Should I Kill Cicero?

Should I Kill Cicero?

Should I Kill Cicero?

Skyrim is a great and immersive international that allows players to make choices that affect the game’s storyline and characters. One such choice arises in the Dark Brotherhood questline, in which gamers need to decide the destiny of Cicero, the jester of the Dark Brotherhood. Cicero is a unique and polarizing person, with a few gamers loving his eccentricity and others finding him grating. 

The decision to kill or spare Cicero isn’t easy, and it may have tremendous results for the game’s storyline and different characters. In this article, we can explore the various factors to not forget when making this choice, weigh the pros and cons of killing Cicero, and observe the moral implications of choice.

Who Is Cicero, And Why Is He Important In Skyrim?

Cicero is a jester and a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a collection of assassins in Skyrim. He is possibly one of the most exciting characters in the game. Cicero is unswerving to the Dark Brotherhood, but his quirky and unpredictable personality makes him stand out amongst other individuals in the organization.

Cicero’s Role In The Dark Brotherhood Questline

Cicero plays a first-rate role in the Dark Brotherhood questline. He is first encountered at the beginning of the quest line, and he accompanies the player at some point in several missions. Cicero can even end up a follower, supplying the player with his precise set of talents.

Cicero’s Personality And Quirks

Cicero’s persona and quirks make him one of Skyrim’s most memorable characters. He is known for his one-of-a-kind, barely unsettling voice and his dependency on speaking to his dead mother. Unfortunately, he also tends to break out into suits of laughter or anger, making him unpredictable and difficult to paint with now and then.

Pros And Cons Of Keeping Cicero Alive In Skyrim Pros And Cons Of Keeping Cicero Alive In Skyrim 

Players are frequently faced with the selection of whether or not to hold him alive or kill him off. Here are some of the professionals and cons of keeping Cicero alive in Skyrim.


Quest Completion

Keeping Cicero alive is vital to finish the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim. Cicero is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and his role within the questline is vital. By preserving Cicero alive, players can finish the questline and unencumber rewards and achievements.

Unique Abilities

Cicero has a few specific abilities that can be useful in the sport. For instance, he’s skilled in archery and might serve as a useful follower for gamers who need a ranged attacker. Cicero additionally has a unique capacity known as “Shadowmere’s Blessing,” which permits the participant to summon a powerful horse named Shadowmere.

Interesting Character

Cicero is a properly-evolved character in Skyrim, with a wealthy backstory and particular character. He is regularly regarded as a fan preferred because of his quirky and unpredictable nature. Keeping him alive permits players to interact with him greater and analyze extra approximately his individual.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, whether to hold Cicero alive is an issue of personal choice. Some gamers can also clearly enjoy having him around and like to hold him alive, at the same time as others might not like him and pick out to kill him off.


Annoying Behavior

Cicero’s unpredictable and, on occasion, stressful conduct may be a turn-off for some players. He frequently makes unusual noises and feedback that may grow grating over the years. Additionally, his loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood can, on occasion, conflict with the player’s very own goals and values.

Plot Inconsistencies

Keeping Cicero alive can sometimes lead to plan inconsistencies in the game. For example, suppose the participant chooses to side with the Imperials at some point in the Civil War questline. In that case, Cicero’s endured presence can create a plot hollow, as he is a recognized enemy faction member.

Follower Limitations

Players are restrained in the range of followers they can have at one time in Skyrim and select to preserve Cicero alive, giving up the opportunity to recruit every other follower. This may be an enormous disadvantage for gamers who choose to have a more diverse team of followers.

Moral Implications

Cicero’s movements and behavior in the sport increase moral questions for a few gamers. He is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins who perform contract killings for earnings. By retaining him alive, players are assisting with this unethical behavior.

The Consequences Of Killing Cicero In Skyrim

Cicero is a distinguished character within the Skyrim game, recognized for his darkish humor and eccentricity. As a member of the Dark Brotherhood, he plays an important function in the game’s storyline. However, gamers can kill Cicero, which can have full-size consequences in the sport. Here are a number of the effects of killing Cicero in Skyrim.

Dark Brotherhood Questline

Killing Cicero can have a tremendous impact on the Dark Brotherhood questline. Cicero plays a vital role within the quest line, and killing him will exchange the storyline considerably. It may also affect the rewards and loot that the participant can obtain from finishing the quests. Killing Cicero will bring about the participant being expelled from the Dark Brotherhood and receiving decreased rewards.

Unique Items

If the player chooses to spare Cicero, he becomes a capacity follower and provides the player with get entry to particular items. However, killing Cicero will result in the participant dropping the possibility of reaping those precise items. Cicero includes numerous objects, including his outfit, the jester’s garments, and his weapon, the Wabbajack. These items cannot be acquired if the participant kills Cicero.

