What to Do When Eleven-Year-Olds Are Bored Indoors?

What to Do When Eleven-Year-Olds Are Bored Indoors?

What to Do When Eleven-Year-Olds Are Bored Indoors?

If your child is feeling bored, there are many fun things to do when they’re indoors. Try these ideas for fun activities to keep kids occupied. Try games, crafts, or painting, and find fun ways to keep your child busy. You may be surprised at what you find! The more active your kids are, the more likely they are to be entertained. These ideas are ideal for kids of all ages.

Fun activities

When your 11 year old is bored indoors, try these games. One of my kids loves playing Alligator Alley, where he can jump and balance on things on the floor while trying to avoid falling into the “water.” Another fun activity to play indoors with my son is Crab Walk, which involves teaching him the crab walk by holding on to a stuffed animal. Then, he has to find the start point, turn around, and repeat.


If your eleven-year-old is bored indoors, consider letting them play a card game. Card games challenge young minds and can create hours of indoor fun. Puzzles are another great choice because they exercise the creative and cognitive muscles. Puzzles can be purchased or made at home by cutting out the pieces with scissors. Puzzles not only make great indoor games, but they can also be a fun craft.

Another great indoor game is the skit game. This activity is a favorite among sleepovers and can be adapted to smaller groups. Divide the kids into groups and provide each group with props, such as a spoon, a toy necklace, a ball, or a ribbon. This game doesn’t have to be competitive – the winners can just be chosen by the kids themselves.


When you’re looking for Crafts for Eleven Year Olds when Bored Indoors, consider trying some of the many activities offered online. Cardboard boxes can be turned into a number of different things, including play structures and imaginary villages. They can even be turned into new board games! Get crafty by gathering up your supplies, including paper, pencil, and duct tape. Whether you want to make something fun or useful, you’ll find an activity to suit your child’s taste.

For rainy days, try creating a fort. Kids love forts and can use them as an outlet to exercise their fine motor skills. To make your child’s fort more exciting, bring flashlights and stuffed animals. You’ll soon see that your child’s creativity is boundless! Even adults will appreciate this creative activity. You’ll find that they’ll be begging you for more!


If your child is 11 years old and bored with TV, painting is a great idea to keep them occupied. You can use painter’s tape to make a street map. Furniture and other items can be placed in different locations to create a realistic scene. Then, let your child explore their new street map. While painting, he can pretend to drive through the streets of the town. Various obstacles can be made out of furniture. The possibilities are only limited by his imagination.

You can also try string painting, which is symmetrical. This is a good idea for a toddler or new painter. You can also try rolling plastic Easter balls or eggs. You can also use your fingers or hands to make prints. Some tips for making a fun painting project include using kitchen utensils as paintbrushes. Q-tips can serve as mini-paintbrushes, and Left Brain Craft Brain has a great magnet painting activity.


Kids tend to get restless indoors, especially when the weather is not ideal. When it is too hot, too cold, or too dry, it’s no wonder that kids become restless inside. To help your kids overcome boredom, here are three easy ways to keep them entertained indoors. Read on for more ideas! Listed below are the best ways to entertain your kids, and turn their restless moods into productive activities.


If you’re bored with your 11-year-old, you may be looking for some puzzles to do when bored for kids. Jigsaw puzzles can be great for kids of all skill levels, and they can also be set up for various difficulty levels. You can even let your kids make their own puzzles by drawing and cutting out the picture pieces themselves. Alternatively, you can purchase a puzzle book that contains puzzles of different levels.

For younger children, you can design a treasure hunt. Ask their older siblings to help them design the hunt – they usually design a fruit snack hunt. Writing clues can be challenging, but you can make the game easier for them by using pictures instead of written ones. Older kids may want to try rhyming clues, which will also help them practice their writing skills.

Card games

When you are stranded indoors with your eleven-year-old, you might want to try some card games. These games help develop the skills of strategic thinking and rational reasoning. Some of these games are I Doubt It and Chase The Ace. You may also find these games fun and entertaining for your children. However, if you want to keep them from getting bored, you may want to avoid playing these games with them.

A fun card game that can be played with a group of children is Snap. This is a game where players take turns choosing a card from their hand and passing it to the next. Each player may take a spoon if they have four of the same suit. The player who is the last to get it is disqualified. The aim of the game is to get as many cards as you can into the same suit.

Scavenger hunts

There are many ways to entertain your eleven-year-old, whether you’re bored inside or outside. Scavenger hunts can make any day special, and they also serve as a launching pad for learning and studying. Try to come up with fun new ideas and be prepared for hours of fun! Here are some suggestions to keep your adolescent occupied while you’re indoors.

A fun way to keep your child busy indoors is to host a scavenger hunt. There are numerous types of scavenger hunts, from simple riddles to more complicated puzzles. Some of the easiest to complete are simple, like a scavenger hunt using Google Street View, which requires the child to share screenshots of the location they visit.

Building a fort

Building a fort is a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. This activity encourages independent play and creative thinking. Whether you are building a fort indoors or outdoors, you’re bound to find materials to use. Pillows, sheets, chairs, and clips are great materials for forts. Building the fort is only half the fun. Once it’s constructed, you can explore all of the hidden corners!

Building a fort can also be a fun way for kids to learn STEM skills and develop their imaginations. Fort Boards are great open-ended building toys, allowing your child to use his or her creativity to build different shapes and sizes of forts. They are also BPA-free and fold up easily for storage. To build a simple fort, you can follow these instructions from Modern Parents Messy Kids. Alternatively, you can get old newspapers and follow the directions included.