What Does the Bible Say About Private Body Parts of Men and Women?

What Does the Bible Say About Private Body Parts

What Does the Bible Say About Private Body Parts of Men and Women?

So what does the Bible say about menstrual and private genitals? What is God’s view on self-pleasure? Is self-pleasure a form of adultery? Does God regard premarital sex as adultery? And how does this affect the private genitals of men and women? We can learn a lot about God’s views on the private body parts of men and women by looking at the lives of the apostle Paul and Jesus.

God views mast*urbation as adultery.

While the Bible does not explicitly forbid mast*urbation, it does denounce all forms of sexual impurity, including adulterous fantasies. Because mast*urbation can become a habit, it can also lead to other sexual sins like por*nography. While the Bible does not explicitly forbid mast*urbation, most Christians believe it is wrong to self-pleasure during or before marriage. The Church based its condemnation of mast*urbation on the Genesis 38 story.

The Bible is noticeable about the nature of adultery and how it can lead to divorce. In Genesis chapter 6, Onan chose to disobey God and his father, Judah and left Tamar without an heir. This selfishness eventually led to his death. And it is no wonder that God punished him harshly. Even though he chose to pervert sex within the marriage, God still viewed it adultery.

While mast*urbation is wrong in many ways, it can be helpful in some cases. Some people feel like mast*urbation is their only source of life. They may be afraid of the freedom of being alone, but they may believe mast*urbation is the source of their life. They may be fearful that if they don’t mast*urbate, they will fall apart and be lost in the chaos. In the long run, mast*urbation can be an integral part of healing trauma and developing trust in God.

Many Christian pastors and secular writers believe that mast*urbation is normal for human development. In addition, medical experts have concluded that mast*urbation does not cause physical harm. Psychologists even suggest that mast*urbation may enhance one’s life. Lastly, some non-Christians say mast*urbation is better than adultery. However, for Christ-followers, whether mast*urbation is wrong is crucial.

God views gen*itals as a sacred one-flesh union.

The Bible refers to sexiness often and indirectly. It uses terms like thigh and loin and cautions us not to touch other people’s private parts. However, it does state that sex between men and women is forbidden. God created a male and a female in his image. Sex is an extension of creation and not a purely biological function. Sexual relationships with people of the same sex are not complementary.

Sex between successive-generation in-laws, grandchildren, and the lineage of a wife’s mother is forbidden. Sex between a wife’s daughters is permitted but not between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. That is because God presumes a wife’s virginity before the marriage. However, this assumption does not apply to sex between in-laws.

Biblical sex is rooted in character and relationships derived from God’s criteria. God is neither phallic nor sexless in the literal sense, but he is male metaphorically. As Creator, God is not a model of male virility, sexual potency, or sex in the Bible. Hence, it is inappropriate to use biblical criteria to determine what constitutes sexual behavior.

The Bible condemns the dissolution of marriage and the exposure of sex organs before marriage. Additionally, the Bible teaches that homosexuality, adultery, and intercourse with animals are forbidden. These actions violate the covenant of fidelity with God, which is the foundation of human relationships and civilization. It is not surprising that God would view genitals as a sacred one-flesh union of men and women.

God views premarital sex as adultery.

According to the Bible, premarital sex is adultery because it violates a covenant or relationship. God has provided a place for fulfilling sexual needs in marriage. According to Hebrews 13:4, sex before marriage is a sin that destroys a relationship. A person who engages in extramarital sex will never receive forgiveness from God. Therefore, the only option for divorced people is to seek forgiveness from the person they divorced.

While the Bible does not mention premarital sex as an adultery sin, most Christians would classify it under the seventh commandment. The seventh commandment teaches that a person should not commit adultery. The definition of adultery is a person having sex with another person who is not married to them. Although premarital sex may seem like an exception, God views it adultery.

According to Barth, physical sexuality is not a divine right. It should not be used to violate the rights of others. Moreover, sex within the marriage must affirm the coexistence of the married couple. The concept of a sovereign God will always resist such a notion. According to Barth, sex outside the marriage is dehumanizing and puts humans on the same level as animals. It’s also based on passion and self-gratification, which are incompatible with God’s design.

Although it is hard to define what constitutes sex before marriage, the Bible does condemn this type of immoral behavior. Sex before marriage is not listed in the most comprehensive list of immoral acts in the Old Testament. Several biblical verses condemn sex before marriage. Acts 15:20, 1 Corinthians 5:1, 6:13, 2 Corinthians 12:21, Jude 1:7, and Romans 18:6 all condemn such behavior.

What does Bible say about dreaming about sex and private parts of the body?

While it is correct that we dream more about those specialties that inhabit our waking minds, that is not an absolute fact. People who have ever dreamed of doing something they find morally repulsive understand this. Someone who dreams about observing her third-grade teacher play tennis with a raccoon does not need to be disclosed to a psychiatric department. It was just a strange dream. Likewise, a man aiming to live purely but dreams about having sex with a series of women, none of whom are his wife, does not require to repent. Neither does a female who has sexual dreams need to grieve for the actions taken in those dreams. It stood just a strange dream.

However, repentance may be in sequence if those sexual dreams were consequences of lustful daytime thoughts. Suppose sexual imaginations become enjoyable and sought after. It is the moment to reconsider Jesus’ words on lust (Matthew 5:28). So, upon awakening, suppose you feel wrong about what you were dreaming. It is always suitable to ask for God’s forgiveness and ask that God would purify our thoughts. Praying Psalm 19:14 upon waking can erase emotions of guilt and also readjust our opinion so that we don’t persist in dwelling on sexually sinful ideas and visions.

Dreams can also reminisce unmet needs and longings or even past affairs. If a pattern emerges, it can represent an area we need to confess to God. If the dreams continue, it might be valuable to speak with a Christian counselor. We can’t hide anything from God, and the Almighty knows about the dreams (Psalm 139:2; 1 Chronicle 29:17). Therefore, being honest about our needs and desires is crucial in life. Purifying a soul from confession in virtuous ways can shift even sexual dreams into spiritual development and surrender avenues.

God views abortion as adultery.

Many pro-abortion advocates argue that abortion is a form of contraception that directly contradicts the whole truth of the sexual act. It also directly contradicts the virtue of chastity in marriage and justice. Abortion also directly violates God’s commandment never to kill an unborn child. While many arguments against abortion can be argued philosophically, they do not provide the basis for a legal defense.

Some people argue that God approves of the murder of an innocent child or raped or mutilated woman. However, this is not necessarily true. God doesn’t know about evil; man brought sin into the world. Whether a person chooses to commit these crimes or not, the consequences are the same: it is adultery over the private body parts of men and women.