices made and consequences, as well as more emphasis placed on the player’s control and the power to alter the environment around them. They’d like to see more ambiguous paths through the story, with a variety of possibilities of outcomes depending on the actions of the player, as well as more complicated interactions with NPCs which can be affected by the player’s actions.

Improved AI and NPC Interactions:

One of the areas where gamers felt Kingdom Come: Deliverance fell short was the NPC and AI interactions. While the world of the game was deep and engaging, The NPCs, however, often seemed static and ineffective, with no personality or character.

In the sequel, players hope for improved features to the game’s AI and NPC interactions, including more realistic and dynamic behavior from NPCs and more opportunities to engage with them. They’d like to see NPCs with distinct motivations and personalities and more chances for players to establish friendships with them.

Expected Improvements In Gameplay And Graphics

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was an RPG that stood apart from the RPG open-world genre because of its historical accuracy, detailed graphics, and engaging gameplay. It was praised by critics for its authenticity and focus on particulars. The sequel is being announced, and people are anticipating the release date.

Gameplay Improvements

A New combat system: A combat mechanic used in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was very realistic. However, there’s always the possibility of improving. The fans have asked for a more exciting and dynamic battle, which is why the creators have suggested implementing this feature in the sequel. Animations that are more dynamic, more diverse actions and a greater variety of armor and weapons are all expected.

  • Improvements to Stealth and Artificial Intelligence: Stealth gameplay was among the weaker elements of the game’s first version. It is anticipated that the sequel will improve this by providing additional options for stealthy gameplay, including distractions and dangers to the environment. Also, the AI for enemies is anticipated to be enhanced by making them smarter and more difficult to fool.
  • Further Dynamic World: The original game was highly praised for its immersive environment; however, it lacked some of the elements of dynamic that open-world games typically offer. This sequel should bring more dynamic events and aspects to our world, like randomly occurring encounters, effects of weather, and more varied NPCs.
  • Deeper crafting and economy: The economy and crafting system featured in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was rather simple. Fans have pushed for a deeper system. In the sequel, it is planned to include an enhanced crafting and economy system that will allow players to craft more diverse items and take part in more complicated trade.
  • Improvements to Quest Design: The original game had some great quests. However, some were criticized as having too much linearity and predetermined. This sequel should include many non-linear quests that offer different outcomes and options.

Graphics Improvements

Improved visuals: Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a real-life and immersive style of visuals. However, the game was plagued by occasional glitches in graphics and pop-in problems. This sequel should offer enhanced graphics with improved lighting, textures, and overall graphic high-quality.

  • Performance improvements: The first game was known for its poor performance, especially on consoles. This sequel should have more optimized performance, resulting in smoother gaming and fewer framerate drops.
  • More diverse environments: The original game featured a gorgeous open-world environment, but it can be repetitive after a time. It is anticipated that the sequel will have more varied environments, like new habitats, weather effects, and more diverse terrain.
  • Improved Character Models: The first game featured good-looking character models. However, they lacked some of the detail and authenticity you find elsewhere in games. It is anticipated that the sequel will include upgraded character models that will have better animations and more realistic facial expressions.
  • More immersive sound design: The first game featured great sound design. However, the sequel is likely to elevate things to the next step. Sound effects that are more immersive and dynamic, along with an extensive soundtrack, are anticipated.

Potential New Features And Game World Expansions

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was an extremely successful game that provided an immersive and unique experience that took players into the medieval world of Bohemia. The game’s fans are looking forward to another sequel that builds upon its strengths from the first but also introduces new features and upgrades.

New Features

There are many exciting new options that the fans will love to have within the sequel. One of the most-requested features is the possibility of playing as a female character. In the first game, players were able to be male characters. Many players would like to play a feminine character with her storyline.

Another feature requested is the possibility of building and managing the castle. In the first game, players could purchase and build a small town. However, players want to see the possibility of constructing and managing a bigger and more intricate structure. This could involve recruiting and managing troops to protect the castle, constructing and upgrading fortifications, and managing resources to maintain the castle.

The players would also like to see improvements made to the fighting system. While the combat of the first game was praised for its authenticity, some gamers considered it excessively difficult and infuriating. Improved gameplay could include more user-friendly controls, a more effective tutorial system, and more variety of the styles of combat and weapons.

Game World Expansions

The first Kingdom Come: Deliverance had an expansive and immersive world of games. However, players are keen to explore more of medieval Bohemia. One possibility for expansion to the game world could include introducing new areas to explore. This could be neighboring kingdoms like Poland or Hungary and further secluded areas within Bohemia within Bohemia itself.

The players prefer to see more lively and engaging environments in the game’s world. For instance, weather like snow and rain could have a bigger impact on the game, and players can interact with the natural world through a variety of methods, for example, cutting down trees or constructing structures.

In addition, players would want to see more precise and deep NPC interactions within the game’s world. This could mean more intricate dialog options, the possibility to build deeper relationships with NPCs as well as more complicated quests that include several NPCs or factions.


When will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel be released?

There is currently no official release date for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel as it has not been announced by the developer, Warhorse Studios. However, if and when the sequel is announced, the release date will be revealed closer to the launch.

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel continue the story of the first game?

It is likely that the Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel will continue the story of the first game as it ended on a cliffhanger. The sequel may follow Henry, the main character of the first game, and his adventures in medieval Bohemia.

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel have multiplayer features?

It is uncertain whether Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel will feature multiplayer. The first game was primarily a single-player experience, and the developers may continue to focus on that aspect of the game.

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel have improved graphics and gameplay mechanics?

It is expected that the Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel will have improved graphics and gameplay mechanics, as the developers will likely want to improve upon the successes of the first game. This could include better AI, improved animations, and new game mechanics.

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel have a larger open world to explore?

It is possible that the Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel will have a larger open world to explore than the first game. The game may include new areas to explore, more quests, and more diverse landscapes.

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel require players to have played the first game?

It is unlikely that players will need to have played the first game to enjoy the sequel. The developers may include a brief summary of the events of the first game or include an optional tutorial for new players to get caught up on the story and gameplay mechanics.