Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For 7-Year-Olds

    Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For 7-Year-Olds

    Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For 7-Year-Olds

    Outdoor birthday party? Need help figuring out how to plan one? That’s alright. We’ve got the perfect outdoor birthday party ideas for 7-year-olds so you can throw a successful party in no time!

    Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll be good to go. Your kiddo will thank you with a big smile on her face that says, “yeah!”

    An abundance of outdoor birthday party ideas that are perfect for kids around the age of seven! This post has everything from games and activities to decorations, food, and more! You’ll find the perfect idea for your child’s next get-together here.

    The first outdoor birthday party ideas are like this cute butterfly photo frame. A photo frame is a great idea to include in your party favor bags! Hand out the frames independently and invite each guest to take a picture at the party.

    This next idea is my personal favorite. A flower crown station is perfect for a girl’s birthday party, but it makes just as much sense for a boy’s birthday party with some paint and dirt added to it for good measure.

    Another idea is a fun pirate ship or castle. These make for perfect props for photo-taking and painting! They’re also great to include in favor bags.

    And, if you’re looking to add more of an “outdoor party” feel to your event, you can set up a cardboard box filled with sand and have your kiddos decorate it. This is a fun way to get them outside while remaining indoors.

    This idea is accessed by constructing a tent using pipe cleaners, construction paper, and paper plates. This could also be decorated with streamers for an added decorative feel.

    If you and your chosen party location are outdoors, I suggest whipping up some fun snacks and treats to serve your guests! For example, if you’re a fan of cupcakes, you can make these adorable Tinkerbell cupcakes to serve at the party.

    You have to bake the cupcakes per instructions, then frost them with pink frosting and add sprinkles around the bottom edge.

    For your outdoor birthday party ideas for seven-year-olds, there are several ideas that you can use. Some are DIY disc golf, Plant a Seed birthday party and Nerf games. You can also set up a Tic-Tac-Toe board.

    DIY Disc Golf

    Make your own disc golf game! You’ll need plastic discs and rubber bands. Then, get your guests to race to the opposite end of the lawn. Kids will have a blast! You can create a course in your backyard or decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk paint. You can also use an oversized hula hoop for a fun game of DIY disc golf.

    Gifts are another great option. If your 7-year-old has yet to try disc golf, you can purchase them a disc golf course gift card. Gift cards to disc golf courses can be found all over the nation. You can even include non-disc golfers in fun!

    Plant a Seed Party

    Consider using a theme like “Plant a Seed for an outdoor birthday party.” This theme allows you to incorporate educational activities while also giving your child an opportunity to connect with nature. For example, you can buy seed packets for your guests to take home or create garden tools to use at the party. You can also include crafts stations and ice cream as part of the party. Set up nightlights on your patio for the kids to have fun.

    To decorate for the party, you can collect colorful vegetables and fruits from the garden. You can also buy various plastic flowers and fruits from the dollar store. Green construction paper leaves can also be used to create floating bouquets. The party theme can also be reflected in the birthday guests’ party favors.

    Another great idea for an outdoor birthday party is wild paint. A large sheet can be used as a backdrop, and you can paint with non-toxic watercolors on the drop cloth. You can also purchase some fabric pens and have your guests write birthday messages on them. You can also use an old pie tin to make a mud pie.

    Children will also love potting flower and vegetable seedlings. Marigolds and peppers will do well, and children can also plant houseplants. Using plastic watering cans to carry water and soil to the plants is also a great idea. For a more elaborate activity, you can even let them plant seeds. The excitement of watching a seed push through the soil is sure to get their attention.

    Kids can also have fun playing games on the lawn. If you’re going to be outside, you may want to purchase some giant lawn games, like giant Jenga or corn hole. You can also use water guns and balloons for the younger guests. Some kids even like to play pool noodle boats. Other outdoor games include slip-n-slides, water blasters, and rafts.

    Nerf Games

    One of the best ways to make a Nerf birthday party for your seven-year-old child a hit is to have lots of targets. You can use paper plates as targets and tape them to walls, fences, or garage doors. Another great way to incorporate targets is to use empty water bottles. Place ping pong balls on top of them and have the kids try to knock them off without knocking them down.

    You can also make Nerf bases for these games to make them games more challenging. You can buy some inexpensive cardboard boxes from a grocery store, Costco, or Amazon. You can also search Craigslist for boxes from old moves. You will also need spray paint. Finally, you can purchase camouflage paint or other colors from Menards or hardware stores. Once you’ve bought all the supplies, you can start thinking about the game’s format.

    The number of players is up to you. You can either play as a team or free-for-all. Then, you need to choose a suitable location for your party. Make sure to choose a place with enough space for the target area, snack table, and party guests.

    Another excellent option for a NERF birthday party is a laser tag or paintball party. If the weather is terrible, you can choose an indoor venue where the kids can play. Another great option is to rent a gym or gymnasium. You can even find private facilities that rent out their gyms for birthday parties. The venue should have enough tables and a place to serve pizza or a NERF-themed cake.

    You can also turn a traditional game like hide and seek into a Nerf game. For example, you can split the children into teams and have each team search for a specific color flag. Place targets at different heights and distances to make the game more exciting. The goal is to find each flag before the other team does.

    Tic-tac-toe Board

    When throwing an outdoor birthday party, there are many fun games for kids of all ages. A tic-tac-toe board is a classic party game and is perfect for a large group of kids. It’s simple to set up and doesn’t require any special equipment. You can make the board from a paper towel roll decorated with construction paper and evenly matched colors. Then, let the kids choose the order in which they race.

    Another fun outdoor birthday party game for 7-year-olds is the Tic-tac-toe game. Kids can divide into two teams and compete to reach the last dot without touching. You can use a long table or card table to play this game. The goal is to complete each round within a minute.

    Tic-tac-toe is also an excellent game for adults. It’s simple to set up and easy to play and can be enjoyed by a wide age range. Children love this simple but addictive game.

    Another popular game is Pin the tail on the donkey. Again, you’ll need a poster to set up the board, blindfold the children and have them spin around while pointing the Pin at the poster. The first team to reach its goal wins.

    Squirt Bottle Tag

    A squirt bottle tag game is one of the outdoor birthday party ideas for seven-year-olds that everyone can enjoy. This game requires a large area, and the object has to be avoided by all players. The child who remains dry the longest wins. Another fun activity is paper airplanes. Let your guests make their own, and then have them test them out outside. They will win if they can get the paper airplane to fly the furthest.

    A water game is one of the best ways to cool off during the summer. This game is a great way to get your kids outside and enjoy the warm weather. Each child gets a water bottle and a ball. Tennis balls will work just as well if you still need petanque balls. Each child has to protect their bottle, rolling the ball to knock the other bottle over. The child with the most water in their bottle is the winner.

    This game can be fun when you invite your child’s friends over to celebrate their 7th birthday outdoors. You can even get some colored sand, which you can find at most craft stores. This fun game will keep everyone occupied and active for a long time.