What is the Rarest Squishmallow in the World?

    What is the Rarest Squishmallow in the World?

    What is the Rarest Squishmallow in the World?

    In addition to being soft, squishable, and valuable, these figures. People from all around the world seize the chance to buy recent releases and limited editions. Additionally, the majority of retailers run out of stock right away. Although they are distributed at FedEx, eBay, Walmart, and Eaux, the products frequently run out within a few hours of being listed. Many smaller businesses are now carrying the products due to their immense popularity. These highly sought-after toys have also generated a sizable secondary market.

    Popularity of squishmallows

    Squishmallows are now popular due to Tik Tok’s strong engagement and the fame of social media celebrities. According to a company spokesman, there have been more than two billion TikTok video views overall on hashtags associated with Squishmallows, including more than 1.1 billion views on the #squishmallows hashtag alone. In 2017, Kellytoy introduced Squishmallows to the market in California.

    Why are squishmallows rare?

    Most Squishmallows are common, but they become difficult to find due to consumer demand. However, Kellytoys does occasionally make truly limited-edition plush toys. Among them is Avery the Duck, which will be available in 2021, and Jack the Black Cat, a limited edition of 500. And Founder’s Cat, a restricted edition of just 250, also needs a redemption card to be purchased. Avery is regarded as “rare” because only 75,000 of them exist. He is, however, also very sought after because he is one of just six Squishmallows who make up the exclusive Farm Squad.

    Rarest squishmallows What is the Rarest Squishmallow in the World?

    Throughout 2017, Kellytoy’s Squishable Squishmallow stuffed toys have been racing off the shelves. There are already more than a thousand different Squishmallow species available for collection. Numerous creatures, activities, feelings, and even specific character names are reflected in them. Each of them has a unique backstory and endearing characteristics.


    Some Squishmallow characters have been created less frequently than others because there are so many. Promotional plushies and limited editions are two factors that promote uniqueness (and, therefore, the price). As a result, collectors are now spending thousands of euros for the rarest Squishmallows on websites like Mercari and eBay. These are the top 3 most expensive and rarest Squishmallows available.


    • Jack, The Black Cat

    The Jack, the Black Cat Squishmallow, is the most uncommon. However, some of the rarest plush toys in the entire collection may be found in the Squishmallows Select Series. Jack, the Black Cat, is, predictably, the first book in this series. He has a slight pink mouth, closed white eyes, and white whiskers.


    According to his biography, he was aggressive, helpful, silent, and strong. Jack, the Black Cat, sells for more than $2,000 on auction websites like eBay.


    Jack, the Black Cat, marks the 500th Squishmallow overall. He wears a unique ear tag with a gold 500 to mark the occasion. Both his left ear and his label have this sewn on them.


    • Santino, The Platypus

    Among the rarest and most expensive Squishmallows is Santino the Platypus, ranked 2nd. Except for dark brown bill, black eyes, and white belly, he is 12″ tall and lightly brown. According to Santino’s character biography, his father taught him how to make delicious blueberry pancakes. He also adores soccer and hopes to pursue a career as a goalkeeper.


    The second-rarest Squishmallow, Santino the Platypus, usually fetches prices between $1,100 and $1,500 on auction websites.


    One of the least popular Squishmallow colors is brown; these tend to be more frequently brighter, more vivid designs. Less than 50 of the 1,000 Squishmallows in existence are brown.


    • Blossom, The Sheep

    Squishmallow sheep Blossom is white, but for her cream-colored face and golden fluffs. She holds her hooves tightly around a little rainbow with woolen clouds while keeping her eyes closed calmly. This EUC Justice-only plush made its debut in 2018 for a brief period.


    The body of Blossom, the sheep, is softly scented with vanilla. She is about 8.5″ tall and has a 16″ variant. Blossom can, at the very least, bring more than $800 at auction. However, as we explain below, that figure might only keep rising due to certain recent company developments.


