Performance Anxiety With New Partner

    Performance Anxiety With New Partner

    Performance Anxiety With New Partner

    When a person is afraid of a sexual relationship, sexual performance anxiety emerges. This may be brought on by the person’s conception of their physical appearance or a lack of prior bedtime experience.

    Some people could think they aren’t sexually competent enough. They could be self-conscious about their sex and choose to hide it from their spouse. Others could think their spouse doesn’t deserve such attention since they don’t live up to their ideals of success or attractiveness in other spheres of life.

    People frequently have anxiety when having sex, mainly when it includes being intimate with someone. It’s critical to acknowledge these emotions as natural and appropriate.

    Causes of performance anxiety

    People have performance anxiety because they worry about what their spouses will think of them while performing. They strive to serve as well as possible because they don’t want to disappoint them.

    Fear of failing or being insufficient in bed is a common source of sexual performance anxiety.

    Men and women may experience this, although younger people are more likely to do so.

    Many believe that males are more likely than women to reveal their sexual performance anxieties.

    This isn’t always the case, though. Even though they could be at the same level of desire as males, many women are unwilling to confess that they are anxious about their sexual performance.

    Many couples struggle to speak about this as a result properly. To discover answers that will make them feel comfortable in bed, couples must learn how to communicate their wants and concerns clearly and concisely.

    Symptoms of performance anxiety

    The following are the signs of performance anxiety with a new partner:

    1. 1. When you have to ask your new spouse out on a date, you get anxious.
    2. 2. You feel under pressure to make an impression immediately.
    3. 3. You believe you must be flawless and aren’t good enough unless others agree.
    4. 4. You attempt to conceal your genuine emotions out of fear that others will judge you negatively if they discover how anxious you are.
    5. 5. Despite knowing deep down that it’s not OK for someone who wants to be in a relationship with another person to always be anxious about it, you avoid discussing it with friends or family because they will tell you it’s normal.

    Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

    Talk to a therapist

    The very first step toward overcoming sexual performance anxiety is to speak with a therapist.

    An extremely debilitating mental condition that lowers the quality of life can be sexual performance anxiety. A great news is that it would be curable and has a long lifespan.

    Talking to a therapist is the first step in overcoming sexual performance anxiety.

    An extremely debilitating mental condition that lowers the quality of life can be sexual performance anxiety.

    Whether you’re experiencing low self-esteem, decreased libido, or other symptoms of sexual performance anxiety, talking about it openly with someone who understands what you’re going through might just be how you’ll get back on the right path emotionally.

    This could appear weird for someone who has never dealt with this type of problem before to begin treatment.

    Finding the proper treatment for you will rely on your particular circumstances and requirements as an individual.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic counselling, and humanistic therapy are all common types of treatment.

    Be open with your partner

    Fear of criticism sometimes brings on the anxiety associated with sexual performance.

    This could be influenced by a lot of circumstances, such as feeling pressured to perform by your partner or being concerned about how you will appear to them.

    You can overcome this problem by being honest with your spouse about what you’re going through and what you need from them.

    Going to open up about the emotions allows your spouse to understand where you’re coming from and what they can do to help.

    They will be able to aid others and grasp the possible reasons of occurrences as a result of this.

    They could also advise you on how you two might have handled such circumstances more effectively in the future.

    Get intimate in other ways

    You’ve decided to take action to combat your worry regarding sexual performance.

    You’ve tried everyday activities, including exercise, p*rn, and masturbation. However, nothing appears to work.

    Ejaculation or orgasm are still impossible to experience during intercourse.

    A first thing to understand is that sexual performance anxiety is usually caused by emotional rather than physical factors. The most excellent way to get over it is to have personal relationships in other ways.

    Because they are secretive about their sex lives, most people with sex anxiety are unaware of it. 

    They are cocky and self-assured in their little world, but when someone points out that they are lacking, they deny and say things like, “I’m great,” or “It’s just nervousness.”

    But when it comes down to it, you need to be honest with yourself and others about what’s going on in your thoughts if you want to feel better about yourself sexually – and you should!

    Distract yourself

    It’s essential to understand that a variety of causes may be causing your emotions of sexual performance anxiety.

    It can be your expectations of yourself or the expectations that others have of you. Another factor that could make you feel inadequate is the pressure from society or the media. 

    You could also experience self-consciousness if you have a fear of failing or of not being good enough.

    You may begin to work on altering those thoughts and actions once you have determined what is generating your anxiety and how it presents itself.

    Try to divert your attention from these ideas by acting in other areas of your life as a first step.

    Try to do something that would boost their view of you if you are concerned that someone may judge you or hurt your feelings (like volunteering).

    Make them laugh instead if you’re scared about coming across poorly to someone (like on a date).


    We hope you enjoyed this post about performance anxiety with a new partner. If you and your partner have been together for a while, you may not experience performance anxiety.

    But feeling anxious and off your game can be expected if you are with a new partner or in a new situation. We believe that through reading this text, you will be able to learn how to relax your nerves and resume enjoying yourself and your partner.