Old World Blues Hoi4

Old World Blues Hoi4

Old World Blues Hoi4

Old World Blues is a well-known mod for Hearts of Iron IV that gives players a distinctive and immersive gaming experience. It is set within the after-apocalyptic Mojave Desert of the Fallout universe, Old World Blues introduces new technology, factions, as well as gameplay features that provide an exciting twist to the already exciting world of the HOI4. In this article, we’ll look at the most important elements and gameplay, the mechanics that makeup Old World Blues, and provide tips and tricks to play the mod efficiently. We will also discuss the response of the mod from the community, as well as the plans for its future development, and then compare it with other well-known HOI4 mods. If you’re an experienced fan of the HOI4 game or are new to the game, Old World Blues is certainly worth a look.

Introduction To Old World Blues In Hoi4

Old World Blues is an expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, the most popular grand strategy title released through Paradox Interactive. The expansion’s name is derived from its Old World Blues add-on for Fallout: New Vegas and is set in a different historical setting where a devastating nuclear war has destroyed the world, which has led to the establishment of several new nations and groups across North America. The expansion introduces brand-new gameplay mechanics, features, and additional features that will enhance the gameplay, offering players an entirely new experience and a new perspective in post-apocalyptic America.

New Features in Old World Blues

Old World Blues adds several new features to Hearts of Iron IV, which include:

The New Nations: This expansion adds four countries to the game. These include The New California Republic (NCR), The Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave as well as Caesar’s Legion. Each of these nations comes with distinct features and game mechanics.

Technologies Tree: The expansion also includes a new tree of technology that allows players to study the latest technologies and advances that are specific to the post-apocalyptic environment. These include the latest robots, energy weapons, Cybernetic Implants, and more.

Focus Trees: Old World Blues also features new focus trees specifically for the four nations of the new era offering players new options and alternatives regarding how they would like to play the game.

Wasteland Terrain: The world of the game is redesigned so that it reflects the post-apocalyptic world, including new terrain types, irradiated wastelands, mountains, and deserts.

Neue Units: In the expansion, you can find brand-new units, including robots, cyborgs, and armor-equipped soldiers, that increase the variety of military options available.

Random Event: The game is now equipped with an array of random events that can occur at any moment and affect the player’s nation as well as other factions in a variety of ways.

Special projects: Players can take on special initiatives, like developing new technology or building massive fortifications, to increase their advantage on the field.

Successes: Old World Blues includes new accomplishments that push players to achieve certain goals or objectives within the game.

Gameplay Mechanics

Old World Blues introduces several new gameplay mechanics that are exclusive to Hearts of Iron IV, such as:

  • Faction system: The game is now equipped with an option for factions that lets players create alliances with other countries and groups. This system lets players collaborate with different nations and combine their resources to accomplish common goals.
  • The War goals: In the expansion, there are new war goals that allow players to establish specific goals for wars that they’re involved in. These goals can be used to gain additional territories, new resources, or technology.
  • Espionage: Players can now engage in espionage using spies to collect information or sabotage the operations of enemies and kill key enemies.
  • The book Political Power: Old World Blues introduces a brand-new resource known as Political Power that demonstrates the Power of a nation to influence global events using diplomacy and other methods.
  • The Decision-Making: The game has been updated to include an enhanced decision-making system that lets players make critical decisions that impact the direction of their nation’s growth.
  • Commerce: It introduces a brand new trading system that allows players to trade technology and resources with other nations.

Features And Gameplay Mechanics Of Old World Blues

Old World Blues is an expansion pack to the big strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, created by Paradox Development Studios. It was launched on the 25th of June 2019 and includes an extensive amount of new features to the game, which includes new focus trees events, mechanics, and even events.

New Focus Trees:

Old World Blues introduces new focus trees for the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Its United States focus tree has been expanded by adding new pathways that connect The Washington Conference, Pacific States, New England, and the Confederacy. Mexico is also getting an updated focus tree focusing on building the industry and military. The Canada focus tree has been updated with new options to deal in conjunction with the United States and Mexico, as well as a new direction towards the monarchy.