    Kellytoy and Justice formed a limited partnership to produce Blossom, the sheep.


    • Mariah, The Lamb

    Mariah is among the numerous lamb Squishmallows and one of the seven plush toys that make up the Squishmallow Baby Squad. Except for her white and cream-colored cheeks and ears, Mariah is a rainbow of colors. Her nose is a soft pink heart, and she has black eyes, lips, and teeth. Her biography states that she loves horchata and riding horses a lot. She is characterized as dependable and friendly.


    Mariah is a hard-to-find unique that typically fetches over $800 at auction.


    Many rarest Squishmallows are only available through specific retailers or for a short period (or both). Mariah was exclusive of the Aldi grocery shop in the second half of 2020, which is one of the reasons she is so uncommon. The 7-inch baby squad Squishmallows are all rare, but Mariah is probably the most as such.


    • Avery, The Duck

    Avery is a duck Squishmallow with a dark green swan head, a yellow beak, black eyes, a brown body, and a tan tummy, giving it the typical child color scheme. He belongs to the Farm and Adventure squads. There are numerous bizarre creatures in Adventure Squad, including dinosaurs. Farm Squad, including Avery, is only six farm animals in size.


    Avery is a player of the Squishmallow rugby squad, according to his bio (he plays left wingman). However, he desires to be the coach and cherishes it when his loved ones surprise him with a victory popsicle following the game—Avery prices for more than $500 at auctions.


    Squishmallows typically come in one size with two toppings. Avery stands out since he was made available in six different sizes.


    Rarity scale of squishmallows

    Squishmallows launched a new six-tier Rarity Scale on April 19, 2022, which would begin emerging on labels to indicate unique limited edition Squishmallows. Any Squishmallow with a rarity label has limited units that will be produced before the design is permanently retired.

    1. Rare

    Each rare Squishmallow has a limitation of 75,000 pieces available worldwide and is marked by a silver tag.

    1. Ultra Rare

    Each Ultra Rare Squishmallow has 50,000 units available worldwide and is distinguished by a golden tag.

    1. Special Edition

    Each Special Edition Squishmallow is limited to 20,000 copies globally and is recognized by a sparkly tag.

    1. Select Series

    Included in squishmallows.com, the Select Series is a series of Squishmallows designated with a black tag. Unfortunately, each Select Series Squishmallow can only be found in a maximum of 10,000 units globally; some are even much more scarce.

    1. Check-in Series

    A line of Squishmallows called the Check-In Series is customized to and personalized to particular places and activities. A distinctive purple tag distinguishes them.

    1. Founder’s Edition

    These are the least number of squishmallows that have ever been released. Only the highly uncommon Founder’s Redemption Card, concealed in Squishmallows Trading Card Packs, can be used to obtain them.


    The 1990s Beanie Baby obsession and the current Squishmallow frenzy are similar. But with the convenience of the squishy pillow as an additional bonus, Squishmallows give their fandom a little more weight. You’ll need to get ready to spend a lot of money if you’re hunting for these scarce plush animals to finish a series or start a new collection with a gem. Alternately, observe every Squishmallow sale on eBay to discover a reasonable price on these expensive squishy toys.


    What is the rarest Squishmallow in 2022?

    In 2020 and 2021, Archie, a light pink axolotl, and Treyton, a yellow axolotl, were among the rarest Squishmallows.

    The rarest Squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat.
    According to his biography, he was feisty and helpful in addition to being silent and strong. Jack the Black Cat sells for more than $2,000 on auction websites like eBay.
    Cameron the Calico Cat
    The first Squishmallow, Cameron the Calico Cat, and the first seven Squishmallows were created by the Kellytoy company in 2017. Each Squishmallow character had a unique personality as well as adorable names.

    Is Wendy the frog rare?

    It’s really uncommon to find Wendy the Frog Squishmallow, especially if it’s the 2017 model and it’s in pristine shape.