What are the chances of getting caught shoplifting after leaving store?

What are the chances of getting caught shoplifting after leaving store?

What are the chances of getting caught shoplifting after leaving store?

Shoplifting – an action of stealing things from the store without payment. Some may steal food because they do not have enough money to buy it, while others steal the stuff because they feel cool or good. They may be unaware of shoplifting results or not care about them. If you are caught shoplifting, ultimately, you face little embarrassment. When you are caught shoplifting and trigger the anti-theft system, it is not a good experience. If you encounter a security guard, he does not cause any serious problem. You will invite to pay for the forgotten items. Some guards alert you. The first thing they do is recover the things or force you to pay. 

Shoplifting is not just about stealing a single pack of biscuits. If many people steal biscuits pack, this will ultimately lead to a loss to the store. Shoplifting will lead to almost $35 billion in losses every year. If you look at all these facts, you know that stealing a pack of biscuits from a store without payment is a serious crime. 

What Are The Consequences If You Get Caught Shoplifting?

If someone catches you shoplifting at a store, the consequences may be serious sometimes.  Firstly, you will face a little embarrassment. When you get caught shoplifting and the anti-theft system starts in front of many people, it may not be a nice experience. Or, if a security guard sees you, you may not face any problem. Maybe he forces you to pay for the forgotten items. Some guards alert you that they are not so nice. They may cause you to recover the things or ask you to make a payment for them. 

getting caught shoplifting

Put Your Record

Many supermarkets put the names of the shoplifters in their records. When you are registered for theft, the security guard may take you to the office and ask for your ID card. Your name will be put in records to be recognized next time you want to steal anything from the store. Many security guards add your name to records. And call law enforcement if you try to shoplift again. 

Banned From Superstore

It is not common for a store manager to decide on a punishment, particularly the other way he can call the police. After your name puts on the record, the security guards will not let you enter the store again, and you will be banned forever from entering the store. A store is a private property, so they cannot refuse someone from their store because of their sexuality or race; they can do this against a shoplifter. 

Call The Police

After the above two options, store staff may call out for the police. If they call the police, you may be in trouble or may issue some fine or ticket, and it will record in your permanent record. If they give you access, you have to appear in court. It may be worth hiring a lawyer for you. It is the worst condition for you if you shoplift.

What Should You Do If You Get Caught Shoplifting?

When someone catches you shoplifting, how you should react can affect the consequences on your immigration, employment, and travel forever. Here we discuss some things you should do if you get caught shoplifting. 

Be Respectful

Always respectful, cooperative, and polite with the store staff and the police. If you act aggressive, things will get worse for you. The police will note your poor behaviour and use it against you when you appear in court.

Do Not Violate

Do not try to escape or run away from the police or store security custody. Sometimes people are asked to stop in the parking area, and they get in their car and drive away by disobeying them. Many times people physically push and run away from the store security. This reaction will lead to charging extra for lawful custody.

Respond Properly

Practice your right by reman silent in such situations. If you answer respectfully, answer the questions about everything other than your identity. You should confess your crime. Some people admit their past theft making their case more worst. Moreover, do not incriminate yourself, be respectful and polite to police and store staff. 

Share Your Correct Personal Information

Always be honest in identifying yourself with the police and the store security staff. When police arrest you, it will involve determining your identity. The police will not let you go unless they complete the identification process. Some people lie to the police about their identification or even misspell their names leading to worse situations. In that case, you have to pay the fine or go for bail.

Share Your Crime Status

Determine your criminal status. Sometimes you are lucky, and things will let go with just a warning. Considers whether you trespass by the mall or the store. 

Do Not Discuss Your Crime In Front Of Others

Considers with whom you should discuss the offence. Almost 50% of people will not discuss the case with anyone other than their lawyer. You should be aware that some stores may send you to demand letters and ask you for the money.

Determine The Effects

You have to determine how being criminally charged will affect your future employment plans. Moreover, analyze how criminally charged will affect your plans or immigration if you are a tourist, on a work permit, or a student. Each of them has different criteria and is important for determining the potential problems.

Avoid Foreign Tours

Do you have plans to travel foreign? If so, you can avoid everything denied your entry by foreign customs. 


If the police catch you shoplifting, your first reaction determines the severity of the case. Many people will face prolonged problems that they may avoid if they do proper legal representation. You should hire a lawyer if your point of shoplifting gets worse