New Map:

This Old World Blues expansion pack also includes a brand-new map set in the post-apocalyptic setting in The Fallout series. The map depicts a devastated landscape littered with the remains of landmarks and buildings dating back to the prewar period. The players can explore new cities and regions, which include New Vegas, Hoover Dam as well as The Grand Canyon.

New Mechanics:

Old World Blues introduces several new gameplay mechanics that are new to HOI4, including superweapons and robot armies, and mutations. Robot armies are made by factories to create robots that can be used to conquer territories and protect against attacks from enemies. Superweapons can be studied and developed, which includes the capability to launch nuclear bombs or unleash a massive laser beam.

Mutations are yet another mechanic that has been introduced that is new in Old World Blues. They can be acquired through radiation exposure. They may result in bonuses or penalties to players’ units. Mutations are also utilized to develop new units, for example, a huge mutant scorpion or a genetically altered soldier.

New Events:

Old World Blues introduces various new events, including random encounters and scripted events. Random encounters are possible when exploring the map and could lead to fights or opportunities for players. Scripted events are initiated through specific actions or situations which can offer rewards or penalties based on the player’s choice.

New Technology:

Old World Blues also adds technological advancements into the action, which includes new vehicles, weapons, and robots. The new technology can be explored and developed, supplying players with the latest tools to take on the wilderness.

Factions And Major Powers In Old World Blues

Old World Blues is a major expansion pack to the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4). The DLC contains new mechanics and content that focus on the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout. One of the most significant aspects that is unique to Old World Blues is the inclusion of new factions as well as powerful powers that play major roles in shaping the game experience.

New California Republic (NCR):

It is the New California Republic is a democratic state that was born from the rubble of the former world after the Great War. It is among the most powerful powerhouses within Old World Blues and has an active presence in the sport. The NCR is an organized and efficient state with strong military forces. It covers a large area that it manages through a stable and stable system of government. It is possible to be the NCR and seek to expand its influence over the desert.


The Enclave was an enclave that was part of the prewar United States government, consisting of high-ranking military personnel as well as officials of the government. It is among the main powerhouses within Old World Blues and has an active influence on the sport. The Enclave is organized with a highly technologically-advanced faction, emphasizing research development. It is armed with an array of modern weaponry and weapons, which it can use to its advantage in battle. The players can be part of the Enclave and try to restore an earlier United States government.

Brotherhood of Steel:

The Brotherhood of Steel is a techno-religious group that emerged from the wreckage of the previous world. It is a significant force of Old World Blues and has an active position in the field. Brotherhood of Steel Brotherhood of Steel is an extremely advanced faction that emphasizes research and technology. It is armed with a wide array of modern weaponry and gear that it can utilize to its advantage in combat. The players can take on the role of members of the Brotherhood of Steel and attempt to increase their influence in the vast desert.

Caesar’s Legion:

Caesar’s Legion is an extremely aggressive and violent faction that emerged from the wreckage of the past. It is among the most powerful powerhouses of Old World Blues and has an important presence within the gameplay. Caesar’s Legion is an extremely organized and effective faction emphasizing conquest and expansion. It is a massive army that can be used to take on other factions and even territories. The players can be Caesar’s Legion and fight to conquer and bring the wasteland that they rule.

New Vegas:

New Vegas is a city-state that emerged from the ruin of the previous world. New Vegas is a significant power within Old World Blues and has an enviable participation in this game. New Vegas is a highly prosperous and wealthy state with an emphasis on commerce and trade. It is home to a formidable military force that is used to defend its interests as well as maintain its independence. The players can take on the role of New Vegas and attempt to increase their influence in the desert.

