What Is The Average Cost To Build A 1500 Sq Ft House In The USA Based On Zip Code?

Build A 1500 Sq Ft House

What Is The Average Cost To Build A 1500 Sq Ft House In The USA Based On Zip Code?

What happens If you want a medium-size home and do not agree to purchase an existing home, or what will you do if you construct a home according to your desires? What will be the average cost for building a 1,500 sq ft house? Usually, the costs will range from $1,55,000 to $416,250. This guide will guide you on building a home with an average cost for a 1500 sq ft home, depending on the area.

The Building Cost Of A Home

Buying a home is a considerable investment in your life that needs careful decisions, planning, and savings. According to data, in 2019, the average size was 2,509 sq ft, and the average cost was $383,900. In addition, if you want to buy a vague size home, it will be around $76,780 for a 20 percent down payment. However, there may be slight differences if you consider it by region. 

Cost To Build A 1,500 Sq Ft House Depending On The Region

The average cost of building a home of 1500 sq/ft by region depends on the type of materials and the area where you are building your home or if you want to make your home in a particular area and want a customized home. Usually, the average cost of building a 1500 sq ft house starts from $1,55,000 and around $416,250. Furthermore, the national average is about $248,000, but this may increase if you build a customized home. Moreover, if you want to know the average cost per area, the price will be:


$90-$125 per square foot and for 1500 sq ft area it will be $1,35,000 to $1,87,500.


$100-$149 per square foot, and for a house of 1500 sq ft, it will be $1,50,000 to $2,33,500.


$125-$150+ per square foot and for 1500 sq ft it will be $1,87,500 to $2,25,000+.


$100-$150+ sq ft and for a house of 1500 sq ft it will be $1,50,000 to $2,25,000+. 

You have to keep in mind regional averages. However, there are many cities where the average price of sq ft is higher than the regional average. 

What Does A 1500 Square Foot Home Include?

You may face some problems finding out precisely the floor plans for a 1500 sq ft house. Usually, a 1500 sq ft home includes:

  • 2-3 Bedrooms
  • 2-2.5 Toilets
  • Kitchen 
  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Dining Room 

Average Cost To Build A 1500 Sq Ft House

What Is A More Cheap Building Or Buying A Home?

It depends on the size of your home and what type of customization you need in your home. In addition, purchasing an existing home may be cheaper. Here is some comparison of the medium prices for built or new homes and the average cost for a home.

Buying a new home – $416,900

Building a house – $283,965

Buying an existing home – $358,000

However, the cost depends on your home’s size, area, and customization. 

What Will Be The Additional Price Factors For A 1500 Square Foot Home?

When you consider the price for building your home, you will find the average prices for homes everywhere. In addition, there are many customizations for a home that is possible so that it will affect the price accordingly. However, there is a chance that the final price may differ considerably based on the area you live in and the options you choose for your home. However, some of the factors that implement at a price will be:

Size – As the square footage of your home increase, the price of the home increases accordingly. More sq ft requires more cost.

Land – Additionally, with the cost of the land, we will have to buy a lot of things. You will have to clear the land and yard for construction purposes. 

Number Of Stories – It will affect the cost of a home that how many stories do you want to build? In addition, the cost of the building, design, and development home with more than one story will affect your overall cost of a home. 

Landscaping, Pools, Or Fences – The price range of pool installation, building a deck, or installing landscapes can cost thousands of rupees. Furthermore, fencing costs may vary from $10-$30 per foot based on if you want to install a picket fence or costly vinyl fencing. 

Fixtures Or Finishes – The cost of fixtures or finishes will increase your cost. In addition, high-quality granite countertops may come at an extra cost.

Roof Type – A roof may cost from $7,211 for installation on average, but if you go for a high-quality solar roof, it will cost up to $40,000 or more.

Appliances – High-end appliances will cost more as an internet-enabled fridge may cost 2-3 times the cost of plumbing and wiring expenses.

Does Constructing A 1500 Square Foot House Worth It?

You should keep in mind that you expect to pay $100 and $200 per sq ft if you want to build a home. In addition, you will have to keep in mind that the cost of the materials and labor may vary from one area to the other, which will affect the cost of building a home of 1500 sq ft. Furthermore, one other thing that you should keep in mind is that the price of materials will rise too high due to the pandemic. 


Building a customized dream home will eventually cost more than buying a constructed house. However, the price range will vary depending on the area, labor, and materials used to build a home. In addition, the cost will increase if you want to install some high-end devices in your home.