Was the Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace Ever Found?

Was the Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace Ever Found?

Was the Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace Ever Found?

After the Titanic sank in April 1912, all 1,490 passengers aboard were presumed dead. Even though most of them perished in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, several items made it to the ocean floor in surprisingly good condition—including one precious piece of jewellery. Found near an anonymous female body, this diamond necklace was dubbed The Heart of the Ocean because it was believed to be what Rose DeWitt Bukater wore on her wedding day to Jack Dawson before he decided to join his friends on the ill-fated voyage to New York City. Did they ever find this valuable artefact?

A brief history

A famous diamond necklace from 18th century France known as Le Coeur de la Mer, or The Heart of The Sea, has a special place in popular culture. It was most notably referenced in its namesake novel by French writer Jules Verne. It was then made into an Award-winning Academy film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Although it’s not been seen for more than 200 years, there have been various hypotheses about its fate. Was it lost forever, or does it still exist somewhere? According to marine scientist and National Geographic explorer Innes McCartney, who studies deep-sea natural history at the Scotland’s University of Aberdeen, there may be new hope for lovers of treasure-hunting stories. This is his perspective on what happened to The Heart of The Sea.

In the movie

The Heart of The Ocean diamond was a fictional piece created by James Cameron for his 1997 blockbuster Titanic. That said, there are plenty of real-life heirloom jewels out there that are almost as impressive: Le Régiment de Trois Etoiles—an emerald and diamond necklace given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI before she made her ill-fated journey to Paris—and Collar of Esses, a string of silver circles featuring 13 large diamonds surrounded by 127 smaller gems.

For more examples and information on some historical stones, check out Secrets in The Stones: How Were Famous Heirlooms Made? by Stanley B. Burns. And if you’re interested in finding your treasure, try A Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Finding Hidden Gold And Gems. In it, you’ll learn how to use dowsing rods (like those used by pirates) and metal detectors to find hidden valuables around your home or office!

After discovering an old shipwreck off your local beach while snorkelling with friends one day, you dive down and see what treasures you can find. You don’t get very far into exploring when something grabs hold of your leg! You find a way to break free from whatever is holding you back long enough to climb back into your boat. But then it happens again! However, whatever it is, rip off part of your leg before letting go.

The love story behind it

In 1873, Lord Dudley gave a diamond necklace to Lady Louisa Henley as a Christmas gift. The chain, valued at $15 million in today’s dollars, was given in exchange for an I love you and a commitment to marry.

It had been rumoured that during their honeymoon trip onboard a yacht to Egypt, Lady Louisa lost her enormous diamond-encrusted heart pendant overboard while using it as an ashtray while taking tobacco at sea. Since then, it has never been found, but did it sink into that ocean floor more than one hundred years ago? Some people say they saw it sold on eBay five years ago; others say they heard about some guy diving in Egypt who supposedly had it himself.

Why it’s important

The Titanic was one of the most talked-about disasters due to its tragedy and opulence. Unfortunately, it’s also a cautionary tale. Hundreds of boating accidents worldwide result in injuries or death every year.

Frequently, they’re avoidable tragedies like those seen on board The Titanic. Boat owners and operators should always ensure that their vessel is safe and stable before taking off on their voyage; passengers should always follow all safety procedures while onboard.

To avoid becoming another tragic statistic.

Take a look at some safety tips based on what happened aboard The Titanic:

  • Make sure your boat has enough lifeboats for everyone on board.
  • Watch out for icebergs! Icebergs can be hard to spot even during daylight hours, so make sure you have a qualified lookout on duty.
  • Be prepared with proper emergency equipment such as flares and life vests.
  • If you have an emergency at sea, donations panic. Many people survived because they remained calm and followed instructions from their crew members.

What happened to it

The necklace described in Titanic was given to Rose (Kate Winslet) by her fiancé, Cal (Leo DiCaprio). However, that wasn’t its original purpose. Author Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) planned to use it as a down payment for a boat that he and his best friend, Paul (Bill Paxton), would sail around South America.

He pawned it with an unscrupulous jeweller named D.F. Grossbart (David Warner) when he couldn’t afford it. He also took out a loan for $500 from Samuel (Bernard Hill), Rose’s dad and his boss on board Titanic.


In conclusion, no one knows if The Heart of The Ocean was ever found. We know that it is not on Jack’s body when Rose awakens him. In future movies, we may see in flashback scenes where she does find it, but until then, no one knows for sure.

Although, there should be a good possibility she did so even though her final thoughts before death are about Jack. From what we have seen in Titanic and other movies, he loves his necklace. If she saw him dying, she might have retrieved it as a reminder of their love and their lost opportunity to be together forever. I hope you find your answer. Thanks for reading and time!