The Think Tank:

The Think Tank is a faction of scientists from before the war who have been able to survive in an underground research facility. They’re a major force within Old World Blues and have an important role in playing. They are the Think Tank is a highly sophisticated and intelligent faction that focuses on development and research. They are flush with expertise and technological capabilities that they can utilize to their advantage in battle. They can also align to Think Tank and use their skills and knowledge to gain an edge over rival factions.

Tips And Strategies For Playing Old World Blues

Old World Blues is a well-known expansion of the Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) game which is a live-action strategy game that is centered around World War II. The expansion adds new elements as well as factions and gameplay techniques to play the game which makes it more fun and thrilling.

Understand the New Features

Old World Blues expansion introduces various new features players must know to succeed. This includes:

Technologies: Old World Blues introduces numerous new technologies that will aid players in unlocking new weapons and units. Players must diligently research these technologies to get an edge over their rivals.

The Focus Trees: Each faction in Old World Blues has its particular focus tree, each providing unique advantages and choices. Players must be aware of the focus tree of their respective factions to make the right choices for their faction.

The Weather Systems: Old World Blues introduces the new weather system, which impacts troop movement and combat. The players must be aware of the impact of weather on their troops and modify their strategies in line with the weather conditions.

NEW units: Old World Blues introduces new units, including robots and cyborgs. They have distinct strengths and weaknesses. The players must know how to utilize these units effectively to gain an advantage in the battleground.

Choose the Right Faction

Old World Blues features several new factions, each having distinct advantages and disadvantages. Players must pick one that best suits their style of play and objectives. The factions that are part of Old World Blues include:

New California Republic (NCR): NCR is a democratic group that is focused on expanding the territory of its members as well as building its military.

Caesar’s Legion: Caesar’s Legion is an authoritarian group that aims to take on and integrate other factions.

Brotherhood of Steel: Brotherhood of Steel is an elite faction in the technology field that focuses on research and developing innovative technologies.

Enclave Remnants: Enclave Remnants is a hidden group that aims to rebuild the prewar government and technology.

Understand Your Faction’s Focus Tree

Each faction within Old World Blues has its particular focus tree, each providing unique advantages and choices. Players must be aware of the focus tree of their particular faction to make the most informed decisions for their particular faction. For instance, it is the NCR focus tree gives players options for increasing manpower and industrial capacity, as well as Caesar’s Legion focus tree offers options to boost their military capabilities and take on new territories.

Prioritize Researching New Technologies

Old World Blues introduces several innovative technologies that aid players in unlocking new weapons and units. Players must diligently research these technologies to gain an edge over their rivals. Some of the latest technology included in Old World Blues include:

  • Robotics: This technology opens new robots which can be utilized in battle.
  • Cybertechnology: The technology of cybertechnology unlocks new cyborgs that possess special abilities and strengths.
  • Weather Control: The technology for controlling the weather lets players manipulate the weather. This could be utilized to gain an edge in battle.


What is the “Old World Blues” mod for HOI4?

“Old World Blues” is a mod for HOI4 that adds a new world map set in the post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series. It introduces new factions, technology trees, and gameplay mechanics.

What are some of the features of the “Old World Blues” mod?

The mod includes new mechanics for radiation, mutations, and robotic technology. It also introduces new factions such as the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, and the Brotherhood of Steel.

Is the “Old World Blues” mod free?

Yes, the mod is free to download and use. However, you need to own HOI4 on Steam to use the mod.

How do I install the “Old World Blues” mod?

You can download the mod from the Steam Workshop or ModDB and then install it using the HOI4 launcher. The launcher will automatically detect and activate the mod.

What are some tips for playing the “Old World Blues” mod?

It’s important to pay attention to the radiation mechanic, as it can affect your troops’ health and combat effectiveness. You also need to balance your resources between building up your own faction and expanding your territory. Finally, diplomacy is important, as alliances and relations with other factions can greatly affect your chances of success.

Are there any compatibility issues with other HOI4 mods?

Some other HOI4 mods may conflict with “Old World Blues” or cause compatibility issues. It’s best to check the mod descriptions and ensure compatibility before using multiple mods together.