Modern Large Wall Décor Ideas For Living Rooms

Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

Modern Large Wall Décor Ideas For Living Rooms

One of the most striking ways to decorate your living room is to use unique wall décor. Instead of confined square or rectangular frames, choose artwork that doesn’t have a set size. In this living room.

Scripted signs

Large, framed scripted signs hang from a central area of the living room. The large ampersand sign adds a playful touch to a plain wall arrangement. A rustic wood sign, hand-painted with a scripted “amen,” blends in with the eggshell walls and combines well with the understated décor of the room. This room features a large fireplace and inviting furniture, such as a carved console table with books and candles. A rustic initial letter framed in cream and brown frames dresses up a corner shelf.

For a rustic, country look, a wooden sign is a fun way to spice up the living room. This large wall décor idea features a beautiful scripted design surrounded by the iconic fork and knife symbols. The whitewashed wood frame has a charming shabby chic appeal, and two hooks on the back make it a great option for a rustic-styled living room.

In addition to wall art, you can choose to hang scripted signs as part of your living room decorations. Themes-based canvas prints are a popular choice among interior designers. This choice creates a museum-like atmosphere with a variety of themes. Canvas prints provide a warm, colorful, and cozy feel to the living room. The endless possibilities of design are virtually endless, so you’ll never be stuck for design ideas.


Sculpture on a living room wall will add an air of luxury and style. Sculptures are often a perfect way to add personality to a space, and they can also be functional. Some people display sculptures on their living room walls to show off their favorite works of art. Another way to add a unique touch to your living room wall is to mount a bicycle on one of the walls. This fun and quirky décor idea will help you save floor space while adding a unique twist to a blank wall.

Contemporary living room wall décor can be difficult to decide on. However, selecting a single piece of living room wall art will help you achieve a wow factor. Choose a piece that is oversized or slightly smaller than your living room wall. You may want to use negative space to make the piece pop. If you’re unsure of what size to hang your sculpture, use an existing wall art. A contemporary large sculpture can make your living room seem more spacious than it actually is.

Another option for modern living room wall décor is triptychs. These three-panel paintings are great for adding some color to your living room. Use matching throw pillows and golden frames to tie the pieces together. Then, add a few handpicked pieces of art and a large sculpture. These wall décor ideas will make your living room look more personal and unique! Enjoy your new artwork! It’s easy to create a unique look with this simple décor idea!

Floating shelves

Floating shelves offer the best of both worlds. They are versatile and modern, and they allow more room to display smaller, decorative items. Floating shelves are a great way to display your favorite family portrait. The floating shelves are also functional, because they can hold framed or canvas prints. Adding a portrait to your room is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your space.

Floating shelves provide the same amount of display and storage space as traditional shelves. They also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and thicknesses. If you’d like to incorporate some decorative plants in your living room, you can purchase hanging shelves. Floating shelves can also be used to add style to your living room or bedroom. You’ll find many different types of floating shelves on the market.

Floating shelves can be made from wood or iron. Choose one made from solid maple wood for a classic Scandinavian look. Another option is a rustic, reclaimed wood shelf that comes in a variety of sizes. Choose one that suits your home’s décor. This versatile piece of modern large wall décor can hold anything from books and figurines to alarm clocks and headphones. The options are endless!


Mirrors are a valuable decorative accessory that can be used to add texture, shapes, and color to your living room. These pieces can be mounted directly onto the walls or lean against them for a more casual look. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of extra space to a room, making it an ideal place to entertain. Adding mirrors to your living room will make your space seem larger and livelier, so you’ll have no trouble gathering a group of mirrors for a lively look.

Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

Mirrors are a modern way to add interest to your living room. Mirrors make a room appear wider and longer, and they also reflect light. You can choose to hang two or three mirrors on the walls of your living room for maximum visual impact. Mirrors are also an excellent choice for narrow walls or niches, as they can create a focal point and reflect light. Mirrors can also be installed to the back of shelves, creating depth and reflecting light.

Choosing mirrors for your living room wall décor is easy and inexpensive. There are plenty of ways to arrange them, including hanging different sizes and shapes. Mirrors are also perfect for living rooms with small space since they can make a small area appear larger than it is. Furthermore, adding lighting makes your art look more sophisticated, while lighting serves a dual purpose by adding décor and functionality. These two elements work well together to add depth to your living room.

Wooden trays

Using decorative wooden trays to adorn the walls of your living room can be a great way to decorate without breaking the bank. You can find a wide variety of trays in a variety of styles and colors. Some are made of woven rattan or birch wood. A wooden tray is a great way to display small treasures while adding an extra decorative element to your room.

Decorative wooden trays are versatile accents that can be used as functional pieces as well as decorative pieces. A carved wooden tray is an ideal choice for a contemporary living room, as it can be used for a variety of different purposes. Some are designed to catch miscellaneous items and catch them. Some are even made with a rounded edge for added appeal. However, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re food safe – they’re not.

Another option is to use an oversized wooden clock and an inspirational sign. They add a bold statement and are ideal as living room wall décor ideas. The oversized clock is a classic centerpiece. The arrangement also incorporates a family photo in the middle. The framed photos, meanwhile, hang on the walls. Decorative items are also placed on a corner shelf. The wooden frames of the photos are often distressed and black and white.

Silver framed mirror

Adding a large mirror to your living room can add a touch of sophistication and luxury. You can buy one online or at a thrift store. Many mirrors are available with an interesting obscurity. Some mirrors are also framed in silver to add an extra touch of class. These decorative items will make any room look elegant. However, they are not always cheap and can eat up valuable wall space.

When choosing a mirror, you need to consider the overall style and aesthetic of your living room. If your living room is modern, choose a mirror in a contemporary or minimalist style. A mirror with a gold frame will look great in a living room decorated in golden hues. A large mirror will make a small room feel more spacious. You can also choose a mirror with a simple design, which works well in many aesthetics.

If you want a rustic look, consider adding a wicker mirror. This style is popular with rustic decor and can fit into a rustic living room. The triangle pattern and multiple colors will bring the room together. The mirror may be part of a set or can be used as a standalone piece. Mirror sets can be purchased in different shapes and sizes to fit into a large space.