Rainy Day Activities For 1-Year-Olds at Home

Rainy Day Activities For 1-Year-Olds at Home

Rainy Day Activities For 1-Year-Olds at Home

If you’re planning to stay indoors on a rainy day, you may consider creating a fun indoor space for your toddler to play. Patios or balconies can be a great place to set up a rainy day activity. However, many kids can’t stand staying inside all day, so instead, consider a few creative ways to keep your toddler occupied and burning energy.

Games to play

If the weather is terrible, your little one will be happy to spend a rainy day at home doing a few activities that encourage creativity. For example, you can use a cotton bud to make magic milk and wash it with water. You can also use plastic food items from the play kitchen or real afternoon tea classics. Creating your shadow box theater will be great fun for your little one and help you get creative.

Another fun activity on a rainy day at home is playing follow the leader. Toddlers love imitating adults, so follow them and see what they do. Make sure to play within your child’s physical abilities, including stepping stones and jumping from rugs. While you’re at it, sneak in some chores as well! Making a paper airplane mask for your toddler can also create a fun competition!

Crafts to make

When it comes to crafts for your little one, you can do many fun projects to keep your child busy. For example, a paper bag house is an excellent activity for a rainy day. Your child will love to explore the different textures of the paper bags as you use the paper bag to create the structure. Another fun craft to do is to make a thaumatrope.

To create a turtle, turn a paper plate upside down and make a tortoise shell. Paint the shell with raindrops to give it a unique pattern. Once the glue is dry, cut out the four legs, a head, and a tail. Attach the body parts with pins. Your little one will be so happy to discover his new toy.

Another fun craft to make on a rainy day is to make a rain cloud. Again, you can use colored paper and a plastic plate. Alternatively, you can create a cloud with a raindrop on it. Then, attach a string to the cloud, and your child will be amazed at what he’s made. And if you don’t have any craft paper or yarn on hand, you can use colorful cotton to create the clouds.

Science experiments to do

There are many different kinds of science experiments you can perform at home. Your kids will love experimenting with water, and you’ll be surprised at the many ways to teach them about density. There are many ways to demonstrate density to your child; all you need are a few everyday household items. These activities are also great for preschoolers, who often like to play in the water. Using a funnel and a few household items, you can conduct simple experiments to teach them about the density of water.

One experiment your children will enjoy is the capillary action experiment, also known as witch’s brew. This activity involves mixing baking soda with vinegar and watching the liquid spread and create a magic explosion. Food coloring can also be used to change the color of bubbles, and adding a bit of water to the mixture can extend the playtime. In a separate experiment, your child can observe the light refraction of water using a paper towel and two glasses of water.

Yoga to do

You can do many activities at home to keep your little one busy on rainy days. Try practicing yoga poses. The simple yet effective exercises will soothe a restless little one. Try teaching them the basic yoga poses like the cobra pose, mountain pose, and more. You can also use child-friendly yoga videos such as Cosmic Kids Yoga to demonstrate some poses. Or, you can watch a family-friendly Disney movie on Netflix.

Yoga poses can be a great way to burn energy and focus on balance for younger children. It can also help you and your child become more aware of their movements. Practicing yoga with your child can be as simple as doing simple exercises like Downward Dog and Tree. You can also try doing science experiments together, like making volcanoes and Oobleck. Besides yoga, you can also play with water and make a sensory bin for your toddler.

I’m Bored, Jar

A simple rainy day activity for kids is creating an I’m Bored Jar. A jar with items in it can be filled with everything from popsicle sticks to tongue depressors and folded paper. Your child can pick an activity to do each time they get bored. They can also play games to keep their minds active. These are tried and actual activities to keep your child happy and occupied while learning and getting healthy.

Children love to look at old pictures and stories, so giving your child an album of their favorite memories can be a fun rainy day activity. Old magazines can also be recycled and made into collages. You can also provide glue or art supplies for collage-making. If you’ve got older kids, you can also provide them with a drawing pad and a pencil.

Book Nook

Make a cozy reading spot in your child’s room. Create a small reading area by converting a big box into a cozy reading spot with soft throw pillows and a comfy chair. Bring items from your child’s closet or bed to decorate the nook. Let your child wear pajamas and enjoy reading books in their new cozy nook. Read books together with your child and watch the clouds roll by.

Create a comfortable nook for your child to read in. Creating a cozy reading space is essential to nurturing a lifelong love of books and reading. Using a bookcase or a shelf in your child’s room is a great way to keep your child interested and entertained. 

There are even several books to choose from and decorate the space.

A book nook for your child’s room doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be as simple as a corner seat and a few books. It doesn’t have to be fancy and can be as tiny as a window seat with plenty of pillows. You can also opt to build a floor-to-ceiling bookcase and stack up colorful books to create a cozy reading space.

I’m Bored Jar Modifications

Please make your own I’m bored jar by adapting it to your child’s interest. For instance, you can add a printable letter and have a race or other activity for the kids. If you want to give them more direction, you can create a bug hotel with popsicle sticks and paper. Alternatively, you can use a shoe box.

You can use a glass jar, a coffee bean tin, or any other container your child can easily reach. Then, you can decorate the jar with stickers, paper clips, or other fun decorations to encourage your child to play. A fun way to use the jar is to print the activities on colorful copy paper and cut them out of strips. Once the kids have completed one activity, they can choose another one.

If your child is already bored, you can modify the I’m Bored Jar to include other items such as ice, popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, and folded paper. These items are great for a rainy day and help your child stay entertained. And because they’re low-cost, you won’t have to spend much money on entertainment.

Costume ideas

Dress up your kids. Let them explore the closet for clothes, accessories, and costume jewelry. Please list what they can find and have them find them. Then, make a fun scavenger hunt using items they already have, or come up with your ideas. 

Create a costume containing glitter for the younger set and add it to a toy. Make a fun costume from paracord, the nylon cord used for parachutes since WWII. This project is easy and quick, but it looks fabulous when complete. You may want to seek help from an adult when working with hot glue. Buttons make cute rainy-day crafts, too. For example, kids can paint a tree trunk, add a few branches, and glue on assorted buttons as leaves.