What Is a Squishmallow?

What Is a Squishmallow?

What Is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are soft toys that people of all ages like. They are renowned for being incredibly soft, sweet, and adorable. Squishmallows can take the shape of a fruit or a plush toy that is available in a variety of hues, sizes, and shapes.Squishmallows is a line of stuffed animals that Kelly Toys Holdings LLC launched in 2017. Round squishmallows are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. In addition, the company has developed over 1,000 Squishmallows characters with different names and backstories.

How much do squishmallows cost?

Depending on size, squishmallows are priced differently. Keychains and other smaller Squishmallows start at $2.99, but larger toys can cost up to $59.99. Depending on popularity, you may discover high reseller prices online. Why am I unable to locate a specific Squishmallow?

What are Squishmallows

If you are familiar with the stuffed animal business, you would have noticed that there is one brand many people rave about nonstop: Squishmallows. Squishmallows are soft, squishy, cuddly toys in many different colors and sizes. The Squishmallows website states that they have been around since 2017, but over the past few months, they have attracted a tonne of people, and their Instagram handles currently have 220,000 followers.

What Is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are, to start with, a high-quality product. There are many options to pick from because they come in different colors and types. Additionally, the company usually releases new “squads,” or collections, under the Squishmallow name.

The Fruit Squad, which includes a strawberry, an avocado, a pineapple, and other fruit items, is one of our favorites.

Other squads include the Adventure Squad, the Sealife Squad, and the Halloween Squad. They are available in several sizes, ranging from keychains (3.5 inches) to 24 inches. In addition, exclusive partnerships exist with many merchants and corporations, including Claire’s, Five Below, Star Wars, and Disney.

What stores carry squishmallows?

In addition to the Squishmallow Shop, you can presently buy Squishmallows at Walgreens, Costco, Kroger shops, Justice, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million, and Aldi. You can also win us at amusement parks or Dave & Buster’s. Other nearby businesses where you can find us include Five Below, Party City, Learning Express, and others. Keep checking back for updates on new retail locations!

Most Popular Squishmallow “SQUADS” 

Fruit squad.

Maui the pineapple, Wanda the watermelon, and Phyllis the peach are some well-known members of Squishmallows’ fruit squad. Each is an excellent option for a gift, a friend, or a collection addition!

They are all 2-inches long and manufactured of high-quality materials and filling, which makes them even cuter and more entertaining.

Cow squad.

The Cow Squishmallows Squads are a soft plush toy by the Kellytoy Company. You can quickly get these online; they come in three colors. 

The fluffy nature of these Squishmallows makes them great comforters and pillow friends. It is a 12-inch plush toy that you may buy for your collection or give to friends, kids, and adults who still have a sense of wonder.

Pig squad

Fans also like the pig squad, which comes in many designs. Some have rounded black eyes, curly ears, and pale purple-colored patches. Squishmallow fans can add these super soft plush toys with pig designs to their collections of premium materials!

Frog squad.

You can add this soft plush toy to your collection of soft toys. On social media, many fans have been using their frog squad plush toys in videos for a good reason.

You can pick from several characters in the Frog squad, including Baratelli, Alandy, Philippine, Robert, Fannie, Ludwig, and Wendy. They all have distinctive colors, names, personalities, and plots that the Squishmallows community will like.

The bird squad.

Five cute Squishmallows make up the bird squad, and they are all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Priscilla, a blue peacock member of the Zoo squad, is one of them. She enjoys spending time with her buddies trying out new activities, and giving help to others.

Leopard squad

The Leopard Squishmallows team is also a public favorite and has the most social media videos uploaded about them. Most of them have dazzling inner ears and outlining green, blue, or gray markings.

Both children and adults will enjoy the individual storylines that each member of this team has to offer. Liv is one of them; when she grows up, she wants to make rocket ships.

How to clean a  Squishmallow.

We’ll go over how to wash and care for squishies now that you understand what they are and the multiple functions they perform for kids and their parents.

Getting Rid of Small  Squishmallow Stains.

You might have minor stains that irritate you but aren’t obvious enough to put in the washer or dryer, so you’re looking for ways to get rid of them. Rust, filth, grime, and slime marks are specific stains. You will want either wet wipes, handwash (liquid or wipe form), or stain remover to get rid of this.

  • Take your liquid and gently dab it on the filthy area of the Squishmallow to get rid of minor spots.
  • Once the stain is gone, keep doing this for a short while.
  • Try adding a different solution if the stain is not working, let it sit in the material for a more extended period, then repeat step #2.
  • If the stain continues to spread or gets worse, put it in the washer and dryer by complying with the steps given below.

Getting Rid of Small Squishmallow Stains.

More significant stains will require machine washing and dryings, such as those caused by spilled food or beverages, dirt, ink, or other substances that cover the plush toy’s primary surface.

  • Put your squishmallow in a pillowcase next to larger objects like sheets or comforters.
  • With the rest of your laundry, wash your clothes and the soft toy in cold water.
  • Allow the squishmallow to air dry for about an hour, or put it in the dryer and tumble dry at the lowest temperature.
  • You might need to fluff or squeeze your plush toy a few times to get it back to its original shape if it seems flattened or has lost its shape.

What NOT to Do When Washing a Squishmallow

Although these two methods for washing squishmallow are simple and efficient, you need to keep the following in mind to do the task properly:

  • First, wash the plush toy without any pillow.
  • Then, to avoid scratching or to remove solid elements of the squishmallow, wash the squishmallow by itself.
  • Due to possible harm, wash the squishmallow in hot or warm water.
  • Due to potential shrinkage, dry the squishmallow in warm or hot water.
  • Use an iron, hairdryer, or other warm devices to dry the soft toy.


Due to their cute appearance and ability to relieve sadness or worry, squishmallows gained even more tremendous popularity as the pandemic began. These plush toys were created in 2017 by Kellytoy utilizing polyester fiber, giving them the squishy texture that people of all ages adore.

Additionally, a new line is periodically created and sold, keeping kids (and those still young at heart) on the lookout for fresh squishies they can purchase.