Cicero’s Journal

Cicero’s magazine is a unique item that provides insight into the individual’s backstory and personality. The magazine may be discovered inside the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cicero’s room. Unfortunately, if the participant kills Cicero, they may not have to get an entry to the journal, and because of this, they’ll miss out on this extra lore.

Player’s Reputation

Killing Cicero may impact the participant’s popularity in the game. The Dark Brotherhood is an effective faction in Skyrim, and killing certainly one of their individuals may have consequences. Other participants of the Dark Brotherhood will now not look favorably upon the participant, which can affect their future interactions with the faction.

Moral Consequences

Killing Cicero also has moral results for the player. Cicero is a complex man or woman, and some gamers may also sense they are attached to him. Killing him can negatively impact the player’s popularity, but it could actually have a psychological impact on the participant. Some players might also feel responsible for killing Cicero, while others may also feel that it becomes the proper factor.

Questline Choices

Killing Cicero will affect the player’s choices inside the Dark Brotherhood quest line. The player cannot select the route that includes sparing Cicero and recruiting him as a follower. The player will pass this method out on capability rewards and loot.

Storyline Impact

Killing Cicero could have a considerable impact on the overall storyline of the game. Cicero’s individual is intently tied to the Dark Brotherhood, and his demise will affect the faction’s future. The player’s movements will have ripple consequences during the sport, and killing Cicero isn’t an exception.

The Impact Of Cicero’s Fate On The Dark Brotherhood Questline

How Cicero’s Fate Affects The Questline?

Cicero’s destiny has a great impact on the Dark Brotherhood questline. If Cicero is killed, the questline will take a different flip, and the player will omit out on a few particular missions and encounters. However, if Cicero is stored alive, the player can revel in the whole breadth of the storyline.

How Cicero’s Fate Affects Other Characters Inside The Dark Brotherhood?

Cicero’s fate additionally influences other characters inside the Dark Brotherhood. If Cicero is killed, some characters can be pleased, even as others might be saddened. Additionally, if Cicero is saved alive, his persistent presence might also reason anxiety within the institution because of his unpredictable nature.

The Moral Dilemma: Is Killing Cicero Justified?The Moral Dilemma: Is Killing Cicero Justified?

One of the maximum contentious selections gamers should make in Skyrim is whether or not to kill or spare the jester Cicero. On the one hand, Cicero is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, an infamous institution of assassins. On the other hand, conversely, he is a sympathetic man or woman who his fellow Brotherhood individuals have wronged. Before making a choice, it’s well worth exploring the arguments on each aspect.

Arguments For Killing Cicero

Some gamers argue that killing Cicero is vital to maintaining the Dark Brotherhood’s integrity. The Brotherhood is a decent-knit institution with strict regulations, and permitting someone like Cicero to disregard the guidelines threatens to undermine the company as an entire. Additionally, Cicero’s selfish movements have harmed innocent humans, making him legally responsible to each person who buddies with him.

Arguments For Keeping Cicero Alive

Others argue that Cicero merits a chance at redemption. His odd behavior and vocal tics result from years of abuse and trauma, and sparing him may want to assist him in destroying loose from the cycle of violence he is part of. Additionally, Cicero is a unique person with a lot of character, and a few gamers simply experience having him around.

Exploring The Ethics Of The Decision

Ultimately, choosing to kill or spare Cicero boils down to many ethics. For example, is it ethical to kill someone who has proven remorse and has been a victim of abuse, although they have committed violent acts in the past? Or is it ethical to spare a person who has shown little regard for the policies of an effective corporation and which has harmed harmless human beings? These are hard questions that gamers should grapple with when making their selection.


Cicero: who is he?

Cicero was a first-century BCE Roman politician, lawyer, orator, and philosopher.

Who would want to murder Cicero?

In terms of popular culture, Cicero is also the name of a character who appears in the video game Skyrim and is given the choice to be killed or spared as part of a questline.

What happens if you murder Cicero in Skyrim?

While saving Cicero’s life will allow the player to carry on with the questline and advance in the faction, killing him will cause the player to be expelled from the Dark Brotherhood faction.

Is the choice to murder Cicero morally ambiguous?

Because Cicero is a sympathetic character with a tragic background, choosing to murder him in the video game presents a moral conundrum for some gamers.

In Skyrim, are there any advantages to murdering Cicero?

Killing Cicero does not result in any notable advantages or rewards in the game, and it can even make it harder for the player to advance because they will be expelled from the Dark Brotherhood group.